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Is your data center converged, virtualized, cloud-enabled, and software-defined? Or full of legacy and high-TCO equipment? Find out how to build an infrastructure that keeps you ahead of the competition.

  • Top Use Cases for XenApp

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Citrix

    Citrix XenApp is the industry-leading solution for virtual application delivery, providing Windows apps to workers on any device, anywhere. See why it’s the top choice for today’s enterprises.

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  • Advanced Virtual And Cloud Management For VMware Environments And Beyond

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Red Hat

    Whether you are focused on gaining control of your virtualization environment or are seeking to put management capabilities in place to operate a private or hybrid cloud, Red Hat® CloudForms can do both. CloudForms, a comprehensive management platform, is designed to secure your investment for the future and eliminate disparate ...

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  • Case Study-Real-time Multi-lingual Classification and Sentiment Analysis of Text

    Case Studies // Feb 2016 // provided by Impetus Technologies

    Impetus implemented StreamAnalytix to provide a solution that performs real-time, multi-lingual classification and sentiment analysis of text data. Highlights and benefits achieved- Rapid and accurate real-time text categorization and sentiment analysis Adjustable text categorization for domain-specific classes Multi-lingual support Enhanced sentiment analysis to focus on feature-specific opinion ...

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  • NetSuite Delivers Performance for Wholesale Distribution

    Ebooks // Feb 2016 // provided by NetSuite Inc.

    Many firms—including those in the wholesale distribution sector—have achieved more efficient and business operations by using cloud-based ERP. Whatever the variations on the theme, wholesale distributors face challenges ranging from tight margins to supply chain and delivery-carrier dependencies. Succeeding in this demanding and fast-paced sector requires that companies operate with ...

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  • Riverbed Hyper-converged Edge white paper

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Riverbed

    Hyper-converged Infrastructure has proven to be a revolutionary technology and a viable infrastructure approach for Data Centers around the globe. However, being “stateful”, makes it an unfit choice for remote offices and branch locations. Learn about the pros and cons of HCI, and about the world's first "stateless" hyper-converged architecture ...

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  • Solution Brief: Rethink Branch IT Zero Branch IT

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Riverbed

    Learn how Riverbed converges best-in-class technology into one branch IT solution, allowing organizations to keep data in the data center, without sacrificing performance in remote locations.

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  • Hyper-Convergence Extended Beyond the Hype: to the Branch

    Webcasts // Feb 2016 // provided by Riverbed

    Listen to our on-demand webcast featuring Riverbed SteelFusion customer Michael Rinken, Director of Corporate IT, Mazzetti, and Riverbed experts to get the facts about this remarkable new technology and find out what it can do for your organization. On this webcast, you will learn how you can: Reduce Company ...

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  • Case Study: WAMGROUP

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Riverbed

    Learn how this global manufacturing company based in Italy used Riverbed Zero Branch IT to secure its important data, consolidate servers from locations around the world, and achieve instant recovery for branch sites.

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  • Data Centres that Deliver

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Cisco Systems

    Progressive companies view integrated systems as a means to optimise their IT environments: to increase workforce productivity, drive revenue opportunities, and connect with their customers. Organisations thrive when applications and information move faster. But most IT staff spend 70 percent of their time just maintaining existing systems—leaving only one ...

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  • Quantitative Analysis of a Prefabricated vs. Traditional Data Center

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by APC by Schneider Electric

    Prefabricated modular data centers offer many advantages over traditionally built data centers, including flexibility, improved predictability, and faster speed of deployment. Cost , however, is sometimes stated as a barrier to deploying these designs. In this paper, we focus on quantifying the capital cost differences of a prefabricated vs. traditional ...

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