Project Management

Whether it's through Agile, lean or process-based management, you must plan, organize and control resources to achieve your business goals.

  • Downloads // May 2014

    Find, Analyze and Resolve Your Toughest Performance Issues on SQL Server - FAST

    Slow SQL Server performance? Don't let yourself get tangled up in volumes of server health metrics. Get to the root cause of performance problems in just four clicks. Only SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer correlates SQL response time with server health metrics - in a single view - to quickly pinpoint...

    Provided By SolarWinds

  • Downloads // Apr 2014

    Orchestration ROI Infographic

    Operations orchestration is the coordination of automated tasks across teams, tools, and environments including incident management, service request fulfillment and more. This infographic reveals how most IT organizations realized ROI in less than 6 months and quantifies orchestration benefits. HP is the sponsor of this material. By submitting your...

    Provided By Hewlett-Packard (HP)

  • Downloads // Mar 2014

    Financials - Killing Your Business

    Today’s CFOs are strapped with old systems that are inflexible and holding back their business. It’s no surprise that innovative CFOs are finding freedom with cloud-based financial management applications. See the infographic to learn how CFOs are transforming their organizations in the cloud.

    Provided By Workday

  • Downloads // Jan 2014

    Top 7 Tools that IT Pros Love!

    Track changes to IT infrastructure, manage passwords, troubleshoot account lockouts and more... These tools proved useful for thousands of IT Pros all over the world. Get them all now!

    Provided By netwrix

  • Downloads // Dec 2013

    Cisco-Webex - Now Meet with Up to Three for FREE!

    IT Professionals! Get on board with Cisco WebEx online meetings. Conduct unlimited online meetings with up to three people for free - for life (or at least as long as you care to keep your free Basic Account)! Meet via whatever you want - your notebook, your iPhone, your...

    Provided By Cisco Systems, Inc.

  • Downloads // Nov 2013

    IBM Endpoint Manager

    IBM Endpoint Manager lowers the total cost of managing and securing mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and servers – physical or virtual, on or off-network, personally or corporate-owned.

    Provided By IBM

  • Downloads // Nov 2013

    Your Network's Early Warning System

    Tired of getting calls asking if the network is down? SolarWinds® NPM works as your early warning system to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems and outages. Top 5 Reasons to Try SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 1. Quick, Do-It-Yourself Deployment: Download. Install. Deploy. Deploying SolarWinds NPM...

    Provided By SolarWinds

  • Downloads // Oct 2013

    Intel® Advisor XE 2013

    This breakthrough threading prototyping tool simplifies data-driven threading design for C, C++, C#, and Fortran application architects. Quickly prototype multiple threading designs and compare the projected performance scaling and synchronization issues. Evaluate design alternatives before investing in implementation and without disrupting product development and release cycles. Select the design with...

    Provided By Intel Software

  • Downloads // Sep 2013

    Free 20-day Trial: Netwrix Auditor Change Auditing for Your Active Directory

    Uncontrolled changes in Active Directory can lead to unauthorized additions to groups, modifications to objects and permissions, or even worse, deletions of your OUs. Netwrix Auditor provides complete visibility over changes to Active Directory configurations, automatically auditing management of every object, giving answers to the questions around when changes...

    Provided By netwrix

  • Downloads // Jul 2013

    A More Intelligent & FREE Way to Manage Alerts – SolarWinds Alert Central

    SolarWinds Alert Central is centralized IT alert management software that provides amazingly streamlined alert management for your entire IT organization. Centralize alerts from all your IT systems Automatically route alerts to the right group Filter alerts from noisy monitoring systems Automatically escalate unanswered alerts ...

    Provided By SolarWinds

  • Downloads // May 2013

    Secure Copy Trial

    Take Secure Copy for a spin and see firsthand how this automated data migration solution can help your administrators and IT team migrate data quickly and easily. Plus your team can run reports to effectively manage their data projects, and much more. Your free trial is a Web-based, self-contained virtual...

    Provided By Dell Software

  • Downloads // May 2013

    Remote Control & Support Software – Affordable, Secure & Easy-to-Use

    In order to be effective, IT support must be globally accessible and flexible enough to serve the entire enterprise. The ability to manage servers, notebooks and laptops remotely will enable your IT team to provide quick and efficient support regardless of where troubles occur. Imagine being able to reboot...

