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  • Share your thoughts for a chance to win one of four $200 Amazon vouchers!

    Research // Mar 2016 // provided by ConnectWise

    The Survey The survey consists of 10 simple multiple choice questions and takes about five minutes to complete. The prize Readers completing the survey will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win an Amazon gift certificate worth $200 courtesy of sponsor Connectwise. Four (4) prize winners will be ...

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  • IT Budget Research: Where CXOs are placing their bets for 2017

    Research // Sep 2016 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    For the calendar and fiscal year 2017, it looks like the majority of IT budgets are larger than last year. In an online survey conducted by Tech Pro Research in July, 61% of respondents said their company’s budget will increase. Most in that category said the increase would be small, ...

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  • Forrester Total Economic Impact of Box

    Research // Jul 2016 // provided by Box

    Box commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Box’s enterprise content management (ECM) and collaboration platform. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial ...

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  • Solid-State Array TCO Reality Check

    Research // Jun 2016 // provided by NetApp, Inc.

    This Gartner study examines the TCO of adopting all flash arrays. For companies considering moving to an all-Flash data center, the paper outlines the power, space, and cooling savings, as well as the operational efficiencies afforded by Flash technology. No longer simply a performance initiative, Flash investments can pay for ...

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  • Normalization of Deviance in Information Technology

    Research // Apr 2016 // provided by TR Resource Library

    The rapid advancements in technology have simplified our lives to a great extent, but it has its own share of drawbacks. Successful Information Technology (IT) inventions demonstrate a perfect, man and technology symbiosis. Similarly, disasters are results of technological glitches and human blunders.

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  • Blockchain Technology in 2016

    Research // Apr 2016 // provided by TR Resource Library

    Blockchain technology is a record of digital transactions and events between different parties. The record or information cannot be erased once it has been entered, thereby permitting strangers to hold and exchange digital currency transparently. The speed at which the Blockchain technology or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has been explored ...

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  • Technology Trends in Healthcare in 2016

    Research // Apr 2016 // provided by TR Resource Library

    Technology is the order of the day, and the healthcare sector is also benefiting from the same. Collaboration and digitalization are the ways through which we make healthcare more accessible and manageable. In the recent years, technology has ensured that information is secure and automated, patient experience is improved, communications ...

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  • Cloud Data Protection? Ask The Tough Questions.

    Research // Feb 2016 // provided by Blue Coat Systems

    Lots of marketing claims are being made by Cloud Data Protection Gateway providers. It’s time for critical analysis. This Blue Coat paper reviews the key questions Security, Governance & Risk and IT should be asking vendors.

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  • Handbook - Learn to Lead Right

    Research // Apr 2015 // provided by Citrix Systems

    What makes a great leader? Don’t wait to become the leader you were born to be. "A leader provides the necessary framework and makes it available to employees so they can perform their tasks independently and efficiently." This handbook reveals the new meaning of leadership, exploring how you can better ...

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  • ZK Research 2014 - Best Practices for Building a Mobility Strategy

    Research // Sep 2014 // provided by Cisco Systems

    Granting you employees mobile access can have major business benefits. But realizing those benifits is no longer only about providing simple device access. Now it's about facilitating great user experiences, increasing productivity and maintaining the security of your business through it all. Download this new ZK Research white paper and ...

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