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  • Video : A Experts Insider Thoughts on Cybercrime - Brian Hay

    Videos // Nov 2016 // provided by Dimension Data

    The video discusses critical issues in cybercrime such as the state of the threat landscape, challenges to modern organisations, a view of the operations of cyber criminals, the value of cyber intelligence, and the role of legislation. This video analyses the best practices in security for the current era.

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  • Intelligent Endpoint Threat Defense Video

    Videos // Nov 2016 // provided by Dimension Data

    In this video IT Security experts clearly outline Why Traditional Security Fails and explain how to outsmart attackers, drive efficiency, discover and respond faster to IT threats.

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  • Delivering Service Management That People Actually WANT To Use

    Videos // Oct 2016 // provided by ServiceNow

    Watch this On-Demand webinar and learn how to eliminate the friction between internal service providers (like IT, HR and facilities) and employees, automate the flow of work, removing email and spreadsheets, so you can streamline the delivery and management of services and replace challenging user experiences with a simple, efficient, ...

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  • Video: Big Data: Is it smaller than you think?

    Videos // Sep 2016 // provided by Motorola

    While IT leaders have so far struggled to access and analyse big data generated within their businesses, the answer could already be there. An effective, data-driven business environment (with the worker at its center), has its IT systems closely aligned to business objectives allowing for more agile collaboration, monitoring and ...

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  • VMware NSX and Intel Webinar

    Videos // Sep 2016 // provided by VMware

    Download the VMware NSX and Intel webinar to discover the issues surrounding enterprise agility such as security, compliance and the role that VMware's NSX has to play. Everyone wants enterprise infrastructures to be agile, responsive and flexible. Watch now to understand why this is so important right now.

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  • Introducing Office 365

    Videos // Sep 2016 // provided by Singtel

    Office 365 offers new features, capabilities, and apps, to help boost productivity to an ever higher level. Find out how Singtel can add value to your Office 365 subscription.

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  • Video: Singtel OneOffice Solution

    Videos // Sep 2016 // provided by Singtel

    Businesses often grow at a fast paced rate, and this causes problems and challenges to arise more often. In this video you will learn the five Cs of running a successful business. These tips can help boost productivity, efficiency, and organisation, minimising disruptions and down time at work.

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  • 3 Key Things a Cloud Management Platform Should Offer

    Videos // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    VMWare's vRealize Suite is an enterprise-ready, cloud management platform that delivers the industry's most complete solution for managing a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud. Rory Choudhuri from VMWare talks us through the vRealize Suite and how it will scale to meet your business' needs.

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  • How to Deliver and Measure IT-as-a-Service

    Videos // May 2016 // provided by Symphony Summit

    This webinar hosted by a leading industry analyst from Tech Research Partners in conjunction with a senior member of Pitcher Partners covers the current best practices in process, management and measurement of IT Service Delivery in the market and how do you tackle a world where services are fungible and ...

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  • A Tale of Two Cities - Make the right choice of Software Defined Storage - IBM

    Videos // Feb 2016 // provided by IBM

    Like a city, your data center is full of moving parts – a network of systems that rely on one another. Making the right choice of software-defined storage solution can mean the difference between gridlock and a smooth transition to a more flexible infrastructure.

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