Using the latest vendor white papers, learn how to use unified comms, social business and project management to get more accomplished.

  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    Next-Gen Security

    SSL decryption and inspection keeps attackers away from your data and out of your network. Choose security offerings that can mitigate the most risks. A good NGFW lets you block SSL-encrypted attacks as they happen.

    Provided By Dell Software

  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    NSA Series Data Sheet

    Now your organization can be both secure and productive without compromising network performance. The Dell™ SonicWALL™ Network Security Appliance (NSA) Series is the one of the most secure, highest performing next-generation firewall lines.

    Provided By Dell Software

  • White Papers // Dec 2014

    University Cuts $1 Million in Annual Travel Costs

    At the University of Notre Dame, faculty and staff use Cisco WebEx™ products to collaborate with colleagues, to communicate with overseas students, and to reduce travel costs. Notre Dame administrators cite WebEx’s cross-platform support and ease of use as the primary reasons it’s become so popular among instructors and students....

    Provided By Cisco Systems

  • eBooks // Aug 2014

    EMC Infoarchive eBook

    Download this eBook to learn how to make archiving an enterprise advantage. This eBook looks at how traditional methods of archiving have become inadequate when confronted with the need to preserve huge quantities of both structured and unstructured data. It also shows how EMC provides a unified approach to reduce...

    Provided By EMC

  • Podcasts // Dec 2014

    Webinar: How Zerox Leverages User Activity Monitoring

    Learn how Xerox has taken a new approach to improve information security by leveraging user activity monitoring. Join Arvo Bowen for a live webcast on January 21 at 11am EST. See how Xerox identifies user-based risks before they become a security incident.

    Provided By ObserveIT

  • White Papers // Oct 2014

    Infographic: Customers Have Changed the Way They Interact. Has your Contact Centre?

    Customers now communicate across multiple emerging channels and devices. This isn’t a vision of the future – it’s happening right now. The research shows that customers have and are in love with the technology. What’s more, their preferences are becoming well established, so if you are not accessible in...

    Provided By Cisco

  • eBooks // Dec 2014

    Connected Employees. Unstoppable Productivity.

    Your customers are embracing mobility like never before. More than ever, they need tools to help users collaborate effectively anytime, anywhere—in a way that doesn’t burden IT. Introducing HP Flex-Bundles for Unified Communication and Collaboration with Microsoft® Lync®, the all-in-one package that helps your customers enable better teamwork, boosting productivity...

    Provided By Hewlett-Packard & Intel®

  • White Papers // Mar 2014

    Finding agility in the age of applications

    Bringing it all together: the complete application lifecycle. This white paper illustrates how Agile helps application teams deliver higher-quality software faster. Learn how Agile encourages collaboration between application and business teams. Assisting by providing software development and deployment solutions that are more closely aligned with business requirements and help to...

    Provided By Planit

  • White Papers // Nov 2014

    Deploying Enterprise Applications Across Hybrid Cloud

    This video explores how enterprises can easily deploy and manage application patterns across hybrid cloud with the same pre-integrated and automated application platform on both on and off-premises. Download now!

    Provided By IBM SEA

  • Downloads // Jan 2006

    Troubleshoot 10 common Exchange problems with these expert answers

    This list outlines 10 common Exchange problems and solutions. This handy two-page list outlines 10 familiar Exchange problems and an assortment of solutions. From user access errors to mail delivery problems, this list is great quick reference for every Exchange administrator.Here's a sample:Number 1: Users cannot access server. -...

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • White Papers // Apr 2010

    A VB.NET Utility to Transfer Multiple Data Files Between SAS and Microsoft Access/Excel by Automatically Generating SAS Import/Export Statements

    A VB.NET utility was developed to automate the process of converting data files between SAS and Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel using point-and-click in the Windows environment. It saves time and avoids mistakes by automatically generating SAS import/export statements. This utility illustrates an easier and faster production application development in...

    Provided By SAS Institute

  • Webcasts // Oct 2014

    On-demand Webcast: Centrify and Dropbox for secure collaboration

    Dropbox for Business lets organizations better access and control company data, with admin features that make it easy to deploy, provision, and manage effectively. Centrify offers an easy-to-deploy cloud service that delivers the industry's most comprehensive solution for Active Directory-based single sign-on, access control, and mobile device management for thousands...

    Provided By Centrify

  • Tools & Templates // Nov 2007

    Intranet Policy

    The Intranet policy states that all information on the intranet is the company's property; all employees who use the intranet are required to follow this policy, all other relevant company policies (e.g., harassment, nonsolicitation, and respect for dignity), and all applicable laws (e.g., copyright, discrimination). Employees assume all responsibility for...

