Using the latest vendor white papers, learn how to use unified comms, social business and project management to get more accomplished.

  • White Papers // May 2015

    IDC Analys: Delivering Enterprise Value with Service Management

    Leading technology research firm, IDC, reports customers using ServiceNow’s suite of cloud-based service management solutions are seeing substantial savings and business value for both their IT and business operations. Download this report to learn how ServiceNow is making employees more productive and IT & business processes more efficient by reducing...

    Provided By ServiceNow

  • White Papers // May 2015

    Equinix Increases IT and Employee Productivity with ServiceNow Cloud-Based IT Service Automation Solution

    The day-to-day benefits of cloud-based service automation are well-documented. But what can be harder to ascertain is the quantitative benefits, the money saved, and the impact on the company’s bottom line. IDC and Equinix teamed up to crystallize the benefits of true economic benefits of ServiceNow’s IT service automation. Download...

    Provided By ServiceNow

  • White Papers // Jun 2015

    The Rise Of The Distractions (ES)

    As workplace interruptions increase, can productivity be saved? With so many office distractions, you need technology that makes every hour in the office more productive. With the fastest first page out from sleep, the new HP LaserJets make waiting at the printer so 2014.

    Provided By Hewlett-Packard (HP)

  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    5 Ways Sustainability Can Boost Your Business

    Green is good. For the environment, and for your company. So look over these different ways you can make energy conservation a larger part of your organisation. You’ll reduce operating costs and your overall carbon footprint...

    Provided By Hewlett-Packard (HP)

  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    White paper: Application Server TCO comparison: WebSphere vs JBoss

    The JEE Application Server markets continue to expand and adapt to multiple market factors including increased demands for uptime, lower total cost of ownership, ease of administration, enhancements and innovations within the Java runtimes, and stronger competition between commercial and open source vendors. These factors are all playing their part...

    Provided By IBM

  • Webcasts // Apr 2015

    Real Experiences: Transforming Application Delivery for Continuous Innovation

    Key Takeaways: Learn from real experiences in transforming large organizations for increased speed and quality using a DevOps approach. Explore the characteristics and behavior of fast-moving companies, based on hundreds of assessments, interviews and implementations. Begin a self-assessment designed to give you a better understanding of your organization's readiness and...

    Provided By IBM

  • eBooks // Apr 2015

    Agile for Dummies

    Confused by all the agile advice? Relax! With Agile For Dummies by your side you'll learn the fundamentals of agile and how to increase the productivity of your software teams while enabling them to produce higher-quality solutions that better fulfill customer needs much faster.

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Nov 2002

    Calendaring and Group Scheduling With MDaemon Calendar

    When it comes to calendaring and group scheduling, many small and mid-sized enterprises operate very close to the desk and wall calendar era. This results from the scarcity of practical, serviceable group software available at modest prices. With its integrated calendaring and scheduling capacities, the MDaemon email server supplies useful...

    Provided By Alt-N Technologies

  • Related Offers // Feb 2004

    Office Professional 2003 Evaluation Kit

    Microsoft? Office Professional 2003 provides familiar, easy-to-use applications for document authoring, analysis, information gathering, presentation, and communication. Simplify the use of information into business processes, dramatically improve e-mail and calendar use, integrate collaboration into the way your employees work, and enable the protection and control of sensitive business information. ...

    Provided By Microsoft

  • Related Offers // Sep 2004

    Get the Message: Surviving the Email Security Crisis

    Learn how your company can manage the startling growth in email volume and withstand the massive flood of spam, viruses, and fraud that threaten your email communication system. Order your free copy of the book today.

    Provided By IronPort Systems

  • Related Offers // Jan 2005

    Free Email Compliance Reference Guide

    For help with Email Compliance this book rules. This FREE guide provides pertinent insight into the challenges posed by email compliance regulations. It's the perfect starting point for anyone who needs to ensure compliancy and minimize legal risks. To order your free copy of the EMAIL COMPLIANCE QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE...

    Provided By IronPort Systems

  • White Papers // Aug 2003

    SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange Best Practices

    This paper is intended to be a best practice guide and is for experienced Microsoft Exchange administrators who have read the Network Appliance SnapDrive and SnapManager for Exchange installation and administration guides. Readers of this best practice guide should have a solid understanding of the Exchange storage architecture and Exchange...

    Provided By NetApp

  • Downloads // Jan 2006

    Create Active Directory users and Exchange mailboxes from a CSV file with VBScript

    This VBScript will create Active Directory users and Exchange accounts from a CSV file. Creating users and Exchange accounts can be tedious, especially when user information already resides in your company's HR system. Instead of manually creating an Active Directory user and Exchange account, you can use a script...

