Cloud services -- whether SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS -- are the IT investment of choice in today's "do more with less" market. Get the latest thought leadership and expert guidance here.

  • UCaaS Solutions Brochure

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Windstream Communications

    Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) from Windstream is a robust, sophisticated solution on a single unified platform hosted in an enterprise-class data center and accessible through the cloud. With a customized UCaaS solution, we manage your communications needs and tools—like instant messaging, presence management, mobility solutions, web and video ...

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  • Gartner Paper: Cloud Computing Deployments Should Begin With Service Definition

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Riverbed

    Infrastructure and operations leaders often struggle to understand the role of cloud computing and to develop strategies that exploit its potential. I&O leaders should complete the prerequisites before making the technology decisions required for successful, service-centered cloud computing strategies. Recommendations: Identify the cloud-computing-related IT services you will ...

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  • The 4 Stages of Cloud Adoption

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Riverbed

    This eBook gives you practical guidance to help you through the four stages of cloud adoption: Stage 1: Assess. Prioritize apps and services to move to the cloud based on the business case. Develop a clear understanding of the technical effort and cloud resources required. Stage 2: ...

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  • How Performance Management Maturity Drives Business Agility and Innovation

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Riverbed

    Applications underpin today’s cloud and digital transformation initiatives. As a result, it’s imperative for modern IT organizations to implement a holistic, expert approach to managing applications for maximum performance and optimal business execution. Read this insights paper from ESG and Riverbed to discover: How performance management expertise drives ...

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  • CIO Marketing Services: Optimizing Your Hybrid Cloud

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Riverbed

    Enterprises are increasingly going hybrid – creating an infrastructure with both internal data centers and external cloud resources. The key question then becomes: How can IT optimize this hybrid infrastructure to achieve business goals without straining IT? Read this white paper from Riverbed and CIO Marketing Services to explore: ...

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  • Maximizing your Data Lake with a Cloud or Hybrid Approach (Knowledge Brief)

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by IBM

    Companies today increasingly look for ways to house multiple disparate forms of data under the same roof, maintaining original integrity and attributes. Enter the Hadoop-based data lake. While a traditional on-premise data lake might address the immediate needs for scalability and flexibility, research suggests that it may fall short in ...

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  • Report: The Future of the Finance Function.

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Workday

    This complimentary report, sponsored by Workday, provides expert insight from more than 750 senior finance professionals worldwide. The report explores the challenging market conditions facing the CFO function. And the results reveal many thought-provoking insights into the attitudes of finance professionals. In particular their need to ...

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  • Webinar: Make Finance Transformation Happen

    Webcasts // May 2017 // provided by Workday

    The recent ICAEW webinar, "The Future of Finance: What Does Successful Transformation Look Like?" reveals how you can reduce costs and improve efficiency, using technology built for today's vision of finance. Watch as experts from the ICAEW, Workday, PwC and King explore: Finance transformation: Why it's ...

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  • Data Protection in The Cloud

    Webcasts // May 2017 // provided by keepITsafe

    The last 12 months saw a material change in the way businesses utilize the cloud as a means of increasing productivity, protecting data, and maintaining business availability. With the rapid adoption of cloud security technologies, 2016 was a year filled with new mandates, shifts in how to do ...

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  • 7 Key Requirements for a Modern ADC

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Citrix

    Applications are critical to run your business, and digital business transformation is changing the way they are built, deployed, and managed. Today, your applications do not just live in the data center, they're in the cloud and in DevOps environments too. This makes it critical for you to ...

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