    Provided By Business & Legal Reports

  • Downloads // Dec 2011

    Google+: The Missing Manual chapter excerpt

    Our friends at O'Reilly Publishing have provided TechRepublic a free chapter from Kevin Purdy's book, Google+: The Missing Manual. The chapter explores Google+ Hangouts. Learning the ins and outs of Google+ Hangouts could give you a head start on an innovation that could be commonplace before your know it.

    Provided By Mark W. Kaelin

  • White Papers // Aug 2009

    Flodro 4.0: Spreadsheets Based Flood Frequency Analysis Computer Package

    A computer package for flood frequency analysis, based on the application of common use spreadsheets framework provided by Excel (Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, Inc.), is presented using several probability distribution functions. The computer package addresses the issues of model parameter estimation by the Methods Of Moments...

    Provided By University of the Americas Puebla

  • Book chapters // Aug 2006

    CCNA 1 Labs and Study Guide: Networking Basics

    Boost your understanding of networking basics and prepare for CCNA 1 course assessments with this chapter from Networking Basics CCNA 1 Labs and Study Guide, the revised and only authorized labs and study guide for the Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA 1 curriculum. In the study guide section, test...

    Provided By Cisco Press

  • Downloads // Nov 2010

    10 reasons why Microsoft Office 365 rocks

    Office 365 is bringing together Microsoft's various online productivity tools, from email to Web Apps to communications services. Deb Shinder explains why she thinks this suite is a winner.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Deb Shinder

  • Downloads // Jan 2008

    How do I... Transfer data from a Word form to an Access database?

    Although Access forms are powerful interface objects, your users might not be familiar with them. However, your users may be very familiar with Word forms. Susan Sales Harkins shows you how to use a Word form to collect data and then transfer that data to an Access table. The technique...

    Provided By Susan Harkins

  • Tools & Templates // Sep 2010

    Multi-scenario savings calculator

    Regardless of what you're saving up for, a worksheet with relevant calculations will help you stay on top of your plan. Walk through this technique to create your own calculator -- or just use this ready-made tool.The article portion of this download is also available as an entry in...

    Provided By Susan Harkins

  • Downloads // Jun 2007

    Price comparison: Zimbra vs. Exchange

    Get a detailed look at how the cost of implementing Zimbra compares to the cost of using Exchange. This worksheet looks at base OS cost, base application cost, total user cost, total upfront cost, and additional yearly cost -- as well as total cost for one through five years.See "Introducing...

    Provided By Justin James

  • Downloads // Jul 2010

    10 ways Backstage view helps streamline tasks in Office 2010

    Office 2010 offers an improved, more logical interface for performing common file tasks. Here's a look at where various familiar features are located in Backstage view, along with a few brand new items.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Katherine Murray

  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    Forrester Study - Total Economic Impact of Google Apps

    For companies considering switching to Google Apps from a traditional, on-premise environment for messaging and collaboration, this Forrester Study shows that Google Apps can reduce IT costs while offering even greater gains in employee productivity. Download this quick synopsis to find out more.

    Provided By Google

  • White Papers // Nov 2014

    Bank on the Customer

    How customer-centric transformation can lead to deeper relationships, increased revenue and streamlined operations. Though the global economy is still sluggishly shaking off the effects of the near meltdown in 2008 and the ongoing sovereign debt crisis, banks in both the emerging and developed economies have as opportunity to manage enormous...

    Provided By IBM

  • Webcasts // Feb 2006

    TechNet Webcast: Using InfoPath With Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino (Level 200)

    Using Microsoft Office InfoPath, information workers can collect, present, edit, and publish data. XML is at the heart of InfoPath and gives it versatility. What some of them may not know is that many of the features of InfoPath enable it to work with IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus...

    Provided By Microsoft

  • Downloads // Nov 2013

    IBM Worklight Developer Edition

    IBM® Worklight is an open, comprehensive, and advanced mobile application platform that helps organizations extend their business to mobile devices. Try it today.

    Provided By IBM

  • Case Studies // Oct 2014

    Hildebrand - Harnessing Data Captured from the "Internet of Things" to Deliver Revolutionary New Services

    The Hildebrand Smart platform, built on IBM Informix technologies, captures and analyzes up to 300,000 time series data points per second, enabling real-time insight into big data. The Hildebrand Smart platform - built on IBM® Informix® and using Hildebrand’s unique machine learning extensions - captures, processes and analyzes big data...

    Provided By IBM

  • eBooks // Oct 2014

    Extreme File Transfer eBook

    Read this e-book from Aberdeen Group to learn about extreme file transfer, and discover the solutions that can help you send information faster, enable worldwide access, and automate workflows to drive seamless file transfer.