    Provided By SolarWinds

  • Downloads // Dec 2012

    10 steps to creating a Word userform for addressing letters: Demo files

    These sample Word templates (dot and dotm versions) illustrate the addressing technique described in this 10 Things blog post.

    Provided By Susan Harkins

  • Downloads // Nov 2012

    Download a FREE, 14-Day Trial of DameWare Remote Support

    In order to be effective, IT support must be globally accessible and flexible enough to serve the entire enterprise. The ability to manage servers, notebooks and laptops remotely will enable your IT team to provide quick and efficient support regardless of where troubles occur. Imagine being able to reboot...

    Provided By SolarWinds

  • Downloads // Nov 2012

    Stay Connected to Your Organization No Matter Where You Are with DameWare Remote Support

    With roughly 20% of all adults working remotely at least once a month, organizations can no longer allow telecommuting to become synonymous with dropping the ball. For IT professionals, the ability to maintain the same level of productivity remotely as they do within the office could mean the difference between...

    Provided By SolarWinds

  • Downloads // Oct 2012

    Fix Computer Issues Fast with GoToAssist Remote Support by Citrix

    Citrix GoToAssist lets you quickly access customers' machines online, so you can use your expertise to fix a technical problem instantly. The GoToAssist platform offers 3 essential cloud-based tools that enable IT professionals to easily support people and manage technology; Remote Support, Monitoring, and Service Desk allow you to deliver...

    Provided By Citrix Online

  • Downloads // Sep 2012

    LogMeIn: Smartphone and PC remote support that the pros use.

    LogMeIn Rescue provides instant access to PCs and mobile devices from anywhere in the world. LogMeIn Rescue enables IT to do more: quickly access, diagnose and solve IT problems anywhere. Remote reboot, easy-to-use screens, comprehensive reporting, multiple user sessions, and in-app Chat. Improve productivity, customer satisfaction and resolve issues...

    Provided By LogMeIn

  • Downloads // Sep 2012

    Quest Workspace Help Desk

    Help Desk Authority provides automated ticket workflows, self-service dashboards and detailed reports to help small to mid-sized organizations quickly track, identify and resolve help desk issues.

    Provided By Dell Software

  • Downloads // Aug 2012

    FREE TOOL - SQL check performance monitoring solution

    Get real-time performance monitoring with this free tool. With it, you can view 20+ key metrics including wait stats, reads/writes, sessions, and cache hits. You will have this alerting tool up and running in no time (and with no agents). NEW! Monitor SQL throughput including batches, compilations, recompilations, and transactions.

    Provided By Idera

  • Downloads // May 2012

    Smart Tools to Keep Your Data Clean

    This toolkit of programming APIs for .NET will verify addresses, phone numbers and email addresses at point of entry or in batch so you have clean contact data to power your applications, reduce waste and maintain contact with customers and prospects. Download a free trial now!

    Provided By Melissa Data Corp

  • Downloads // Apr 2012

    Guide to Microsoft software versions (4th edition)

    Scott Lowe updated his downloadable Excel table that lists numerous versions of Windows, SQL Server, Exchange, System Center Configuration Manager, System Center Data Protection Manager, and System Center Operations Manager. The table includes release dates, version numbers, dates of current support, and revision levels.

    Provided By Scott Lowe

  • Downloads // Mar 2012

    PowerTerm WebConnect - Enhancements to Windows Server 2008 R2 RDS

    Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect - the alternative to Citrix - extends the functionality of WS08 R2 Remote Desktop Services (RDS) with advanced centralized management, allowing IT organizations to reduce access management costs and complexities, protect past investments and improve the end-user experience. Using PowerTerm WebConnect, you will benefit from mixed server...

    Provided By Ericom Software

  • Downloads // Dec 2010

    SW: Smart Work for Healthcare demo

    Watch this demo and learn how combining Business Process Management, Collaboration and SOA enables an ER to: significantly improve the quality of patient care; handle emergencies better; access proper medical expertise (regardless of location); and increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

    Provided By IBM

  • Downloads // Dec 2010

    WebSphere Lombardi Edition - Taking the Tour - Product Demo

    Take control of your key processes with our industry leading BPM suite (BPMS). Build, optimize and manage your process applications. Take the product demo tour of the Websphere Lombardi Edition by clicking through here.

