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  • Architecting for Application Performance in the Hybrid Enterprise

    Ebooks // Oct 2016 // provided by Riverbed

    This eBook on hybrid enterprise and performance management talks about the three key challenges of performance management in today's hybrid enterprise: 1) lack of visibility 2) poor performance 3) limited control. It also suggests ways to regain control of the hybrid enterprise.

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  • Bring Accounting to the Salesforce Cloud

    Ebooks // Aug 2016 // provided by Sage Live

    You already know that Salesforce is the world's leading customer relationship management solution. But did you also know that you can transform this already-powerful tool into a complete business management and accounting solution? Learn more about Sage Live - the accounting solution built for business leaders who want to ...

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  • Securing Enterprise Identities for Dummies

    Ebooks // May 2016 // provided by Centrify

    According to Mandiant, 100% of recent data breaches were tied to compromised identity credentials.* Two key reasons for this are a dissolving security perimeter, and the fact that enterprise organizations have not taken a comprehensive approach to fighting against the fastest-growing vector for cyber attacks. Access this go-to guide to ...

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  • Make your Mobile Device Your Virtual Briefcase

    Ebooks // Apr 2016 // provided by Citrix ShareFile

    Discover how to be productive on the go with your mobile device. You can maintain timely collaboration from anywhere just by using your mobile device. By using certain features, your productivity doesn’t have to stop at the airport or the hotel. Discover how your mobile device can help you: ...

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  • Workplaces That Work Ebook

    Ebooks // Mar 2016 // provided by Cisco

    Offices aren’t productivity factories anymore—they’re collaboration centers where individuals and groups can develop their best ideas. That means building out an office takes a whole new approach, and it isn’t just about using aesthetics and shiny toys to attract top talent (although that is part of it). Successful offices are ...

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  • eBook: The Guide to Selecting Flash for Virtual Environments

    Ebooks // Feb 2016 // provided by Tegile Systems, Inc.

    Written by by George Crump, Lead Analyst for Storage Switzerland. High-performance flash-based storage has dramatically improved the storage infrastructure’s ability to respond to the demands of servers and the applications that count on it. Nowhere does this improvement have more potential than in the virtualized-server environment. The performance benefits of ...

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  • eBook: The Complete Guide to govCMS

    Ebooks // Feb 2016 // provided by Acquia

    govCMS is a whole-of-government CMS and SaaS platform service for Australian Government Agencies. Built on the Acquia Cloud Site Factory Platform, govCMS reflects the Government’s commitment to open source innovation and the use of shared, cloud-based services. govCMS was designed to help government agencies save costs as they re-imagine ...

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  • Enabling the Modern Business through IT

    Ebooks // Feb 2016 // provided by NetSuite Inc.

    Download this white paper on how cloud ERP can help IT meet rapidly evolving business needs. As an IT leader, a lot is being asked of you: drive transformational change, get the most out of your current IT investments with even higher performance, and be the strategic advisor to ...

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  • The Great Debate: One Integrated Business System vs. Siloed Applications

    Ebooks // Feb 2016 // provided by NetSuite Inc.

    As fast-growing companies achieve greater market penetration, gain more customers and their organization grows, they often run in to a wall where internal processes struggle to keep up with continued demand. The key challenge to supporting that growth is laying the groundwork to scale the business effectively and efficiently while ...

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  • Executive Brief: Managing Complexity As Your Business Grows

    Ebooks // Oct 2016 // provided by Dell

    The focus for business is continuity and growth. As your network grows, there is even more a challenge when adding more connections that need to be managed by the firewall. Keeping IT infrastructure up to the task can be daunting. Whether you are scaling to expand a small business or ...

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