Governments around the world increasingly rely on IT to become more efficient.

  • Webcasts // Oct 2014

    Gaining The Upper Hand In Today's Cyber Security Battle

    Threat intelligence uses the symptoms of an attack to foster an understanding of who the attackers are and what their motives and capabilities may be offering the insight necessary to develop a proactive stance and thwart attackers. Read More..

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  • Webcasts // May 2014

    Webinar: Finance Transformation - How SaaS Solutions Can Deliver Strategic Insights

    A recent study revealed many senior finance executives want to improve the quality of information available to management, but struggle with translating their business needs into technology solutions. Watch this video to learn how new technologies are giving finance a better, faster, and more complete picture of their business.

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  • Webcasts // May 2014

    Webinar: A New Way to Work (Mobile)

    Mobile devices are everywhere, and every employee in your enterprise has one. In order to give employees access to the information they need, your apps must work collaboratively, on the go, and in real-time. Watch this webinar for an overview of Workday's current offerings for mobile HR and finance applications.

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  • Webcasts // May 2014

    Webinar: Learn How Organizations are Transforming HR with the Cloud

    Your employees want self-service and mobile apps to engage with HR. Your managers are demanding better reporting. Your organization is getting more complex with more contingent workers. But your HR systems are hard to use and old. Watch this webinar to learn how you can modernize your HR systems.

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  • Webcasts // Oct 2013

    IBM OnDemand Webcast - Boost performance & profitability with better planning & mobile reporting

    See how Ashurst, a top-tier legal service provider for private and public sector clients worldwide, was able to effectively manage organizational change and improve profitability using IBM Business Analytics.

    Provided By IBM

  • Webcasts // Oct 2012

    The Principal Grows Globally with Oracle Fusion Applications (APAC)

    The Principal Financial Group describes its experience with Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management. CIO of Corporate Services Brian Ness and Assistant Vice President of HR Kathleen Souhrada discuss critical product innovation and deployment choice. Watch this video to see why Principal Financial Group is one of many organisations globally experiencing...

    Provided By Oracle

  • Webcasts // Jun 2012

    The Principal Financial Group Grows Globally with Oracle Fusion Applications

    The Principal Financial Group describes its experience with Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management. CIO of Corporate Services Brian Ness and Assistant Vice President of HR Kathleen Souhrada discuss critical product innovation and deployment choice.

    Provided By Oracle

  • Webcasts // Jun 2012

    Deloitte/Oracle Talent Tech Survey Results 2011

    According to a new study from Deloitte and Oracle, talent management initiatives are both a priority and a pain point for organization executives. Tune in to Deloitte's Insight show hosted by Sean O'Grady, to hear Tracy Martin, Senior Director for HCM Strategy at Oracle, and Laura Garbacz, Principal, National Oracle...

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  • Webcasts // Mar 2012

    In-Memory Computing: Realized Business Benefits and The Road Ahead

    These days, all organizations are looking for business benefits from their IT departments and their CIOs. In-Memory Computing, the processing of massive quantities of real time data in the main memory of a server, delivers immediate results from analyses and transactions; and provides companies with tangible business benefits.

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  • Webcasts // Sep 2011

    How to Implement eCommerce Application Performance Best Practices

    Studies have shown that a 2-second response time improvement equates to a 4% increase in bottom line. Application performance does matter in eCommerce. For production, learn how to (1) step up from infrastructure monitoring to service-driven performance management, (2) mix virtualization, private, hybrid and public clouds and (3) User Experience...

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  • Webcasts // Aug 2011

    Discover the Benefits of Virtualization for Federal Applications

    Want to say goodbye to missed SLAs? VMware can help you virtualize mission-critical applications such as Oracle, MS Exchange and SharePoint to achieve dramatic improvements in uptime, performance and responsiveness. In this webcast, we'll discuss the key benefits of virtualizing your agency's most critical applications and Oracle databases as...

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  • Webcasts // Jul 2011

    Improve Medicare, Medicaid Now To Avoid Radical Changes Later

    As Washington struggles to tackle the nation's debt, policymakers on both sides of the aisle have begun to acknowledge that the current course of the country's Medicare and Medicaid programs - long thought of as the third rail of American politics - is unsustainable. In this webcast, the presenter explains...

    Provided By Brookings Institution

  • Webcasts // Jun 2011

    100% Java Reporting Tool: Advanced Dashboards & Visualization in JReport

    Watch our webinar as we show JReport's strong visualization and intuitive interactions with a demo of our Dashboard. Monitor important variables of your business or projects with our Dashboard's fully interactive interface. Simply apply a filter, parameter, or other interaction, and watch your data synchronize across all components. Choose from...

