Data Centers

The traditional data center is undergoing many changes, if not a revolution. Hybrid cloud infrastructures, hosted servers, virtualized servers, and new methods to save energy and reduce costs in the data center create an ever-challenging array of decisions for today's data center managers.

  • Podcasts // Jan 2011

    Audio White Paper: Optimizing Application Delivery in Support of Data Center Consolidation

    Data center consolidation means more than simply reducing the number of servers, routers, and switches ones' company has in outlying offices and data centers. Data center virtualization is more than multiple images mapped to physical devices. Efforts to reduce both capital and operating expenditures by consolidating data centers can fail...

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  • Podcasts // Jan 2011

    Cloudbursting Allows Failover Into the Cloud

    How is cloudbursting the data center equivalent of overdraft protection for ones' checkbook? Lori McVittie of F5 Networks explains the concept and how it could potentially save one from unncessary data center build-outs.

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  • Podcasts // Jan 2011

    The Evolving Data Center

    In this IT Link podcast, the speaker talks about how the way people manage IT infrastructure is going to rapidly evolve over the next few years.

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  • Podcasts // Dec 2010

    Transforming your Data Center into a Converged Infrastructure

    Today we will discuss how the data center of the future is built upon a Converged Infrastructure with Next Generation HP ProLiant BladeSystems powered by AMD Opteron 6100 series processors, and together they help to show that timing couldn't be better to transform your data center. Sponsored by HP and...

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  • Podcasts // Nov 2010

    Windows Server Strategy in the Microsoft IT Datacenter

    This podcast will discuss Microsoft IT's deployment of Windows Server 2008 R2, a release that builds on the Windows Server 2008 foundation. Windows Server 2008 R2 includes adaptable management and virtualization platforms, as well as technology improvements aimed at giving client computers running Windows 7 a reliable and flexible network...

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  • Podcasts // Jul 2010

    ScaleUp Technologies Announces Secure Cloud Storage Solution Based in Germany

    In this podcast, the speaker reveals that ScaleUp is announcing the launch of a Germany-based secure cloud storage solution, much like that of Amazon S3, hosted in its Berlin cloud data center. This new offering will allow ScaleUp's customers to take advantage of the low cost & flexibility of cloud...

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  • Podcasts // Jun 2010

    Technical Introduction to System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

    It's here; Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010 delivers unified data protection of Microsoft application, virtualization, and file servers and client workstations running Windows operating systems. This podcast highlights the new features in DPM 2010, including Microsoft SQL Server database auto-protection and self-restore, Microsoft Exchange 2010 database availability...

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  • Podcasts // Jan 2010

    Dynamic Data Center Alliance: Connecting Partners to the Enterprise Market

    The Dynamic Data Center Alliance is bringing together a collection of top notch partners, such as hosters, system integrators, hardware manufacturers, and software vendors, who are working on rich integration with the Dynamic Data Center Toolkits. Compellent will explain how a feature rich virtualized storage platform shortens time to project...

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  • Podcasts // Oct 2009

    Is Your Datacenter Ready for Cloud Computing?

    The peoples are probably thinking about cloud computing and the potential benefits for one's organization, but have one considered the readiness of one datacenter for this new computing platform? Listen in as the speaker, IBM's resident datacenter expert, describes the steps people need to take to plan for and deploy...

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  • Podcasts // Apr 2009

    Cutting IT Costs While Achieving High Performance

    As a significant cost center, the IT department is under renewed pressure to play its part in the enterprise-wide drive to trim operational costs. In this podcast, the speakers explain about the challenges this situation poses for CIOs.

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