Data Management

Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics help unearth valuable patterns in business information. But without proper management, backup, archiving, and protection, you're taking an unacceptable risk.

  • End user data backup policy

    Tools & Templates // Mar 2016 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Data without an associated backup is only as reliable as the system upon which it is stored – and every system has a finite life span or may be susceptible to malware or hacking efforts. Ransomware applications, which infect systems then encrypt data and demand anonymous payment in Bitcoin, are ...

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  • Wireless Network Request

    Tools & Templates // Mar 2016 // provided by Aerohive Networks

    Download this Request for Proposal (RFP) document that will help your organisation to identify and select the most appropriate Wireless LAN vendor to supply and deliver their wireless network requirements, under the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

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  • Portable storage policy

    Tools & Templates // Aug 2015 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Portable storage media, which includes USB flash drives, SD or micro-SD cards (and the devices which contain them) or external hard drive units, can allow employees to access or back up business data both inside and outside the office. However, the ease of use presented by portable storage devices can ...

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  • Stay Ahead of Targeted Cyber Attacks - Symantec TAP Security Assessment

    Tools & Templates // Jan 2015 // provided by Symantec

    Targeted attacks are no longer striking large businesses only. In 2013, small and medium businesses were victims of 61 percent of all targeted attacks, up from 50 percent in 2012. As targeted attacks are on the rise, Symantec is providing a free Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) Assessment Tool which will ...

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  • MFT Maturity Assessment Tool

    Tools & Templates // Oct 2014 // provided by IBM

    Complete this quick assessment and receive a report that benchmarks your organizations current practices against those of Best-in-Class companies.

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  • Customer Service Interactive Tool

    Tools & Templates // Sep 2014 // provided by IBM

    Explore this digital ecosystem to learn how content helps drive more meaningful customer relationship interactions.

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  • IBM Platform Symphony ROI calculator

    Tools & Templates // May 2014 // provided by IBM

    Learn how much IBM Platform Symphony can save you. Answer a few questions in this easy to use wizard about your infrastructure, application environment, personnel and your growth rate. The logic behind this tool will generate a powerful report you can use to realize significant cost savings.

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  • Resource and Data Recovery Policy

    Tools & Templates // Apr 2014 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Employees, data and resources are three of the biggest assets in any given organization. With concepts such as mobility and cloud access becoming nearly ubiquitous, the ability of company staff to protect and recover data and/or resources (“resources” being defined herein as “a company data repository such as a wiki ...

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  • Electronic Data Disposal Policy

    Tools & Templates // Mar 2014 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Electronic data is likely to be more prevalent in today’s organizations than physical printed data. Reams worth of documents can now be stored on computer hard drives, handheld devices and storage cards smaller than a fingernail. The bulk of many strategic operations depend on this digital information and the safe ...

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  • Smarter Analytic Self Assessment Tool

    Tools & Templates // Nov 2013 // provided by IBM

    Analyze Your Analytics. Find out how smart your organization is about using analytics, compared to the competition. Complete this short assessment. You will receive personalized recommendations for improvement and optimization, based on your profile and answers. Interested in Data Analytics? Access Mastering Business Analytics HUB today to get an ...

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