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  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    MYTH: Ink In The Office Is Too Expensive

    Read this whitepaper to find out about the most common myths for office printing, such as: MYTH: Ink in the office is too expensive. Not true - the cost savings can be significant Read more...

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  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    Essential Elements of Data Center Facility Operations

    70% of data center outages are directly attributable to human error according to the Uptime Institute’s analysis of their “abnormal incident” reporting (AIR) database1. This figure highlights the critical importance of having an effective operations and maintenance (O&M) program. This paper describes unique management principles and provides a comprehensive, high-level...

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  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    Facility Operations Maturity Model for Data Centers

    An operations & maintenance (O&M) program determines to a large degree how well a data center lives up to its design intent. The comprehensive data center facility operations maturity model (FOMM) presented in this paper is a useful method for determining how effective that program is, what might be lacking,...

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  • White Papers // Jul 2012

    Playing to win in real time

    To stay ahead of the competition in a global marketplace, firms are increasingly speeding up operations, in many cases adopting real-time systems and tools to allow for instant decision-making and faster business cycles. According to a new report from Oxford Economics and SAP, Real-time business: Changing the game in the...

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  • White Papers // May 2014

    Not Yet Real-Time

    From “Making the Real-Time Enterprise a Reality,” a report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

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  • White Papers // May 2014

    The Right Data at the Right Time

    From “Making the Real-Time Enterprise a Reality,” a report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

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  • White Papers // May 2014

    Real-Time Bolsters Business Performance

    From “Making the Real-Time Enterprise a Reality,” a report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

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  • White Papers // May 2014

    Real-Time Insights to Forge Deeper Relationships with Your Customers

    The next step in the evolution of SAP HANA is becoming the foundation for a new generation of real-time applications such as SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence. This application enables highly targeted marketing campaigns and fosters deeper relationships with customers, giving you a better understanding of their needs.

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  • White Papers // Oct 2012

    Using Information to Drive Business Innovation: The Future of Data Management

    In this paper, we present our vision of how you can skillfully use technology to capitalize on information to directly lead to improved business innovation. We describe each of the above requirements, along with how you can employ these characteristics to innovate and thrive. We then identify a comprehensive, end-to-end...

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  • Presentations // Jun 2014

    Tipping point presentation

    Cloud resilience has come of age and the benefits to the IT organization may be obvious. Understand how it may be time for your organization to jump on cloud too. This presentation helps you to make the case for cloud and achieve a higher level of business resilience.

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  • White Papers // Jul 2014

    Analytics: A blueprint for value in midmarket organizations - Converting big data and analytics insights into results

    The IBM Institute for Business Value conducted a global study to investigate how organizations were creating value from an ever-growing volume of data obtained from a variety of sources. This resulted from data-derived insights, which then guided actions taken at every level of the organization. The findings identified nine levers...

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  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    2013 CISO Assessment Survey Paper

    Get the latest on a new standard for security leaders. The 2013 Assessment is based on interviews with security leaders on leading business practices, technologies and measurement. Download this assessment to learn about: Leading business practices. Technologies – including Cloud and Mobile. Business Measurement.

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  • Videos // Apr 2014

    SmartCloud Managed Backup Portal Demo

    As your business expands, your data footprint grows even faster. The information you collect is valuable for better business insights and analytics. But with more data comes more responsibility to protect and secure it. IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup Service can provide you with the scalability to back up increasing amounts...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2014

    Data center management converged: HP Converged Management Services

    This white paper describes the need for holistic management across both IT and data center facilities to gain better operational efficiency, business continuity, and business agility. HP is the sponsor of this material. By submitting your information you agree to be contacted by HP on topics of interest. Before...

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  • Case Studies // Jan 2014

    Customer Success Story of University of Central Lancashire:

    ExtremeZ-IP is helping thousands of educational institutions worldwide conquer their Mac/Windows integration challenges. Learn how the University of Central Lancashire, a leading UK institution, is successfully and securely integrating popular Apple products alongside Windows devices in a cross-platform campus environment.