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Downloads // Apr 2005

    Tutorial: Creating and distributing custom forms with Outlook

    Although they're often overlooked, Outlook's custom form design features make it simple to add functionality and make Outlook a more valuable collaborative tool within your organization. Here's a rundown of how to add controls and fields to create a customized version of any of Outlook's default forms.Join the discussion...

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Downloads // Jun 2005

    Educate your users about e-mail safety with this PowerPoint presentation

    While e-mail has become a mission-critical business application, it has also become a vehicle for scams and viruses. One of the most important aspects of e-mail security is user education. This PowerPoint presentation by Joshua Hoskins entitled "Practice e-mail safety" provides IT professionals with a slide show that they can...

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • White Papers // Feb 2007

    Connect Filter Web Parts to Excel Web Access

    Similar to other Web Parts that enable connections, a user can use Filter Web Parts to pass values to the Microsoft Office Excel Web Access Web Part, and then change the view of data in the workbook based on the value. For example, the user can select from a list...

    Provided By Microsoft

  • Downloads // Mar 2009

    10+ Microsoft Office add-ins to simplify your work

    The right add-in can provide helpful features and make existing Office capabilities easier to use. Susan Harkins has rounded up a selection of handy add-ins for various Office applications.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Susan Harkins

  • Case Studies // Jan 2009

    Lotus Notes to Microsoft InfoPath Forms Conversion

    The Client had a large number of Lotus Notes forms created over the last decade. The forms were a critical part of their global business with workflow and approval process dependencies. These forms were primarily available only via the Lotus Notes client and was not available via the browser. This...

    Provided By Converge Point

  • Case Studies // Oct 2008

    Implementing AXIGEN Mail Server at McCormick Philippines, Inc.

    Established in 1992, McCormick Philippines, Inc. manufactures and markets spices, seasoning and flavor and specialty food. McCormick Philippines initially used the Postfix email server for their electronic mail. The decision to look for a new messaging solution mainly came as a result of the company's pressing needs to solve and...


  • Webcasts // Oct 2008

    Easy and Affordable Document Management for Microsoft Office 2007

    Many organizations believe that document management is not only too expensive, but also difficult to understand and use. As a result, document management implementations have often been limited to single departments. A document management solution from EMC enables to collect, organizes, manage, and deliver valuable business information directly from any...

    Provided By EMC

  • Downloads // Aug 2007

    How do I... Dynamically fill Microsoft Word fields using Access data?

    Each Microsoft Office application specializes in a specific job. Word lets you create and edit documents and Excel analyzes your data. Storing data is Access' claim to fame. Fortunately, Office applications share data easily. Perhaps you want to filter Access data based on the contents of a Word field. That...

    Provided By Susan Harkins

  • Webcasts // Oct 2007

    Automate Your Org Charts With Visio

    Creating, storing, and updating organizational charts can be a time-consuming task, especially in today's fast-paced, fast-growing organizations. Microsoft Office Visio 2003 makes it easy to pull the information users need directly from their database and put together an org chart. Then, when things change, users can update it with just...

    Provided By Microsoft

  • Downloads // Apr 2008

    10+ tips for using Word's Track Changes feature for collaborative editing

    Editing is a tough job and not many of us do it well. Most likely, you'll want others to review important letters and reports to suggest changes and catch errors. Thanks to Word's Track Changes feature, keeping up with all those changes and comments is a relatively simple task. Office...

    Provided By Susan Harkins

  • White Papers // May 2007

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Best Practices Guide

    Corporate messaging has become mission critical in nearly all organizations. Along with this critical importance come additional constraints for information technology organizations. Not only do they have to deal with requests for increased user mailbox sizes and additional users, they need to ensure high availability for their messaging infrastructure while...

    Provided By NetApp

  • Downloads // Oct 2007

    How do I... Sync SharePoint lists with Outlook 2007?

    One of the benefits of deploying Office 2007 in addition to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is the ability to sync SharePoint lists, like tasks and events, with Outlook. This is a great way for mobile users to take these items offline.In Office 2003, you can only read SharePoint lists,...

    Provided By Tiffany Songvilay

  • Downloads // Jan 2008

    How do I... Transfer data from a Word form to an Access database?

    Although Access forms are powerful interface objects, your users might not be familiar with them. However, your users may be very familiar with Word forms. Susan Sales Harkins shows you how to use a Word form to collect data and then transfer that data to an Access table. The technique...

    Provided By Susan Harkins

  • Book chapters // Feb 2005

    SharePoint User's Guide: Working With Sites and Workspaces

    To understand the power of Windows SharePoint Services, the user must first understand how SharePoint sites organize and access content. A SharePoint site is a web site that creates the base structure for everything the user does with Windows SharePoint Services. SharePoint sites provide the user with the ability to...

