SDN, NFV, and a host of other cutting-edge technologies are hitting your network faster than you can say Ethernet Fabric. But which are truly critical?

  • SD-WAN for UCaaS: Optimizing Bandwidth on Any Network

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Vonage

    Businesses have been moving their communication workloads to the cloud for about as long as the cloud has been around. But the demands that real-time communications place on a network can be significant, requiring organizations to make major investments in private networks to overcome the problem. This eBook highlights the ...

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  • Five Reasons Why You Should Trial SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by SolarWinds

    Is it the app or the network? When your users report slowness on the network, you can now find the root cause faster. Download a FREE 30-day trial of SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor. It gives you: Powerful and intuitive network monitoring software Scalability ...

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  • APAC Cloud Tech Summit

    Live Event // Sep 2017 // provided by Microsoft

    Welcome to Microsoft's APAC Cloud Tech Summit, The world is evolving and new technologies are becoming a ubiquitous part of our lives. For enterprises to embrace the full power of digital transformation, both technology and business leaders must work together to ensure they leverage the power of the cloud to ...

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  • Cisco 2017 - Midyear Security Report

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Cisco Systems

    For Nearly a decade, Cisco has published comprehensive cybersecurity reports that are designed to keep security teams and the businesses they support apprised of cyber threats and vulnerabilities-and informed about step they can take to improve security-resiliency. In this reports, we strive to alert defenders to ...

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  • Grow Your Midsize Business With Cisco IT Solutions

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Cisco Systems

    Networks are more complex than ever before as the demands placed on them continue to increase.Midsize businesses need a platform that supports automated tasks, simplified management, flexible migrations. Our network infrastructure solutions, which are part of the Cisco Digital Network Architecture, help streamline IT and promote

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  • A Network That Defends Itself (Russian)

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Cisco Systems

    I takes most organizations between 100 and 200 days to detect a threat, with Cisco you can do it in 13 hours. What if you are paying more for less protection? Sophisticated threats can hide I network blind spots, extracting sensitive information and causing millions in damage. The ...

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  • Are You Ready For The New Era of Networking?

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Cisco Systems

    Get new services and network segments to market faster and keep your competitive edge. With Cisco DNA Center, there's no need to manually deploy and configure the network box by box. Instead, you can deploy new devices, set policy, and make configuration changes across a single network ...

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  • 5 Innovations For The New Era of Networking

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Cisco Systems

    Experts engineers at Cisco are challenging norms and looking for ways to revolutionize the network. See five of the most important ways these innovations are changing your relationship with your network. The new network is constantly learning, constantly adapting, constantly protecting. No one likes configuring quality of ...

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  • Do you know what’s going on inside your firewall?

    Downloads // Sep 2017 // provided by SolarWinds

    If your firewalls fail, you run the risk of not delivering business-critical network services. With SolarWinds® Network Insight™ for Cisco® Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), a feature of Network Performance Monitor and Network Configuration Manager, you can: Automate the monitoring and management of your ASA infrastructure View health and ...

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  • "Digital Businesses Need to Rethink Their Network Strategies ZK Research White Paper"

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Riverbed

    The network plays a fundamental role in enabling the shift to digital. But it simply cannot fulfill this function while it is hardware-bound and hard-coded. The network must become cloudlike to enable delivery of dynamic, rich digital services quickly and easily. This means shifting away from old approaches that require ...

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