Data Management

Oceans of data are generated every day by businesses and enterprises, and all of it must be prioritized, analyzed, and safeguarded with the right architecture, tools, polices, and procedures. TechRepublic provides the resources you need.

  • Tools & Templates // Jan 2009

    Software Sales CV

    There is a lot that goes into making a sale in the information technology industry. Products and services in IT are very popular and have a large market. There is however, fierce competition as there are various companies and organizations offering similar services and products. Software or IT sales professional...

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  • Tools & Templates // Jan 2010

    Sample Database Engineer Resume

    This is the resume sample for applying for the post of Database Engineer. This sample can provide you the relevant idea that you need for preparing a Database Engineer resume.

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  • Tools & Templates // Jan 2009

    Debt Ratio

    The debt ratio gives an indication of the gearing level of your business. To gauge your business' overall position you may need to combine the input figures if there is more than one entity, for example if the assets are held in a different entity to the trading entity. Use...

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  • Tools & Templates // Aug 2009

    IBM DB2 Compression ROI Tool

    To find out how much space a company can save by using the feature, the user can use the Data Storage Analyzer that employs the exact same algorithm as the Deep Compression feature to arrive at a very accurate estimate of the size of the compressed database.

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