Data Management

Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics help unearth valuable patterns in business information. But without proper management, backup, archiving, and protection, you're taking an unacceptable risk.

  • VM-Series for AWS Hybrid Cloud deployment guidelines

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by Palo Alto Software

    The VM-Series for AWS allows you to securely move your applications and data onto AWS beginning first with a hybrid approach, then expanding security coverage to include segmentation policies, much like the security techniques used on your physical network. This document complements the VM-Series technical documentation with some added guidelines ...

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  • Accelerating digital transformation with IBM API Connect

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by IBM

    Today’s leading enterprises are undergoing a digital transformation. Learn how to securely unlock enterprise data and services for the digital economy with an integrated API foundation. IBM API Connect it's designed for organizations looking to streamline and accelerate their journey into the API economy, API Connect ...

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  • Video: DELL EMC Data Protection Overview

    Videos // Dec 2016 // provided by DELL EMC

    Watch this quick overview to learn how Utilizing Dell EMC solutions for your data protection gives you not only simple one-stop shopping, but also reduces the silo effect of deploying solutions from multiple vendors. Research shows that costs related to data loss and unplanned system downtime can more than double ...

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  • Data Protection: Your choice is simple

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by DELL EMC

    The growth, value and mobility of data are placing increasing pressure on organizations. IT must ensure assets are properly protected in the face of threats, events and circumstances that can cause data loss, unplanned system downtime and more. Organisations need protection configured to their specific business needs, but that doesn't ...

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  • Top 5 Reasons why DELL EMC for Data Protection

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by DELL EMC

    Data Protection is critical to any organization and a foundational component for the modern data center, discover the top 5 reasons to choose DELL EMC for your solution.

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  • Are You Protected? Get ahead of the curve.

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by DELL EMC

    In this infographic, view the results of a survey of 2200 IT Decision Makers over 18 countries, and learn how Modernizing data protection means considering a continuum of technologies to meet all business needs as well evolving data protection for new demands like cloud, flash, CI, CDM

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  • The Value of Content APIs in Modern Application Development

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by Box

    Platform as a service (PaaS) originally referred to programming environments that allowed the construction and operation of applications on the Web. Today, PaaS has evolved to encompass different types and categories of cloud-based software and services offered for developing applications through cloud-based services delivered via application programming interfaces (APIs). Content ...

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  • Content Management and Collaboration Platform for Apps

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by Box

    As digital transformation occurs in every industry, businesses of all sizes are building custom applications that reimagine legacy business processes and deliver products and services in all new ways. These applications replace inefficient and outdated workflows, reduce unnecessary overhead, and unearth new revenue opportunities only possible in the digital world.

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  • The Role of Content in Apps

    Ebooks // Dec 2016 // provided by Box

    In every industry, companies across the board are building custom apps. Their apps digitize legacy processes and create entirely new experiences that are only made possible by the digital medium. Every company is becoming a software company, producing dozens, or even hundreds, of digital experiences for anyone who interacts with ...

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  • iMatchative Powers Secure Document Sharing and Collaboration with Box Platform

    Case Studies // Dec 2016 // provided by Box

    iMatchative is an experienced team of data scientists, Wall Street professionals, and experts in technology, consumer marketing and customer experience, working together to develop products and ideas that deliver better insights for users. iMatchative is the engine that powers AltX, the company’s flagship product. AltX is an intelligence platform for ...

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