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  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    FTP Risk Advisor Tool

    By answering 12 questions, this online tool will provide you with a customized report with recommendations to remediate your FTP risk.

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  • White Papers // Apr 2013

    The future of email and application is social.

    This white paper examines the state of collaboration in today's enterprise and provides an IBM point of view on how collaboration will evolve, along with how Notes and Domino software will fit into the new collaboration equation.

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  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    Google Apps for Business - Simple, Proven, Transformative

    1-page overview of the benefits provided by Google Apps for Business. How Google Apps for Business helps users work better together while bringing you the benefits of pure cloud. Learn why 5 million businesses have gone to Google Apps for Business to lower costs and liberate IT. Download this quick...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2013

    IDC Report: The Future of eMail is Social

    This IDC white paper looks at the current state of enterprise email and perceived and real problems that surround its use. The paper discusses the changing nature of collaboration and work fueled by the social web by examining email trends and the emergence of new social collaboration tools. It reveals...

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  • White Papers // Mar 2013

    Anticipate, engage and deliver exceptional web experiences.

    IBM Customer Experience Suite and IBM Intranet Experience Suite help organizations delight customers through a consistently exceptional web experience and empower employees with the social business tools they need to drive better business results. IBM Customer Experience Suite features rich, integrated capabilities for managing web content, real-time social communications, robust...

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  • eBooks // Jan 2014

    Putting the Design in Responsive Design

    Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the predominant consumer choice, with adoption increasing daily as PC sales diminish in response.Designing your digital site for desktop or laptop, as well as tablets and smartphones within a single codebase, is called responsive design. The promise of responsive design? A single, digital site optimized...

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  • Webcasts // Mar 2014

    Live Webcast: How to Protect and Recover SharePoint Data

    Microsoft SharePoint is an amazingly popular solution for sharing and centralizing control over important business data. Join us as we talk about the value of virtualizing your SharePoint infrastructure and the benefits of using Veeam® Backup & Replication™ to protect the valuable data that resides in your SharePoint databases. ...

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  • White Papers // Jul 2013

    File Sharing: Risk or Remedy?

    Ever-increasing file sizes. Document-centric, complex collaboration needs. Two big reasons organizations are turning to cloud file sharing (CFS) as a lightweight but effective solution. Read this complimentary report and learn more about: Document-centric collaboration and how to complement your existing ECM ecosystem with CFM applications Feature...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2014

    Marketing in a World Without Cookies

    Modern marketers need a new way to connect closer with consumers by establishing the trust and understanding necessary to reach them with the right messages on the right channels at the right times - right away. This guide outlines three ways that permission-based marketing is overtaking traditional third-party cookies and...

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  • Podcasts // Feb 2014

    Using the IBM PureApplication System and patterns of expertise for consolidation, optimization, innovation and cloud acceleration

    IBM PureApplication System environments employ embedded patterns that deliver all of the expertise needed to deploy, manage and maintain an application. IT departments can save time and eliminate risk while gaining an efficient deployment option that ensures configuration consistency.

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  • White Papers // Mar 2013

    Systems with integrated expertise

    With expert integrated systems, you could consolidate workloads to reduce the total cost of ownership for your IT infrastructure. A new category of systems could help simplify your IT infrastructure, help you deliver new services more rapidly and add capacity cost-effectively.

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  • White Papers // Mar 2014

    Managing user identities and access in the cloud

    This document describes how IBM can help clients design, deploy and manage critical identity and access management controls within cloud environments. IBM is a trusted partner with the broad portfolio and comprehensive security strategy required to enable secure innovation.

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  • Webcasts // Feb 2013

    Managing Access Security in a Multi-Perimeter World

    Today’s multi-perimeter world of mobile, cloud, and social interactions has transformed the enterprise, exposing your web applications and data to numerous external threats. Organizations need a new integrated approach for securing the wide variety of enterprise and web resources from any device, any service and any source. Join IBM and...

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  • White Papers // Mar 2013

    Using IBM Social Business to Take Your Business Relationships to the Next Level: A Game Changer for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses.