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  • White Papers // May 2014

    Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

    Cisco WebEx Meeting Center is the easy-to-use, low-cost way to share ideas with anyone, anywhere, anytime, from any device. Collaborate over the web with remote employees, customers, and suppliers. Deliver presentations, demonstrate applications and update spreadsheets. Save time and money on travel — conduct regular meetings...

    Provided By Cisco Systems

  • White Papers // Mar 2014

    Empowering Modern Finance - The CFO as Technology Evangelist

    The CFO as Technology Evangelist is a research report commissioned by Oracle and Accenture, in collaboration with Longitude Research, that explores how modern CFOs and finance executives are adopting emerging technologies within their finance functions to enable the development of new capabilities and to transform the role of finance.

    Provided By Oracle

  • Downloads // Jul 2006

    Download Savvion's Free Business Process Modeling Software

    The first step in improving your business processes is to articulate precisely where bottlenecks exist, and the most efficient way to do that is by simulating your existing processes using business process modeling software. To help you get started, Savvion offers its Process Modeler, a component of Savvion BusinessManager,...

    Provided By Savvion

  • White Papers // Apr 2014

    Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Desktops as a Service

    No, the personal computer isn't dead, but it looks a whole lot different than it did just a few years ago. Even though organizations need to upgrade or replace many of their client systems, those physical units increasingly are being replaced by virtual machines. Desktops as a service (DaaS) may...

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  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    IBM Requirements management for smart products Resources

    If you are new to requirements management, or wish to improve your existing requirements management process, the resources in this e-Kit will provide you with useful guidance and advice. Learn what requirements management is and how it can help your organization improve quality, reduce costs and better meet customer needs...

    Provided By IBM

  • Case Studies // Jun 2014

    Case Study: HP.com efficiency soars with HP Moonshot

    Objective: Make optimal use of the floor space and power capacity in six HP data centers. Approach: Deploy HP Moonshot System to power the hp.com, ftp.hp.com, and partner.hp.com domains IT matters Achieved power savings of 89% by migrating web pages and objects to HP Moonshot Opened up data center...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Mar 2014

    Finding agility in the age of applications

    Bringing it all together: the complete application lifecycle. This white paper illustrates how Agile helps application teams deliver higher-quality software faster. Learn how Agile encourages collaboration between application and business teams. Assisting by providing software development and deployment solutions that are more closely aligned with business requirements and help to...

    Provided By Planit

  • White Papers // May 2014

    The Truth About Customer Experience

    Business leaders and support technicians across industries are tasked with enhancing the customer experience at every touchpoint. But this is easier said than done. This article from Harvard Business Review emphasizes the importance of quality interactions pre- and post-sale, and sheds light on the big picture: the customer’s end-to-end journey....

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  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    Leadership and technology: a total-cost-of-ownership comparison for unified communications

    Mid-market enterprises strive for success. Being successful means consistently making smart decisions – including smart technology purchases. Technology should enable a mid-market enterprise to meet the needs of its employees and customers today, and also allow a business to make simple but value-rich changes in the future. Technology must support...

    Provided By Cisco

  • White Papers // Jul 2013

    Gartner-Hosted Virtual Desktop Deployment, Stage 1

    Gartner provides a seven-stage framework to move from an initial Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) technology assessment to a production rollout. In this analysis of Stage 1, Evaluate, learn the key elements needed to initiate an HVD project. Read report.

    Provided By Cisco

  • White Papers // Feb 2009

    Equipment Compatibility Problems in Complex Engineering Systems

    In this work the author has considered basic problems of equipment compatibility in complex engineering systems. By the way of concrete example, the paper is touching upon the situation which is typical for industrial enterprises, which remotely take the readings of the devices or to operate some of own resources...

    Provided By Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University

  • White Papers // Apr 2009

    Ontological Engineering Process for Computerized System Subject Areas

    Ontological engineering consists in design and development of ontology (specific type of knowledge base). It requires professional skills in knowledge engineering from developers - from knowledge extraction to structuring and formalization. Ontological engineering combines two major technologies of large system engineering - object-oriented analysis and structural analysis. Ontology is designed...

