Servers, switches, and storage are still the foundation of your enterprise, and next-gen high-performance equipment is key for 21st century business. You can find expert guidance and thought leadership here.

  • Hardware decommissioning policy

    Tools & Templates // Apr 2016 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Every hardware device has a finite lifespan or viable period of use. Both business and consumers alike are familiar with the retirement of old gadgets and the acquisition of new ones. In fact, entire industries and methodologies have sprung up to help facilitate this; cloud-based backup and storage products, external ...

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  • Hardware procurement policy

    Tools & Templates // Oct 2015 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    This Hardware Procurement Policy lays out a series of detailed recommendations for buying company hardware. While there are many similarities between purchasing software and hardware — evaluations, vetting vendors, conducting RFPs, proof of concepts, and handling contract details — there are a few noteworthy differences since hardware is an asset ...

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  • New Equipment Budget Policy

    Tools & Templates // Jul 2015 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Tech Pro Research's New Equipment Budget Policy provides a framework for your IT department to budget and track expenses associated with provisioning new employees or employees changing roles which require additional equipment.You can download the policy template and use it as is or modify it to suit your needs.New hires, ...

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  • Equipment Reassignment Policy

    Tools & Templates // Dec 2014 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    In order to achieve the maximum benefit from company assets it is important to ensure the longest possible lifespan for assigned equipment through proper usage support, maintenance, and reassignment. Reassignment of existing equipment takes place when employees depart the organization or receive new computers, mobile devices, printers or other assets ...

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  • Google Glass Policy

    Tools & Templates // Sep 2013 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    The introduction of Google Glass means that it's only a matter of time before employees bring them into the workplace. Use Tech Pro Research's Google Glass Policy to help create guidelines for your organization. Google Glass has a variety of potential business or educational uses involving accessing, capturing and sharing ...

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  • Hardware Inventory Policy

    Tools & Templates // Apr 2013 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Your IT hardware inventory represents a significant capital investment, so it's critical that you track each component from purchase and deployment to decommissioning and disposal. Our Hardware Inventory Policy describes which components are subject to the policy, how and when you will update your hardware inventory, steps you must take ...

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  • Intel® Laptop Processor Comparison Tool

    Tools & Templates // Aug 2012 // provided by Intel Corporation

    Use this laptop processor benefits and specifications comparison tool to find the right Intel® Core™ processor for your business needs.

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  • Computer Equipment Disposal Policy

    Tools & Templates // May 2012 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    TechRepublic's Computer Equipment Disposal Policy will help your organization define and implement procedures for properly disposing, discarding, and decommissioning computer and IT equipment

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  • IT Physical Security Policy

    Tools & Templates // Jan 2012 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Protect your organization's hardware, software, and data from exposure to persons (internal or external) who could intentionally or inadvertently harm the organization and/or damage physical assets, with this policy.

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  • Acceptable Use Policy: Equipment

    Tools & Templates // Oct 2011 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Employees rely on IT to provide the equipment they need to get things done. TechRepublic's Acceptable Use Policy: Equipment assists in directing employees to use that equipment safely and within organizational guidelines.

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