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  • 6 steps to effective KPI-based planning

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Quintiq

    This briefing outlines the steps businesses should take to develop effective KPI-based planning. By taking the steps outlined in this briefing, you can strategically align your business goals and your operational plans through KPI-based planning.

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  • HP Mobile Application Security Vulnerability Report

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by HP US

    This report will give you an overview about mobile applications security threats and vulnerabilities. Read this report now to learn how HP helps organisations put emphasis on the need for a mobile application strategy.

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  • ERP in the Cloud and the Modern Business

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Oracle

    Businesses are realizing that the cloud is the future of enterprise software and offers many attractive business benefits. But there is much to think about when evaluating the potential move to a cloud model, especially for core systems like ERP. View IDC’s WhitePaper: ERP in the Cloud and the Modern ...

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  • Platform Boot Integrity Platform Foundation for Foundation Trusted Compute Pools

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Intel

    In this article we will take a deep look into ensuring boot integrity of the platform which in turn boils down to ensuring the integrity of a number of platform components: the integrity of prelaunch and launch components covering firmware, BIOS and hypervisor. Boot integrity is foundational in embodying the ...

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  • Moving To Office 365 On The Cloud

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Intel

    We plan and design for change. After the change happens, we begin to plan for the next change. What drives change? Many factors drive change in technology--lower cost of equipment, better compute power, greater bandwidth, new software, and so on. In this article, we look at how Office 365, a ...

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  • Finding agility in the age of applications

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Planit

    Bringing it all together: the complete application lifecycle. This white paper illustrates how Agile helps application teams deliver higher-quality software faster. Learn how Agile encourages collaboration between application and business teams. Assisting by providing software development and deployment solutions that are more closely aligned with business requirements and help to ...

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  • Ultimate Tech Challenge

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Dell & Microsoft

    Operating system migrations can present a handful of situational complexities. We asked industry professionals to tell us about their real-world solutions for challenges they’ve faced during Windows OS migrations. In this interview, one IT leader candidly shares his experience. His lessons learned can help others ensure a smooth Windows migration. ...

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  • InfoWorld Report: From Silos to Optimised Infrastructure Management

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by CA Technologies

    This report discusses the challenges IT teams face managing traditional and newer technologies and the impact of silo performance views on their ability to deliver business objectives: Best Practices to "tear down" silos Cloud, big data, mobility and collaboration adoption guidelines 4 steps for achieving a unified view ...

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  • CA Nimsoft for Network Monitoring

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Nimsoft

    CA Nimsoft Monitor verifies network connectivity to devices and application services revealing accessibility and network latency. The solution auto-discovers network interfaces, monitors interface traffic and calculates bandwidth utilization. Interface variables are polled for status data and the solution receives unsolicited SNMP traps. Read more...

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  • Network World Report: Tackling the New Normal Through Unified Infrastructure Management

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by CA Technologies

    This report discusses the challenges faced by IT teams in delivering availability, performance and a quality of service across virtual, cloud, mobile and traditional technologies. By adopting a Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) approach IT can eliminate silo tools to quickly identify root causes and reduce costs. Top 5 market ...

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