    Provided By IBM

  • Downloads // Oct 2010

    Microsoft Exchange 2010 Trial

    Free Trial of Microsoft Exchange 2010.

    Provided By Microsoft

  • White Papers // May 2014

    HP Takes World Record in Virtualization Performance for 4 Processors, 2 Nodes

    The new HP ProLiant DL560 Gen8 offers the ideal 4-processor dense form factor without compromising on performance as proved by the VMmark 2.1.1 world record benchmark result of 18.27 @18 tiles. Utilizing fewer disks drives than competitors, the ProLiant DL560 Gen8 offers customers enormous savings on power and rack real...

    Provided By HP and Intel®

  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    Why Threat Intelligence is Critical for Next Generation Firewalls

    A top-tier threat intelligence network is the foundation of an effective next-generation firewall (NGFW). This white paper examines three criteria for judging threat intelligence networks: completeness, accuracy and speed, and discusses how one such network works in practice.

    Provided By Dell Software

  • White Papers // Jul 2014

    The Future of Email and Applications is Social

    This white paper examines the state of collaboration in today's enterprise and provides an IBM point of view on how collaboration will evolve, along with how Notes and Domino software will fit into the new collaboration equation.

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Oct 2012

    The VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop

    Driven by both end-user desire and business value, IT organizations must increasingly be able to support multiple endpoint devices across their environments. From doctors to salespeople to service techs, many knowledge workers move from place to place to do their jobs, and they are more productive if they can take...

    Provided By VMware

  • White Papers // Jan 2011

    Principled Techologies - Total Cost Comparison: Vmware vSphere vs. Microsoft Hyper-V

    Total cost of ownership (TCO) is the ultimate measure when comparing IT infrastructure platforms. This Principled Technologies test report compares VMware vSphere® 5 and Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 R2 SP1 Hyper-V™ in several operational scenarios and details what you can expect from both platforms.

    Provided By VMware

  • White Papers // Dec 2009

    Protecting the Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010 Environment

    Since its debut in 1996, Trend Micro Scan Mail for Microsoft Exchange has seen many changes in email threats and scanning technologies. Scan Mail scanning software has always provided customers with a high-performance, low-administration solution that effectively keeps critical organizational email free of unwanted and malicious content in the face...

    Provided By Trend Micro

  • White Papers // Feb 2010

    Email Privacy 101

    The most fundamental principle of encryption is the secure exchange of secret keys between sender and receiver. This has been a challenge since the earliest systems invented by Julius Caesar and even more recently developed systems have struggled to overcome it elegantly. The key exchange has cracked this challenge. It...

    Provided By Trend Micro

  • White Papers // Aug 2009

    Virtualizing Email Gateway Security: Flexible, Cost-Effective Protection at the Email Gateway

    Virtualization initiatives have gained momentum as businesses seek ways to reduce operations costs and complexity in the face of a weak economy and rising power costs. Green IT initiatives are being launched in many organizations to help reduce the impact of rising costs on the overall enterprise bottom line. At...

    Provided By Trend Micro

  • White Papers // Mar 2009

    Email Encryption for InterScan Messaging Hosted Security: An Overview of the Email Encryption Add-On Service for Trend Micro's Hosted Email Security

    Trend Micro offers Email Encryption as an add-on service to InterScan Messaging Hosted Security. It integrates seamlessly with the content filtering capabilities of Trend Micro's hosted email security service that protects against spam, viruses and inappropriate content. Trend Micro Email Encryption leverages Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) to efficiently secure email addressed...

    Provided By Trend Micro

  • White Papers // Jun 2012

    Comparison: Email and collaboration platforms

    Email is indispensable ? few applications are more critical to the success of a small or midsize business. From its origins as a communications tool, email has become the de facto archive of business information at many companies, and serves as a platform for messaging, co-ordination, and collaboration almost everywhere....

    Provided By VMware

  • Case Studies // Oct 2009

    VMware Case Study: Navy Marine Corps Intranet

    The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) is the second-largest network in the world; only the Internet is larger. NMCI wanted to reduce costs across the Navy and Marine Corps' vast intranet while improving the availability of mission-critical applications, including a very large Microsoft Exchange 2003 deployment. NMCI deployed VMware technology...

    Provided By VMware

  • White Papers // Jun 2010

    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Performance on VMware vSphere 4.1

    One of the key benefits of virtualization is the ability to consolidate multiple applications onto a single physical server. The importance of this can be seen clearly with multi-tier applications, where the load placed on the servers by the individual tiers often varies widely, leaving many servers under-utilized. Virtualization allows...

    Provided By VMware