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  • Conferencing Loud & Clear

    Research // Dec 2014 // provided by VTech

    We spend hours in phone conferences with colleagues, clients, and customers every day, but poor sound quality can turn a productive collaboration into a time-wasting drag. Next-generation conference phones deliver whole-room coverage and crystal-clear audio that keeps participants engaged. Have you ever dialed into a conference call, only to ...

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  • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Overview

    Research // Nov 2014 // provided by Cisco

    Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is an innovative architecture that radically simplifies, optimizes, and accelerates the entire application deployment lifecycle. This report provides a brief overview of Cisco ACI along with, • Infrastructure problems addressed • Main ACI Components • Benefits of ACI • ACI Services Download this report to learn more.

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  • IDG Report 2014 - Mobile Security - Confidence ebbs as BYOD booms

    Research // Nov 2014 // provided by Dell and Intel

    The recent IDG Research Services survey of IT and business professionals involved with mobile security purchases identifies the main vulnerabilities of mobile devices, as well as strategies taken to counter those vulnerabilities. Mobile device security is a moving target, and requires organizations to stay up-to-date on not just the threats, ...

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  • Busting Myths About Mobility

    Research // Nov 2014 // provided by Dell and Intel

    Innovations in mobile computing have radically changed the way we interact. Now they’re changing the way we do business. While many companies still see mobile solutions as too costly, risky or hard to manage, organizations that see beyond these misconceptions gain access to tremendous possibilities across the enterprise. Dell found ...

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  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search, 2014.

    Research // Oct 2014 // provided by HP

    There is an established Nexus of Forces — social, mobile, cloud and information – that affects the information-centric enterprise search market substantially. A new paradigm is the increased drive for contextualization. Organizations are no longer satisfied with a list of search results — they want the single best result. It ...

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  • Windows 8 Business Intentions: Deployment Plans, Driving Factors, Roadblocks, and Strategies

    Research // Nov 2012 // provided by TechRepublic

    The Windows 8 Business Intentions: Deployment Plans, Driving Factors, Roadblocks, and Strategies report reveals key insights into who's moving to Windows 8, who's skipping it, and why. In this original research report from TechRepublic Pro and ZDNet, industry analysts break down the Windows 8 deployment plans of over 1,200 organizations ...

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  • Windows 8: From preview to release

    Research // Oct 2012 // provided by ZDNet

    It's been over three years since Microsoft released Windows 7, and its new desktop OS is about to take its first steps in the big wide world. Along with Microsoft Surface and Windows Server 2012, ZDNet has followed Windows 8 all the way from Developer Preview to Release To Manufacturing. ...

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  • Great British computers: A ZDNet retrospective

    Research // Apr 2012 // provided by ZDNet

    Would you believe the first ever business computer totted up the price of cakes, bread and pies? You would if you knew it was operated by a British tea-shop company. The Lyons Electric Office computer (LEO), along with Edsac -- the UK's first fully operational general-purpose computer -- and ...

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  • Tech breakthroughs to watch in 2012

    Research // Jan 2012 // provided by ZDNet

    From invisibility cloaks to virtual atom smashing, 2011 was a year for advancing our knowledge, both on Earth and in space. ZDNet presents this guide to the accomplishments and discoveries from researchers at Cern, Nasa, Manchester University and more, all of which will be ones to watch in 2012. You ...

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  • BYO Device: How to handle consumer gadgets in your workplace

    Research // Nov 2011 // provided by silicon.com

    Workers are no longer willing to let the business decide what devices they should use to get their jobs done most effectively. Whether it's smartphones, laptops, netbooks or even tablets, many workers are insisting on using their own devices to connect to sensitive systems inside your organisation. Allowing workers to ...

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