Data Management

Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics help unearth valuable patterns in business information. But without proper management, backup, archiving, and protection, you're taking an unacceptable risk.

  • Qlik: Raise Your Expectations

    Webcasts // Oct 2016 // provided by QlikTech

    Discover how to unleash the full potential of analytics within your organisation to ignite growth, accelerate your results and optimise your ROI in ways you never thought possible. From making data-led day-to-day decisions to forming intelligent multi region strategies! Watch this webinar and learn everything you need to bring self ...

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  • 5 Essential Techniques for Approaching IT Alert Fatigue

    Webcasts // Oct 2016 // provided by Moogsoft

    By now, large enterprises and service providers have thoroughly instrumented their IT infrastructures with a complex ecosystem of monitoring tools. This tooling provides visibility into their infrastructure to be sure, but it inadvertently generates a pandemonium of near-useless noise. IT Ops has no choice but to turn down the ...

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  • Customer Experience Analytics Interactive Demo

    Webcasts // Sep 2016 // provided by IBM

    IBM’s Customer Experience Analytics allows you to go beyond basic customer demographics and purchase history so you can better understand who your customers really are and what their experiences with your brand look like. In this product tour, you’ll see how Nancy can quickly identify trends and key metrics following ...

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  • SAP BusinessObjects Product Road Map – Modern Analytics for the Digital Enterprise

    Webcasts // Sep 2016 // provided by SAP

    With the rise of the digital economy and emergence of the millennial workforce, people are demanding more and SAP has responded. SAP BusinessObjects appeal to both the business buyers and users who wants analytics that are simple to acquire and use. The portfolio provides a comprehensive set of modern analytics ...

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  • UCaaS: Skipping Hybrid and Moving Directly To The Cloud

    Webcasts // Sep 2016 // provided by 8x8, Inc.

    There are a variety of reasons to consider a hybrid approach, but is it the right path? If moving to the cloud, why not go all in? This webinar explores moving UC to the cloud, the advantages of a full UCaaS) deployment, and the issues a hybrid approach injects into ...

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  • On-Demand Webcast: Office 365 business-driven provisioning deep dive

    Webcasts // Aug 2016 // provided by OKTA

    As we approach the fifth anniversary of the release of Office 365, many of the “easy” Office 365 migrations are done. Customers that are migrating to Office 365 now have much more complex requirements. Modern companies have to work around unique user access and governance challenges that may involve their ...

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  • Tackle the top five data challenges with SQL Server

    Webcasts // Jul 2016 // provided by Microsoft

    Join David Hobbs-Mallyon and Ramnik Gulati for this webinar examining how the top five data challenges for organisations and how to tackle them with SQL server solutions.

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  • Extending Analytics to the Edges of Financial Services

    Webcasts // Jul 2016 // provided by QlikTech

    Financial services firms across banking, capital markets and insurance are using data analytics to better understand customer needs, predict future behaviour, develop products, and generate sales.But there’s a problem. Many organizations struggle with unravelling the complexity of this information and enabling self-service access to front line employees, ...

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  • Live Webcast - Customer Identity and Access Management Trends

    Webcasts // Apr 2016 // provided by JanRain, Inc.

    Now more than ever, customer loyalty and business revenue rely on hyper-personalized engagement. For marketers to deliver, they need IT’s help. But employee Identity and Access Management platforms aren’t up to the task: They’re not built to handle the scale, flexibility, expectations, and privacy concerns of customers, nor the compliance ...

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  • Unlocking Silos of Data with No-Code Integration

    Webcasts // Mar 2016 // provided by QuickBase

    Are you struggling to access vital business data locked in your company's on-premises systems like ERP? In this recorded webinar, you'll discover how business professionals can easily and automatically connect to data stored in any system, on premises or in the cloud, via CSV files in the cloud to ...

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