    This IBM Redguide™ publication provides information about IBM Social Business and includes details about the business need and the value of transformation to a social business. It presents a high-level Social Business component diagram, highlights key capabilities, and includes customer case studies that exemplify how some of these capabilities can...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2014

    Forrester: Build A Better Business Case for Unified Communications

    This report outlines Forrester's solution for IT infrastructure and operations professionals who are building out communications and collaboration infrastructure. Download this report now to learn how Shoretel helps you define and build the business case for Unified Communications.

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  • White Papers // Mar 2014

    Protect people, processes and technology from web application threats

    Incidents of web application security breaches that result in data theft are growing in frequency and severity, making it critical for organizations to take immediate steps to examine the security measures they have in place, assess vulnerabilities and act to protect the business.

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  • White Papers // Sep 2013

    Accelerating VDI Solutions for Modern Business with IBM PureFlex and IBM Flex System

    IBM’s SmartCloud VDI solution lev-erages the IBM PureFlex and Flex System portfolio, Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure prod-ucts and the company’s design/deploy services to deliver reliable, powerful and secure managed desktop infrastructures.

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  • White Papers // Dec 2013

    Digital Front Office:Delivering Better Customer Service

    How can you reduce costs and improve customer experiences at the same time? Enterprise content management is the key. With the right solution in place, you can transform the way you do business, providing digital self-service access to transactional content in the formats that match the needs of your customers....

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  • White Papers // Mar 2014

    InfoWorld Report: From Silos to Optimised Infrastructure Management

    This report discusses the challenges IT teams face managing traditional and newer technologies and the impact of silo performance views on their ability to deliver business objectives: Best Practices to "tear down" silos Cloud, big data, mobility and collaboration adoption guidelines 4 steps for achieving a unified view...

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  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    Research - Google Apps ranked #1 by Radicati

    The Radicati Group has done some homework for companies choosing a cloud business email provider. In a report entitled “Cloud Business Email - Market Quadrant 2013”, the firm ranks Google Apps for Business ahead of all other players. A summary of Radicati’s findings can be downloaded here. Download this quick...

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  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    Forrester Study - Total Economic Impact of Google Apps

    For companies considering switching to Google Apps from a traditional, on-premise environment for messaging and collaboration, this Forrester Study shows that Google Apps can reduce IT costs while offering even greater gains in employee productivity. Download this quick synopsis to find out more.

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  • White Papers // Apr 2014

    Mobile Application Management with XenMobile and the Worx App SDK

    Discover how Citrix XenMobile addresses the unique challenges posed by native mobile applications and enables IT to securely deliver them to any device.

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  • Videos // Apr 2014

    Engage, Empower and WIN customers by Making First the Mile Smarter with Kofax

    A video that will give you insights on how Kofax helps organisations to increase their responsiveness to customers and put emphasis on the need for a mobile application strategy. Watch this short video now to see how Kofax helped organisations grow their businesses while reducing operating costs.

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  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    Driving Enterprise Transformation with Box and Office 365

    Today, there is a gap growing between the expectations of end-users for simple, effortless apps in the workplace and the requirements of IT to protect content with enterprise-grade security. To cope with these conflicting trends, many organizations are now investing in an ecosystem of cloud applications and services. This is...

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  • Webcasts // Apr 2014

    Live Webcast: How to Simplify Deployment of Google Apps and Office 365

    Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 each has its own vast ecosystem, from email to office applications to identity management. Google would prefer you live entirely in the Google environment, while Microsoft would prefer you live entirely in its Exchange/Office 365/Active Directory infrastructure. You are likely using a combination of...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2014

    10 Things Every Web Application Firewall Should Provide

    With network security solutions failing to stop modern threats such as web attacks, business logic threats and online fraud, web application firewalls (WAFs) have become the central platform for protecting applications. WAFs are designed to secure applications against the ongoing barrage of cybercriminals, hacktivists and state-sponsored hackers. However, not all...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2014

    What Next Generation Firewalls Miss: 6 Requirements to Protect Web Applications

    Web applications are inherently insecure. Most businesses rely on network security solutions like intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) to keep hackers at bay. These solutions, however, do not provide the accuracy, the granularity or the breadth of protection required to stop all web-based attacks. This white paper...

