Data Management

Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics help unearth valuable patterns in business information. But without proper management, backup, archiving, and protection, you're taking an unacceptable risk.

  • Advanced Threat Protection Buyer’s Guide

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by FORTINET

    Sandboxing appliances are a critical part of your network’s defense, but attackers continue to create malicious tools that your sandbox alone may not be able to detect. Choosing the right security coverage model for your infrastructure is an important step for security your entire network. Learn about common considerations, and ...

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  • NSS Labs Technology Brief: Better Integration. Better Protection

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by FORTINET

    Security staff today has a difficult job: traffic in and out of networks continues to grow unabated, and there simply aren’t enough eyes in the world to watch every email, every webpage, and every packet. How are enterprises supposed to react to the massive torrent of data pouring into networks? ...

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  • Securing a Mobile Environment

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by Singtel 

    While mobility is viewed as key computing mode for employees, partners and even customers, many large enterprises are neglecting the need for mobile security. Ignoring the recommendations for protecting mobile devices, and exposing a business to vulnerabilities can have detrimental effect. It not only exposes sensitive corporate data, ...

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  • Your Guide to DevOps

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by Microsoft

    The move to DevOps involves more than new processes and the latest tools. It’s a whole new philosophy that brings developers, IT, and the business itself together to build and deploy apps continuously, with much higher quality than ever before. Getting there requires shifting the way an organization thinks about ...

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  • Overcome the Attacker Advantage

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by Loop Technology

    This report highlights that organizations of all sizes are at risk from nation-states, hacktivsts, organised crime, malicious and accidental insider threats. This kind of knowledge is important to increase the capabilities between attackers and defenders in endpoint security.

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  • Transforming Cloud Data Center Security for Business Mobility Using Smart Networking

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by AirWatch

    IT requires a solution that solves the challenge of securing proprietary applications and data in the cloud data center and is available only to users and devices that are delegated safe for access. VMware NSX solves this challenge through user-level micro-segmentation.  The VMware NSX approach offers several differentiated advantages over ...

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  • Monitoring 101: A primer to the philosophy, theory, and fundamental concepts involved in systems monitoring

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by SolarWinds

    This guide was written to provide an introduction to monitoring for someone who is familiar with computers and IT in general, but not with monitoring as a discipline. As such, (almost) no former knowledge or experience is required before delving into this document. If you already have experience with monitoring, ...

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  • Application Migration to On-Premises Cloud

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    This white paper will feed into an analysis of migration feasibility to determine the most suitable workload delivery models (in-house private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud). The next step is to map your effective tangible migrations that save time and money and reduce business risk. Read More..

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  • EMC and Telstra: Keeping Your Business Critical Data Safe

    Videos // Apr 2016 // provided by EMC

    Organisations must manage mission critical data, to ensure business continuity. It doesn't matter if they're looking to back up virtual environments, remote offices, network attached storage, or desktops/laptops, having a managed backed-up by a service provider, offers one central solution for their backup needs. In this panel discussion, Daniel ...

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  • Advance targeted attacks it takes a system

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by Intel Security

    For the second consecutive year at the Black Hat Conference, McAfee, a part of Intel Security, polled security practitioners to gauge their challenges with advanced malware used in low-prevalence and targeted attacks. Despite many investments in “silver bullet” products, detection continued to lead the list of challenges. Key to detection ...

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