    Provided By Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University

  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    Career Change: 5 Must-Take Steps

    Dissatisfaction, boredom, changing life styles and limited advancement or compensation opportunities headline traditional career change lists. But today career change drivers are just as likely to be for non-elective reasons. No matter if your decision is driven by a pursuit for happiness or a pursuit for survival; follow these important...

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  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    Financing Your Security Guard Company With Invoice Factoring

    Invoice factoring is the perfect solution for a good number of industries. Security guard firms are in an industry that lends itself well to this sort of business financing. Such firms will find that they will be able to receive cash upfront for jobs that they normally send invoices to....

    Provided By Paragon Financial Group

  • Downloads // Mar 2010

    10 ways to achieve growth through innovation

    Companies that manage innovation with the same rigor and discipline they bring to other business processes can see sustainable growth and a higher return on their innovation investments. This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Adi Alon

  • White Papers // Sep 2009

    Market Experiences And Export Decisions In Heterogeneous Firms

    This empirical analysis focus on the impact of firm characteristics, firms' export experiences and location-specific variables on export decisions in Swedish manufacturing firms. Three choices of export market participation are considered: permanent export, occasional export and no export. The paper also analyzes firms' choice of expanding export activities. The empirical...

    Provided By KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    How To Become A Commentator

    In the radio and television fields commentating is a popular form of journalism. Commentators are trained professional journalists that interpret the news and other information and provide their opinions and comments on a variety of topics to listeners, readers, and viewers. Most employers prefer to hire commentators that have at...

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  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    How To Become A Career Counselor

    Career counselors provide career counseling services and their main focus is helping individuals with making career decisions. They look at and assess the individual's education, skills, interests, personality traits, work history, and training. They may also set up achievement and aptitude tests to help people make decisions regarding their career....

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  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    How To Become A Costume Attendant

    Costume attendants help select, measure, fit, and maintain a variety of costumes for many different productions. Many are often in charge of all the costumes for all of the performers of a production and others are assigned to one individual performer that has many different costumes. Costume attendants usually need...

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  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    How To Become An Engineering Manager

    Engineering management is an important field that applies the principles of engineering to a variety of operations in many industries. Engineering managers are trained professionals who are responsible for planning, organizing, and managing production and other activities. Engineering managers usually need at least a bachelor degree in engineering. Many engineering...

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  • White Papers // Jul 2012

    Direct Spend Management Optimizing spend and increasing direct material availability

    In the last few years since the Great Recession, organizations have attempted to optimize supply chain operations and position themselves for growth over the next 3-5 years. This includes tapping "low-hanging fruit" in the optimization journey, largely in the indirect sourcing transactional services such as logistics. Procuring "direct" material, however,...

    Provided By Genpact

  • White Papers // Jul 2009

    Burton Snowboards: Origins And Spectacular Growth

    Jake Burton Carpenter first rode a toy snowboard at age 14 and dreamed it could become a major sport. By age 23, he became focused like so many entrepreneurs, and toiled in his garage, visited hardware stores, and tinkered with bindings. He gave away boards to ski instructors and lobbied...

    Provided By Stetson University

  • Videos // Apr 2013

    The Future of IT Outsourcing

    Walk the journey with us as we demonstrate how HP leverages world-class technology, a standardized global platform, cost transparency and a powerful alliance community to deliver results that matter. Make it matter. Watch the video now.

    Provided By Hewlett Packard

  • White Papers // Dec 2009

    Patents Of Introduction And The Spanish Innovation System

    It is very apparent that the processes of technological change occurring throughout the last two centuries are intimately related to the sustained production and population growth among numerous economies. The acceleration of technological and organizational innovations -inherent to industrialization phenomena which expanded from western Europe to other parts of the...

    Provided By Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

  • White Papers // Feb 2010

    Make your Web Meetings More Meaningful

    Download our free white paper, Business Benefits of Web Conferencing, and learn how to make your meetings more meaningful and productive. The paper explains what to look for when choosing a product and offer guidelines for installing a solution that brings people together in a way that saves you both...

    Provided By Premiere Global Services (PGi)