Infosec lapses, malware, phishing, and other targeted attacks can ruin your day. Beef up your cybersecurity arsenal with strong authentication, encryption, and real-time monitoring.

  • Internet Security Threat Report 2017

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by Symantec

    Symantec has established the largest civilian threat collection network in the world, and one of the most comprehensive collections of cyber security threat intelligence through the Symantec Global Intelligence Network™, which monitors threat activities in over 157 countries and territories. Read more to learn about the latest threats trends ...

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  • BI, Analytics, and the Cloud Strategies for Business Agility

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by Cloudera

    The cloud is becoming a mature platform for data management, integration, business intelligence (BI), and analytics. Although some organizations still will not make use of it (typically for security or compliance reasons), resistance is definitely diminishing. Companies understand that the cloud can provide flexibility and scalability for their ...

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  • Virtualization's Hidden Gem: Application Security

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by VMware

    Who should be looking at network virtualization as a source of application infrastructure security? Almost every enterprise. It's counterintuitive to wait for a data breach at a rival or in house before acting. Network virtualization should be in the minds of any CIO transforming IT ...

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  • Case Studies : Securing Application Infrastructure

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by VMware

    As technology continues to advance, so do security threats. Modern-day attacks are not only smart and sophisticated, they're also able to breach the perimeter firewalls that traditional data centers rely on. As a result, organizations of all sizes are racing to protect sensitive information that affects both ...

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  • Edinburgh Napier University Report

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by VMware

    Edinburgh Napier University deployed VMware NSX to create a seamless IT experience for students and staff alike. With a granular level of security at the network layer, the IT team can both migrate and provision new servers in half the time it used to take, helping them ...

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  • Transforming Security In The Mobile Cloud Era

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by VMware

    Security threats are on the rise, and are becoming more sophisticated. Perimeter firewalls can no longer keep them at bay. Disguised as legitimate traffic, malware can slip past perimeter firewalls undetected and spread faster than IT teams can stop it. Organizations are investing time and money ...

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  • How to Tackle the Three Biggest Barriers to Business Mobility

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by Citrix

    It's 2017. 29% of the global workforce is fully mobile, allowing productivity to skyrocket. Mobility is achievable for any business, but there are significant obstacles along the way. Does your workplace know enough about security and implementation to join in? This White paper will help you ...

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  • 3 Ways EFSS Enables Secure Content Collaboration for the Mobile Workforce

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by Citrix

    When your business doesn't provide adequate digital collaboration tools, your employees are likely to use their own – potentially compromising security. Read this informative whitepaper for three ways to improve employee collaboration while ensuring compliance with security policies: Why a consolidated approach to file sharing can boost ...

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  • RSA APJ Summit 2017: Enabling Business Driven Security

    Live Event // Jul 2017 // provided by RSA

    No need to sign up for multiple infosec events to stay on top of industry happenings. Just come to RSA Summit and you’ll leave with all the solutions and strategies you need to keep your organization safe. The RSA Summit 2017 will deliver a range of content across 4 ...

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  • 7 Ways to Improve Your Security Incident Response

    White Papers // Jul 2017 // provided by Rsam

    Organizations share common concerns and frustrations about security incident response. The scope of what you need to protect has expanded significantly—more users, more endpoints, more everything. At the same time, internal and external scrutiny has skyrocketed due to the increasing coverage of large scale security incidents. Finally, because information is ...

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