    Provided By O'Reilly Media

  • White Papers // Nov 2007

    A Quantitative Comparison of High Efficiency AC vs. DC Power Distribution for Data Centers

    This paper presents a detailed quantitative efficiency comparison between the most efficient DC and AC power distribution methods, including an analysis of the effects of power distribution efficiency on the cooling power requirement and on total electrical consumption. The latest high efficiency AC and DC power distribution architectures are shown...

    Provided By APC by Schneider Electric

  • Downloads // Jul 2008

    Send mail with eSMTP for a simple, single-user system

    Programs like Sendmail or Postfix work great for multi-user systems or servers, but this setup may be more complex than you need for a single-user desktop system. Vincent Danen introduces you to eSMTP, which is a more lightweight mail solution, but that also allows per-user configuration files, making it useful...

    Provided By Vincent Danen

  • Webcasts // Sep 2009

    Reduce TCO by Integrating Fax Servers with Existing Business Applications

    Mission critical business applications such as ERP, Document Management and Workflow applications can be integrated with fax servers to automate end-to-end business processes for improved productivity and reduced TCO. In addition, your organization can meet compliance regulations such as HIPPA and Graham Leach Bliley Act by automating the flow of...

    Provided By Instant InfoSystems

  • Webcasts // Sep 2009

    Assessing the Migration to Exchange 2010

    Thinking about migrating to Exchange 2010? Overwhelmed by the complexity of messaging environments? Concerned about that fact that e-mail migrations are risky and can generate numerous support calls, or even worse - email failure? Are you asking yourself these questions: How can I be sure I've migrated everything?...

    Provided By Dell Software

  • Downloads // Aug 2009

    OneNote 2010 includes numerous improvements

    The upcoming new version of OneNote 2010 offers assorted enhancements, including its own Ribbon interface, page versioning, and handy shortcut menus. Here's a quick tour of what you can expect.This download is also available as an entry in our Microsoft Office blog.

    Provided By Derek Schauland

  • Webcasts // Sep 2009

    Save Money With Cloud Computing and Google Apps

    On demand version of this webinar. Google Apps offers simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools for enterprises of any size in business, education, or government - all hosted by Google to streamline setup.

    Provided By Google

  • Webcasts // Sep 2009

    Geek Out on The Technical Details of a Google Apps Migration

    On demand version of this webinar. Featured speakers included Googlers Jim Copeland, Dan Kennedy, Marcello Pedersen. Overview: Whether you're actively considering Google Apps as part of your next generation messaging strategy or just learning about cloud computing, this webcast will provide IT professionals with the knowledge you need to answer...

    Provided By Google

  • White Papers // Aug 2009

    Common Hoaxes and Chain Letters: Volume 1

    This is a listing of hoaxes and chain letters that are commonly reported right now, though it might be expanded to include more varied material, as time allows. Not all hoaxes are chain letters, of course. Come to that, not all chain letters are hoaxes, either, but it's rarely a...

    Provided By Eset

  • White Papers // Aug 2009

    HIPAA and Beyond: An Update on Healthcare Security Regulations for Email

    Healthcare regulations for IT security ? such as HIPAA and the new HITECH provisions of HIPAA ? are now broader than ever. And they apply not just to healthcare organizations, but to their business partners, as well. Learn about new provisions of the US economic stimulus legislation (ARRA) and...

    Provided By Proofpoint

  • White Papers // Aug 2009

    Outbound Email and Data Loss Prevention in Today's Enterprise, 2009

    This paper summarizes the findings of Proofpoint's sixth annual survey of enterprise attitudes about outbound email, content security and data protection. Its goal is to "take the pulse" of IT decision-makers with respect to outbound messaging and data loss issues and to help raise awareness of the policy, technology and...

    Provided By Proofpoint

  • White Papers // Sep 2009

    Google Message Security: Protect Your Email Infrastructure From Spam and Viruses; Easily Set and Manage Usage Policies

    Google Message Security automatically enforces email security policies to help assure legal and regulatory compliance for both inbound and outbound email across organization. The service also provides a convenient web console for administration, enabling real-time configuration and policy modifications, monitoring, and alerting, as well as comprehensive reporting for administrators. Define...

    Provided By Google

  • White Papers // Sep 2009

    Mobile email - lead balloon or silver bullet?

    HOW CAN MOBILE EMAIL HELP TO CONVERT DOWNTIME INTO PRODUCTIVE TIME? Mobile email is a simple idea with far-reaching business implications. This Vodafone white paper explains what mobile email has to offer, and outlines two very successful implementations.

    Provided By Vodafone

  • Downloads // Aug 2009

    10 things you should know about Microsoft Office Live Workspace

    If you need to store and share Office documents - but you don't want the cost or overhead of a technology such as SharePoint - Office Live Workspace may be the answer. Deb Shinder offers a look at this free solution.This download is also available as an entry in...

    Provided By Deb Shinder