    Provided By Jinfonet Software

  • Webcasts // Jun 2011

    Top 4 Demo Pack: The Top Features of JReport V10

    See the best features a reporting solution can offer with this 4-pack of the top watched demos. With JReport's advanced Dashboards, view critical data with instant interactions. With one simple click, an on-screen filter will instantly update the data view for all reports, synchronizing the components across the Dashboard. Our...

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  • Webcasts // Jun 2011

    Can The U.S. Cut Defense Spending Wisely?

    The presenter fears that the increasing national debt, the unpopularity of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and increased pressure to keep domestic spending on programs like Social Security and Medicare intact could lead to unwise cuts in defense spending, with serious consequences for national security. The presenter says we must...

    Provided By Brookings Institution

  • Webcasts // Apr 2011

    Your Online Business: Website Design

    The website acts very much like a storefront. One want online customers to click, look around and maybe make a purchase. Building a user-friendly site is not something one should do in a day. The presenter, the founder and CEO of Webimax, tells one about some common website design mistakes.

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  • Webcasts // Feb 2011

    EchoSign Webinar: Close More Deals with eSignatures: March 9, 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)

    See how E-signatures can be your secret weapon in closing deals faster and improving sales performance. Attend this webinar for a live product demo and learn: How to make any document a signable contract by adding fields for initials, signatures or free form content on the fly How...

    Provided By EchoSign

  • Webcasts // Jan 2011

    The Register Webcast - Thinking about moving to service delivery?

    Thinking about moving to service delivery? Published: 1 Jan 2011 For years, most organizations have been managing the components of IT, with a primary focus on the performance and availability of specific assets. Those who think deeply on such things, however, reckon it's all changing. In the future, it's...

    Provided By CA

  • Webcasts // Jan 2011

    Opening A Business Bank Account

    There is a lot involved with starting a business. Thankfully, not every aspect of it is difficult. One of those easier areas is opening business bank account. The very existence of this account will make financial management and tracking much easier for you.

    Provided By iEntry

  • Webcasts // Dec 2010

    Drive Performance with Talent Management

    Please join Michelle Newell from Oracle to discuss driving performance with talent management. An effective talent strategy can help you drive business results and make you look good by engaging your workforce. Oracle enables you to create a strategic vision around the kind of people you want in your workforce,...

    Provided By Oracle

  • Webcasts // Nov 2010

    Previewing The Lame-Duck Session Of Congress

    In this webcast, the presenter looks at the upcoming lame duck session of Congress, when the members of the House and Senate - including those who lost in the midterm elections - return to finish up key business. At a minimum, lawmakers must pass a budget resolution to keep the...

    Provided By Brookings Institution

  • Webcasts // Sep 2010

    Moving Ahead: Engineering Challenges Of Deep Water Drilling And Future Oil Resource Recovery

    To keep up with demand, the oil industry ventures increasingly farther and deeper offshore, extracting resources as fast as possible in often hazardous conditions with newly minted technology. So to these panelists, the BP Deepwater Horizon accident did not come as a complete surprise. However, they view the disaster from...

    Provided By Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Webcasts // Sep 2010

    Ensuring Performance Meets Business and Web User Needs

    Is your IT environment performance meeting the needs of the business and the web user? In part 2 of this informative on-demand webcast series, discover the challenges you must address when you need to deliver maximum performance.Topics include:Measuring user experience in web 1.0 and 2.0The top 5 performance measurement challengesThe...

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  • Webcasts // Sep 2010

    Windows 7 Migration, Part Three

    Windows 7 deployment options are covered by Jefferson Raley, senior consulting manager at Dell. Windows 7 deployment options are covered in this video featuring Jefferson Raley, senior consulting manager at Dell. Dell has 11,500 Windows 7 users as of Feb 1st week, 2010 and is growing at a pace...

    Provided By Dell, Inc. & Intel, Inc.

  • Webcasts // Jul 2010

    IBM Software Forum

    Register for the following webcasts: Pulse 2010 Virtual Experience - Available now! Lotusphere 2010 Virtual Experience - Available now!

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  • Webcasts // Jun 2010

    Business Answers: Competitive Pricing & Managing Your Finances

    Rod Kurtz, the executive editor of AOL Small Business, and Bob Prosen, the founder and CEO of the Prosen Center for Business Advancement, answer viewer questions about researching your competitors' prices and deciding whether or not to hire someone to manage your finances.

    Provided By American Express

  • Webcasts // Apr 2010

    Start With A Niche

    The presenter of this webcast talks about the small businesses owners who start small business to truly understand the procurement marketplace.

