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  • Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls

    Research // Nov 2015 // provided by Palo Alto

    Gartner, Inc. has released the latest Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls, and for the fourth year, we have been positioned in the "Leaders" quadrant. You can ask any one of us, this achievement has taken a lot of hard work. We’re proud to be here and excited to keep ...

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  • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Overview

    Research // Nov 2014 // provided by Cisco

    Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is an innovative architecture that radically simplifies, optimizes, and accelerates the entire application deployment lifecycle. This report provides a brief overview of Cisco ACI along with, • Infrastructure problems addressed • Main ACI Components • Benefits of ACI • ACI Services Download this report to learn more.

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  • Busting Myths About Mobility

    Research // Nov 2014 // provided by Dell and Intel

    Innovations in mobile computing have radically changed the way we interact. Now they’re changing the way we do business. While many companies still see mobile solutions as too costly, risky or hard to manage, organizations that see beyond these misconceptions gain access to tremendous possibilities across the enterprise. Dell found ...

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  • Forrester Report - Engage Audit Professionals for Better Security Assessment Outcomes

    Research // Oct 2014 // provided by IBM

    Read this report from Forrester Research to learn how to take advantage of your internal audit team's resources and expertise to develop a more efficient, sustainable compliance program.

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  • ZK Research 2014 - Best Practices for Building a Mobility Strategy

    Research // Sep 2014 // provided by Cisco Systems

    Granting you employees mobile access can have major business benefits. But realizing those benifits is no longer only about providing simple device access. Now it's about facilitating great user experiences, increasing productivity and maintaining the security of your business through it all. Download this new ZK Research white paper and ...

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  • The Hidden Cost of Compliance

    Research // Aug 2014 // provided by Imperva

    Database auditing is an integral part of every organization’s compliance protocol, but the built-in auditing tools that come with your database exact a heavy toll on hardware, software, storage, and human resource costs. Businesses have to comply with data protection statutes in more than 100 countries around the world, ...

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  • Requirements-driven Quality ROI Calculator

    Research // Jul 2014 // provided by IBM

    IBM Rational requirements-driven quality ROI calculator provides an estimated return on investment from implementing one or more of our quality and requirements definition and management solutions. See how these solutions help you achieve predictability in desired business outcomes, allowing you to: Reduce risk and rework by unifying stakeholders and ...

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  • 2013-2014 World Quality Report

    Research // Jan 2014 // provided by Hewlett-Packard (HP)

    Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, and Sogeti, its local professional services division, have released the findings of the fifth World Quality Report. The report, published in conjunction with HP, reveals that application Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) now accounts for almost a ...

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  • Support For the New Style of IT : Proactive Care Demo

    Research // Nov 2013 // provided by Hewlett-Packard (HP)

    When technology issues arise, critical business processes can slow down or stop, and the problem snowballs. HP Proactive Care enables you to anticipate problems and correct them before they disrupt workflow. What are your support challenges, now and for your new IT reality? Explore this demonstration to see how industry ...

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  • IBM PureApplication System Data Sheet

    Research // Mar 2013 // provided by IBM

    The PureApplication System is specifically designed and tuned for transactional web and database applications. Its workload-aware, flexible platform is designed to be easier to deploy, customize, safeguard and manage in a traditional or private cloud environment.

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