Cloud services -- whether SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS -- are the IT investment of choice in today's "do more with less" market. Get the latest thought leadership and expert guidance here.

  • The Big Shift to Cloud-Based Security

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by Qualys/SF

    As a mid-sized or smaller organization, there is a lure of feeling safety in obscurity. “We’re too small to be a target for cyber attacks” is a common refrain used to justify a lax network security posture. Unfortunately, it’s a refrain that may come to haunt you. The truth is ...

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  • The Six Essential Elements of Web Application Security

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by Qualys/SF

    When web applications are breached, enormous amounts of sensitive business data can be lost. According to Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report, web application attacks more than doubled in 2013 to become the #1 cause of security incidents.

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  • A CIO’s Guide: Five Steps to Business Agility

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by CA Technologies

    Organizations are moving toward creating greater agility for their businesses. It’s a big effort, but you will reap the rewards. In fact, you’ll see real business results even when you complete just the first step. This paper will help you identify steps to transform your organization and increase business agility, ...

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  • CA Agile Central

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by CA Technologies

    This whitepaper explores how with CA Agile Central, you can build the best software and systems at enterprise scale. Prioritize, plan, track and improve development work so you can build and deliver software with speed, quality and efficiency. Use our enterprise-class SaaS platform to see progress, roadblocks and dependencies across ...

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  • Beyond the Hype: How to Avoid Common IoT Monetization Mistakes

    Webcasts // Dec 2016 // provided by GoTransverse

    The Internet of Things (IoT) can create exciting new business opportunities for those companies that can properly monetize them. However, many businesses are having difficulty due to serious obstacles such as technical complexity, lack of experience, security concerns and the disruption of existing processes. As a result, some organizations are ...

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  • IDC Video: IoT: What's Hot, What's Not, & What's Next

    Videos // Dec 2016 // provided by Intel

    IDC’s Charles Reed Anderson, VP of IoT and Mobility Practice in Asia Pacific, shares his assessment on the state of IoT and his vision for its proliferation in the region. Watch this webinar to understand which technologies, solutions and strategies are driving the IoT industry in Asia Pacific and the ...

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  • Webcast: Making Public Clouds and On-Premises Work Together

    Webcasts // Dec 2016 // provided by Oracle

    Many large enterprises struggle to decide which workloads and systems should be deployed in the public cloud versus on premise. With a strong on-premises platform in place, organizations benefit from increased reliability, speed, and security. On the other hand, by leveraging the public cloud, they gain increased flexibility and recovery ...

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  • Five Strategies for Coping with the Complexity of the V12N/Cloud Stack

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by Oracle

    Get this checklist, developed from Aberdeen Group's analysis of over 1,000 enterprises, 40 solutions providers, 336 technologies and over 66,000 installations, providing insights into the realities of complexity, costs, and risk associated with the virtualization and "cloud computing" technology stack.

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  • The CIO’s Guide to DevOps

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by Puppet Labs

    You've heard about DevOps and digital transformation. What do they have to do with you, the CIO? How can you make sure your organization is not just current, but staying truly competitive? Download the whitepaper to learn more about: What DevOps actually means, and how it makes a ...

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  • Cloud and the Enterprise

    White Papers // Dec 2016 // provided by Puppet Labs

    Enterprise companies turn to the cloud for lots of reasons. Whatever you think you may need from the cloud — and whatever concerns and reservations you may have — others have been there. This ebook shows you some real-world stories from Puppet customers using the cloud for development environments, ...

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