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  • Downloads // Feb 2005

    Create a site for e-commerce with PHP, MySQL, and PayPal

    This how-to article offers step-by-step instructions for adding e-commerce capabilities to your existing Web site using PHP, MySQL, and PayPal. The method outlined here lets you add e-business functionality to your corporate portal without a major allocation of scarce development resources.

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Case Studies // Nov 2013

    Conversations on the Future of Business: Customer Centricity

    GameStop’s Four Lessons on the Customer Experience Organizations must put consumers at the forefront of everything they do. From customer service, to product development, to sales and marketing, “customer centricity” is the main objective. Video game retailer GameStop has always consistently been at the cutting edge of customer-centric strategy....

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  • Tools & Templates // Aug 2002

    Sample project proposal template

    Being able to quickly explain the potential benefits of an added Web site feature can help a consultant address a client's concerns over a project's importance. This project proposal sheet will help persuade your clients to take the plunge.

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  • Webcasts // Nov 2013

    Video - Conversations on the Future of Business: Customer Centricity

    Organizations must put consumers at the forefront of everything they do. From customer service, to product development, to sales and marketing, “customer centricity” is the main objective. Video game retailer GameStop has always consistently been at the cutting edge of customer-centric strategy. From its innovative customer loyalty program to its...

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  • White Papers // Mar 2010

    10 Security Concerns for Cloud Computing

    The flexibility, reduced cost, and mobility of cloud computing have made the concept a hot topic. Before implementing this method of computing, however, it is important to consider the security of the "cloud." In this white paper, you will learn some of the risks and benefits of cloud computing to...

    Provided By Global Knowledge

  • White Papers // Dec 2013

    Whitepaper: UC and Collaboration Adoption by Business Leads to Real Benefits

    Most businesses are thinking about deploying a wide array of collaboration features - from VoIP to collaboration platforms and even WebRTC clients - and better than 80% of those companies are realizing real business benefit. To better understand the adoption of the latest collaboration technology, Forrester Consulting has surveyed buyers...

    Provided By Cisco

  • White Papers // Nov 2013

    Overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    AWS is a comprehensive cloud services platform that offers compute power, storage, content delivery, and other functionality that organizations can use to deploy applications and services cost-effectively with flexibility, scalability, and reliability. AWS self-service means that you can pro-actively address your internal plans and react to external demands when you...

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  • Podcasts // Oct 2013

    Come visualize the future with Many Eyes

    Learn how you can join IBM Many Eyes – a thriving, growing community to generate and share visualizations.

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  • White Papers // Aug 2011

    Gartner Report: Integration Platform as a Service: Moving Integration to the Cloud

    The explosive growth of cloud computing has fueled the need to integrate Cloud applications with each other and with applications that continue to reside on premise. Traditional integration approaches are evolving into more functionally complete offerings called integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions. Learn more about this technology and...

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  • Downloads // Jul 2002

    The XCopy Tool HTML application

    This download uses VBScript and the Windows Script Host to allow you to run the XCopy command from within the Windows user interface.

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  • White Papers // Nov 2012

    Device-to-Device Collaboration through Distributed Storage

    Video is the main driver for the inexorable increase in wireless data traffic. In this paper the authors analyze a new architecture in which Device-to-Device (D2D) communications is used to drastically increase the capacity of cellular networks for video transmission. Users cache popular video files and after receiving requests from...

    Provided By Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • Tools & Templates // Sep 2010

    Cisco TelePresence Calculator: Save Money and Reduce Your Carbon Imprint

    Learn how TelePresence can help pay for itself, while lowering greenhouse gas. Use this calculator to answer these two questions: How much greenhouse gas can Cisco TelePresence help me avoid?How long does it take for Cisco TelePresence to pay for itself?

    Provided By TANDBERG, now part of Cisco

  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    The Truth About Online Trust

    Trust is a fundamental currency on the web. At one level, building trust is a simple balanced equation: higher levels of trust on one side = more trusting users willing to complete interactions and transactions on the other. This White Paper discusses how to make the most of the opportunity...

    Provided By Symantec