    Provided By IBM

  • Downloads // Nov 2010

    Avoid scope creep! Try Jama Contour, collaborative requirements management

    If you're managing a complex project, then you know how difficult it is to keep everyone in sync on scope changes. It's a nightmare. Jama Contour changes that. Contour is a powerful, Web-based application that teams use for collaborative requirements management, scope reviews and approvals, release planning, traceability, test coverage,...

    Provided By Jama Software, Inc.

  • Downloads // Oct 2010

    Stop traveling - start training. Try GoToTraining free today.

    Move Your Training Program Online and Save Money You have to train people in multiple locations across the globe. Stop traveling and train right from your home or office with GoToTraining?. It takes just minutes to learn and costs a fraction of what your travel budget would be. ...

    Provided By Citrix Online

  • Downloads // Sep 2010

    10 questions on why IT is not a department anymore: An interview with Julius Tomei

    Longtime IT leader Julius Tomei has seen the role of IT change drastically over the past three decades. See why he believes IT has moved beyond crunching numbers, spitting out reports, and building applications to become embedded in the business.This download is also available as an entry in our...

    Provided By Jeff Cerny

  • Downloads // Sep 2010

    Product Download : End User Experience Monitoring Tool

    Monitoring actual end-user interaction is important to determine if your applications are available 24x7 and if their responses are quick enough. As businesses expand at a global level, it becomes all the more important to measure customer experience from different geographical locations. ManageEngine Applications Manager's Real Browser Monitor records web...

    Provided By ManageEngine

  • Downloads // Aug 2010

    Accelerate Business Value with Web Portal Solutions -Podcast

    Listen to a series of podcast episodes that will help you learn how to improve workforce effectiveness, a key business objective that most organizations face today.

    Provided By IBM

  • Downloads // Aug 2010

    Risk Assessment tool - what's your risk?

    15 questions on your current risk posture based on results from 258 IT managers

    Provided By IBM

  • Downloads // Jul 2010

    The 10 most cryptic project management expressions

    Project success requires clear communication among managers, team members, and stakeholders. Be sure you really know what's being said when you hear the terms on this list.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By John Sullivan

  • Downloads // Jul 2010

    ITWorx relies on Rational AppScan to deliver highly secure applications

    ITWorx is one of the largest software professional services companies in Egypt, offering business intelligence solutions and portal development, SOA and application development services to companies around the world. The company made a strategic decision to differentiate their services by building security into its software development processes. Read this case...

    Provided By IBM

  • Downloads // Jul 2010

    Find out how quickly your green IT projects can pay off with this ROI tool

    If you're considering a green IT project, you probably want to know how quickly the project and offer a return on the investment you're making. With this online assessment tool, based on research from the Aberdeen Group, you can: Compare your plans and solutions with industry best practices...

    Provided By IBM

  • Downloads // Jun 2010

    Project risk management checklist

    Many projects have inherent risks that can wreak havoc if left unmanaged. This checklist will help you assess and minimize the risk potential for your project and head off possible problems.

    Provided By Tom Mochal

  • Downloads // Jun 2010

    Top 10 computer history Web sites

    If you're a computer history buff -- or you just want to revisit the tech of your youth -- check out these museum sites featuring articles, pictures, forums, and even the first TV commercials for PCs.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Tim Malone

  • Downloads // Jun 2010

    10+ things you should know about applying for an H-1B1 visa

    The process of applying for H-1B1 status is complicated, and both the candidate and the prospective employer need to be aware of potential pitfalls.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Calvin Sun

  • Downloads // May 2010

    10 ways to get a network connection when there's no network handy

    Being stuck without a network connection isn't just an inconvenience; in some cases, it could compromise your job. Here are a few fallback options that may save the day.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Jack Wallen

  • Downloads // Apr 2010

    10 reasons to use DirectAccess and Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 2010

    Using UAG as your DirectAccess server solution provides a number of significant advantages. Deb Shinder looks at what DirectAccess offers and describes the benefits of using UAG.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Deb Shinder

  • Downloads // Apr 2010

    10 Linux rescue tools for recovering Linux, Windows, or Mac machines

    When you're dealing with a system that won't boot, you need a robust and dependable recovery tool. Here are a few Linux tools that might save the day.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Jack Wallen

  • Downloads // Apr 2010

    10 tips for keeping your job search under wraps

    If you don't want your current employer to know you're looking for a new job, you need to be stealthy. These precautions will help you avoid getting busted.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Calvin Sun