Data Management

Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics help unearth valuable patterns in business information. But without proper management, backup, archiving, and protection, you're taking an unacceptable risk.

  • Webinar - Gartner, GE and Equinix Talk Interconnection

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by Equinix

    How is digital disruption driving the need to re-architect IT? What are the critical steps to refocus IT to support new business objectives, while also being more nimble, secure and able to support business centric applications? In this webcast hear industry visionaries from Gartner, Equinix and GE discuss how to ...

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  • Leverage the Digital Edge: Solving critical digital business challenges through interconnection

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by Equinix

    This white paper seeks to educate business leadership on the rapid emergence and impacts of digital disruption and the importance of re-architecting IT infrastructure in response. The paper describes exciting new collaboration and business models and explains how an Interconnection Oriented Architecture (IOA) strategy empowers businesses to react in real ...

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  • Interconnection 201: Blueprints for the Interconnected Enterprise

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by Equinix

    Connectivity is critical for businesses today, yet most organizations have a network architecture that was set up years ago and may no longer meet the requirements of modern hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and mobile environments. Interconnection with multiple clouds and networks in central locations, such as data centers, can be a ...

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  • BI, Analytics, and the Cloud Strategies for Business Agility

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by Cloudera

    The cloud is becoming a mature platform for data management, integration, business intelligence (BI), and analytics. Although some organizations still will not make use of it (typically for security or compliance reasons), resistance is definitely diminishing. Companies understand that the cloud can provide flexibility and scalability for their ...

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  • Cloudera: Siemiens case of study

    Case Studies // Jul 2017 // provided by Cloudera

    Today’s consumers have high expectations for the products we use on a daily basis, particularly when it comes to electronic devices. We want new products to come out faster, at lower prices, and with more capabilities than previous versions. But we also demand increased reliability with these products. ...

  • Virtualization's Hidden Gem: Application Security

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by VMware

    Who should be looking at network virtualization as a source of application infrastructure security? Almost every enterprise. It's counterintuitive to wait for a data breach at a rival or in house before acting. Network virtualization should be in the minds of any CIO transforming IT ...

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  • Edinburgh Napier University Report

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by VMware

    Edinburgh Napier University deployed VMware NSX to create a seamless IT experience for students and staff alike. With a granular level of security at the network layer, the IT team can both migrate and provision new servers in half the time it used to take, helping them ...

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  • Transforming Security In The Mobile Cloud Era

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by VMware

    Security threats are on the rise, and are becoming more sophisticated. Perimeter firewalls can no longer keep them at bay. Disguised as legitimate traffic, malware can slip past perimeter firewalls undetected and spread faster than IT teams can stop it. Organizations are investing time and money ...

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  • Application Performance Management (APM) for Dummies

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by Riverbed

    Application performance management helps deliver the application performance users and business demand. Effectively monitoring and troubleshooting application performance issues requires a comprehensive solution. Read the eBook Application Performance Management for Dummies to learn how to: Understand real end-user experience monitoring — and why it’s important Apply ...

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  • Four Ways to Reduce the Risk of Ransomware

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by Citrix

    In recent years, ransomware such as Locky and KeRanger have emerged as a top threat, not just to consumers, but to businesses with high-value data. Read this whitepaper for four best practices to protect yourself from this costly threat, including: Evaluating web browser configuration and ...

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