Servers, switches, and storage are still the foundation of your enterprise, and next-gen high-performance equipment is key for 21st century business. You can find expert guidance and thought leadership here.

  • Hardware decommissioning policy

    Tools & Templates // Jul 2017 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    When decommissioning hardware, standard and well-documented practices are critical. The steps outlined in this policy will guide your staff methodically through the process. Assets won’t be unnecessarily wasted or placed in the wrong hands, data stored on this hardware will be preserved as needed (or securely purged), and all ancillary ...

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  • Hardware purchasing task list

    Tools & Templates // Apr 2017 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Following a formal procedure for IT hardware procurement enables your organization to streamline purchasing, implement checks and balances, and establish standards to optimize your business model. This list, which complements our IT Hardware Procurement Policy, will walk you through the necessary purchasing tasks and responsibilities to make sure ...

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  • IT hardware procurement policy

    Tools & Templates // Apr 2017 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    A strong hardware procurement policy will ensure that requirements are followed and that all purchases are subject to the same screening and approval processes. This comprehensive policy covers the essential aspects of the purchasing process. From the policy: Summary There are many similarities between purchasing software and hardware—evaluations, ...

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  • Hardware inventory policy

    Tools & Templates // Mar 2017 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    This policy describes guidelines your organization can follow to track, process, and decommission IT equipment. From the policy: Summary The organization’s IT hardware inventory constitutes a significant capital investment, and holding organization data, requires the organization to track each component from purchase and deployment to decommissioning and ...

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  • Enterprise IoT TCO and ROI Calculator

    Tools & Templates // Jan 2017 // provided by TechRepublic

    There are a lot of business making use of IoT devices these days, but does an IoT implementation make financial sense for your business? This handy tool will help you make that decision by calculating the total cost of ownership and return on investment for IoT devices. You'll be asked ...

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  • Equipment reassignment policy

    Tools & Templates // Nov 2016 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    This policy provides guidelines for reclaiming and reusing equipment from current or former employees. It outlines the steps that must be carried out by authorized individuals before this equipment can be considered safe to reassign. From the policy: Summary To achieve the maximum benefit from IT assets, ...

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  • Secure equipment repair policy and confidentiality agreement

    Tools & Templates // Sep 2016 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    This policy and agreement will help you define security requirements and monitor the status of equipment being repaired when your organization works with third parties to fix failed systems. From the policy: Summary Organizations must frequently work with third parties to repair laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, servers, and other ...

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  • Power checklist: Troubleshooting hard drive failures

    Tools & Templates // Aug 2015 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Knowing how to revive a failed hard drive is a critical skill—and having a guide to the troubleshooting process can mean the difference between total loss and full recovery. This checklist offers a systematic approach to zeroing in on the cause of a hard drive failure.

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  • New Equipment Budget Policy

    Tools & Templates // Jul 2015 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Tech Pro Research's New Equipment Budget Policy provides a framework for your IT department to budget and track expenses associated with provisioning new employees or employees changing roles which require additional equipment.You can download the policy template and use it as is or modify it to suit your needs.New hires, ...

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  • Google Glass Policy

    Tools & Templates // Sep 2013 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    The introduction of Google Glass means that it's only a matter of time before employees bring them into the workplace. Use Tech Pro Research's Google Glass Policy to help create guidelines for your organization. Google Glass has a variety of potential business or educational uses involving accessing, capturing and sharing ...

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