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  • Experience the Magic that Windows Server 2016 and ReFS Provide to YOUR Next Backup Repository

    Webcasts // Mar 2017 // provided by Veeam Software UK

    Advanced integration with Microsoft's ReFS 3.1 enables fast clone technology and the ability to create and transform synthetic full backup files up to 10x faster. There's no need to physically move data blocks, thus dramatically reducing load on backup storage. This spaceless full backup technology makes raw disk ...

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  • Laying the IT foundation for personalized medicine

    Webcasts // Feb 2017 // provided by Intel

    Personalized medicine is no longer a future fantasy—for some healthcare organizations, it’s a present reality for how they’re treating patients. As more genomic information comes into play in treating patients, more hospitals are looking for ways to incorporate personalized medicine into their existing healthcare delivery frameworks. Making that shift will ...

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  • Your Patients Are Demanding Precision: Are you Ready?

    Webcasts // Feb 2017 // provided by Intel

    The $1K genome is revolutionizing biomedical research right now and leading hospitals are quickly integrating genomic discoveries into clinical care. Cancer, pediatrics, rare diseases, pathogens, and drug responses are all being reshaped by genomics. Your patients have also woken up. They know about the ‘Metastatic Breast Cancer Project’, the ‘Cancer ...

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  • Breach Readiness Webinar: Next Generation of Incident Preparedness

    Webcasts // Nov 2016 // provided by FireEye

    Are you ready to handle a security breach? Russell Teague, Managing Director, Mandiant, will discuss what companies need to do to be breach-ready, and how being proactive in your incident preparedness is essential and could save you from devastating cost. Incident preparedness is more than ...

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  • Webinar: Office 365 business-driven provisioning deep dive

    Webcasts // Aug 2016 // provided by OKTA

    As we approach the fifth anniversary of the release of Office 365, many of the “easy” Office 365 migrations are done. Customers that are migrating to Office 365 now have much more complex requirements. Modern companies have to work around unique user access and governance challenges that may involve their ...

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  • On-Demand Webinar: Passive Detection Doesn't Work

    Webcasts // Aug 2016 // provided by FireEye

    In this webinar, we’ll look at the security ecosystem and some of the reasons why technologies that react to threat activity may not be adequate in this golden age of cyber threats. We’ll also discuss a few of the most important skill sets necessary to cultivate and why personnel and ...

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  • Why Cloud? Why Not Cloud?

    Webcasts // May 2016 // provided by Interactive Intelligence

    The contact centre is at the heart of numerous government departments, and as customer expectations change rapidly, so does the need to change service delivery models. So how would the move to a cloud architecture improve the ability to deliver these changes? Interactive Intelligence alongside CIO of NSW Fire & ...

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  • The Rise of Red Team Operations

    Webcasts // May 2016 // provided by FireEye

    How strong is your cyber security? Join Chris Truncer, Senior Consultant at Mandiant, a FireEye company, as he provides an introduction to Mandiant Red Team Operations. Learn how Mandiant can achieve a realistic assessment of the effectiveness of your cyber security by emulating the attacker tools, tactics and practices used ...

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  • 30 Days to Complete Business Process Visibility

    Webcasts // Apr 2016 // provided by QuickBase

    You can't fix what you can't measure.That's why achieving total visibility into your company's processes – both on their own and all together – is the key to business growth. But many process leaders spend hours and hours tracking down status updates and compiling data from myriad sources. Your ...

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  • Webinar: The Move to Mobile-Android and iOS Attacks

    Webcasts // Jan 2016 // provided by FireEye

    Cyber attacks that target mobile apps, such as Masque attacks, are on the rise—so much so that mobile is now the fastest growing threat vector to the enterprise. Get insights into a threat group that exploit using the iOS Masque attack, and be vigilant against cyber attacks on mobile ...

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