Smartphones, Bluetooth, WiFi, and other mobile technologies are driving the gig economy and changing the worlds of entertainment, communications, and computing. Stay ahead of the pack with these valuable white papers.

  • All Roads Lead to Mobile Apps - Your Guide to Doing it Right

    Presentations // May 2015 // provided by Globo

    Companies can exploit mobility for transforming business processes through utilizing mobile devices, apps and data. However, it takes a village to transform business processes through mobility, not just a single app. From development and design to marketing and management, view this presentation to learn how Globo delivers the village.

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  • Infographic : Master Mobile by focusing on productivity

    Presentations // Nov 2014 // provided by Box

    What was once a novelty is now a business and competitive must-have. More enterprises are applying mobile to core processes, making customer support, sales operations and everyday tasks more effective. Learn more...

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  • 5 Must Haves for Enterprise Mobility Management

    Presentations // Nov 2014 // provided by Symantec

    Forty-four percent of employees want a phone for work and personal use respectively, but mobile malware has increased by four times last year. How do you embrace employees’ productivity while keeping corporate data safe? Get started with the Enterprise Mobility Management Solution (EMM). Watch our on-demand webcast, the “5 Must-Haves ...

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  • Starting an SAP HANA Platform Implementation

    Presentations // Sep 2012 // provided by SAP

    Join the SAP business analytics services team and our customers to get an overview of the latest and greatest in the world of the SAP HANA platform. Learn how SAP HANA has already helped numerous customers.

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  • How Mobility can Transform your Business

    Presentations // Jul 2012 // provided by SAP

    Enterprises are embracing the mobile revolution as they explore new ways mobile devices can improve operational efficiency and employee productivity. A new IDC benchmark study found 77 percent of U.S. and European businesses supply smartphones to their employees, and 49 percent supply tablet devices to their workforce. Discover the ...

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  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Presentations // Oct 2011 // provided by Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Multiple challenges are causing a rapid, profound transition in the way that people do business. Customers can interact with businesses through instant messaging, social media, in-person meetings, and phone calls. Powerful new feedback channels are raising customer expectations for better service. Brand loyalty has decreased, due to economic challenges and ...

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  • Enable Mobile Productivity

    Presentations // Oct 2011 // provided by Cisco Systems, Inc.

    The rapid proliferation of mobile devices in the workforce creates numerous challenges for organizations. Employees expect to use their consumer devices in the workplace. They rely on access to business applications any time and anywhere. Customers expect high-quality interactions from mobile employees. Managers need visibility into escalating mobility costs. Moreover, ...

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  • Equip the iPhone for Enterprise Productivity

    Presentations // Jun 2010 // provided by Sybase

    The iPhone's popularity has generated a high demand for its use within the enterprise. But employees want secure connectivity to critical business data while maintaining the freedom to access personal information and applications ? leaving IT administrators with a challenging task. With Sybase, you can strengthen iPhone adoption by ...

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