Data Management

Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics help unearth valuable patterns in business information. But without proper management, backup, archiving, and protection, you're taking an unacceptable risk.

  • Infographic: A Look Behind the Firewall

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by FORTINET

    This infographic provides a brief overview and key findings that details the current state of the threat landscape and provide industry-specific insights into the malicious tools and unique strategies that hackers employ to target each vertical industry.

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  • The Future of Work eBook

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Sage Live

    Technology has changed the business landscape so drastically - business can be done from everywhere: your child's soccer game, at the gym, or even from your office. And it's not just you who is experiencing a different mode of work. Your employees and customers also now enjoy an ...

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  • Zen of a Connected Business eBook

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Sage Live

    Millions of business people use different products and apps every day to share financial and customer information with each other. These apps are often key business tools for today’s sales and accounting professionals, but as your business grows, having islands of disconnected data will hold the growth of your business ...

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  • Six Important Considerations When Choosing a Colocation Provider

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by CenturyLink

    Investigate some of the main priorities when choosing a colocation provider. It may seem like all providers generally offer the same service – but it’s important to remember that minor differences between vendors can impact your infrastructure. Explore how each business has different operational dynamics and workflow and how choosing ...

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  • Anatomy of a Modern Business Infographic

    Presentations // Jun 2016 // provided by Sage Live

    Managing a modern business will always be full of complexities and challenges - but running a modern business successfully and sustainably can be distilled into a simple formula. This interactive infographic walks you through the DNA for success: balancing your business processes with the needs of your workforce. ...

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  • How to Future-Proof Your Business eGuide

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Sage Live

    Your business may be competitive and successful today, but how will it perform in the future? It’s all too easy to be immersed in—perhaps even obsessed by—your daily operations. That’s why thinking about what your business and the market will look like one year, five years, even a decade from ...

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  • Billable Hours vs. Administration Infographic

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Sage Live

    Your business could be wasting over $100,000 every year by failing to accurately track time, and by using your most valuable resource (people!) for low-value tasks like data entry and troubleshooting. Check out our infographic to see the specifics from this recent study—plus, learn about the tools that ...

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  • Stop DDoS Attacks with Advanced, Effective Protection

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by CloudFlare

    Denial of service (DoS) attacks continue to increase in complexity and magnitude. However, traditional on-premise DoS defenses are ineffective against distributed DoS (DDoS) and distributed reflector (DRDoS) attacks that exceed an organization’s network capacity. Advanced DDoS protection from CloudFlare, which is provisioned as a service at the network edge, ...

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  • Brief: Integrating Flash Storage with Enterprise Applications

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by NetApp

    Enterprise applications are the lifeblood of IT. We rely on them for everything from optimizing manufacturing to tracking customer satisfaction. This paper examines the criteria for selecting flash storage in support of enterprise applications and makes recommendations based on the strengths of each flash system. Explore how to align enterprise ...

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  • Video: Lee and Eric Burgener from IDC on NetApp Flash Portfolio and the SolidFire Acquisition

    Videos // Jun 2016 // provided by NetApp

    NetApp has acquired SolidFire, and combined the performance and economics of all-flash storage with a webscale architecture that radically simplifies data center operations and enables rapid deployments of new applications. Hear IDC's view about the NetApp Flash Portfolio and the integration of SolidFire technology.

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