    Provided By American Express

  • Webcasts // Mar 2010

    Alstom Powers Up To Fight Climate Change

    The push for sustainable clean energy as a key driver of developed economies, set against a backdrop of depleted natural resources, may paint a bleak picture for future generations. But according to Philippe Joubert, Executive Vice President of Alstom and President of its Power Sector, that's not necessarily so, if...

    Provided By INSEAD

  • Webcasts // Feb 2010

    Smarter Healthcare Demo

    This 3D interactive Demo takes you through the Smarter Healthcare scenario of "Jane", a woman having a medical emergency. You'll follow her entire healthcare experience and see how smarter healthcare can significantly improve the quality of patient care.

    Provided By IBM

  • Webcasts // Jan 2010

    WaterWorld Webinar

    Steve Klepper, from the City of Corpus Christi, and Steve Rosenblatt, from IBM, will share how the largest city on the Texas coast regained control of their water management, avoiding the privatization of all water and waste water operations.

    Provided By IBM

  • Webcasts // Jan 2010

    Smarter Collaboration Cost Reduction Strategy

    Are you CAPEX and OPEX challenged? Looking for ways to free up money in your IT budget immediately that can still help with long term TCO? Looking for rapid ROI? Smarter Collaboration solutions from IBM offers you an unique opportunity to focus, exploit opportunities, and act with speed. This podcast...

    Provided By IBM

  • Webcasts // Jan 2010

    Avoid Patch Tuesday Wipeout: Ride the Endpoint Patching Wave

    Patching clients effectively and reliably is becoming a non-stop process for most organizations, demanding a robust, dynamic and automated infrastructure to ensure delivery. In this webinar, experts Paul Henry from leading IT security vendor Lumension and Ken Ross from KACE and will demonstrate how a broad, reliable and easy-to-use implementation...

    Provided By KACE

  • Webcasts // Jan 2010

    Keeping the Lights on While Managing the Complexities of Compliance

    EnergyAustralia (EA) has over 100 years of experience providing broad-based energy solutions to over 1.6 million homes and businesses. Hear how EA is using TIBCO software to gain real-time visibility into customer service levels, to detect and respond to events that could affect compliance, market obligations, and providing a foundation...

    Provided By TIBCO Software

  • Webcasts // Dec 2009

    IBM Smarter Products Webcast:? The Payoff of Driving Requirements Management Across Product Development

    Join our panel of experts from EADS, CareFusion, and Chrysler as they discuss their experiences in implementing a structured approach to requirements management based on IBM Rational software.

    Provided By IBM

  • Webcasts // Dec 2009

    On-Demand Webcast: Is Your Enterprise Architected for 2010?

    Enterprise Architecture can be a challenging undertaking. Sybase has worked with a number of customers that have found success by implementing EA in an interactive fashion. This webcast will present the story of one of those customers: an international shipping company. View this TechRepublic Webcast to to hear from...

    Provided By Sybase

  • Webcasts // Nov 2009

    You Had Me at Hello: Techniques to quickly catch people's attention in marketing webinars

    View this recorded webinar to learn how to create better beginnings for your presentations or marketing materials so that you attract attention in 30 seconds or less.

    Provided By Adobe Systems

  • Webcasts // Nov 2009

    Reduce Cost and Improve Service Levels with Application Performance Monitoring Simplification

    Organizations are feeling the pressure of economic uncertainty. They strive to closely align IT infrastructure to the business and also face challenges to reduce costs. While virtually every IT organization has multiple management solutions in place, the unfortunate truth is that most companies are struggling to develop a product mix...

    Provided By IBM

  • Webcasts // Nov 2009

    View From The Top: How To Talk About KPIs With C-Level Executives

    In this webcast, Stacey asks Gary Cokins of SAS about his great experience in working with C-level executives on the issues of performance measurement and performance management. How most executives feel about performance management: their concerns, fears, hesitancies in embracing it. When performance management is working really well, how it...

    Provided By SAS Institute

  • Webcasts // Nov 2009

    "Don't Let Virtualization Manage You"

    Planning is only the first step in ensuring the virtual IT environment delivers the ROI and performance one expects. The attendee of this webcast will learn how "Virtualization analytics" will shift one from reactive to proactive performance management; maximize uptime and efficiency in the Virtual Data Center. Through real time...

    Provided By BMC Software

  • Webcasts // Oct 2009

    Optimize Capacity Costs

    IT organizations need a solution that will improve the accuracy and scope of their capacity forecasts, help align their forecasts with the overall business plan of the company, and help them make informed capacity procurement decisions. The attendee will learn how BMC Capacity Trending Advisor, an easy-to-use enterprise-wide solution, automates...

    Provided By BMC Software