Data Management

Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics help unearth valuable patterns in business information. But without proper management, backup, archiving, and protection, you're taking an unacceptable risk.

  • Analytics: A blueprint for value

    White Papers // May 2016 // provided by IBM

    In today’s competitive marketplace, executive leaders are racing to convert enterprise insights into meaningful results. Successful leaders are infusing analytics throughout their enterprises to drive smarter decisions, enable faster actions and optimize outcomes. In this exciting new piece of research, the IBM Institute of Business Value surveyed 900 business and ...

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  • eBook: What you need to know about Next Generation Data Protection Architecture

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by Arcserve AU

    In this eBook you will find out what the driving forces behind these rapidly evolving data protection architectures are, the trends you’ll want to be keeping an eye on, what we should all demand of next generation architectures, and the state of the current market landscape. Discover how to turn ...

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  • Arcserve UPD 7000 Appliance Series - Revolution, Not Just Evolution

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by Arcserve AU

    In this data sheet you will find that UDP appliances are the ideal “set and forget” systems for branch or decentralized offices or as a primary backup, deduplication, DR and cloud gateway appliance for small and medium sized organizations. This comes as a reaction to End-users recognising the importance of ...

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  • Create Faster Code-Faster With Intel® Parallel Studio XE

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by Intel

    Defy the rules with code that takes you where you want to go. Now it’s easier than ever to write your code to run in parallel with Intel® Parallel Studio XE, a comprehensive suite of software development tools. Crunch more data, build code faster with ...

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  • Flash forward EMC XtremIO All-Flash Arrays for Epic Environments

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by EMC NT&T

    XtremIO All-flash arrays empower Epic Users to minimize data proliferation with a consistently high-performance, highly efficient infrastructure to receive more value from their Epic environment with fewer resources, less complexity and lower costs. Transform your applications with XtremIO, the leading all-flash array with scale-out and inline all-the-time data services. Download ...

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  • The Changing Face of the Appliance Market

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by Arcserve AU

    The next generation data protection appliance is going to be one that does it all, does it well, does it fast and does it affordably. That’s what innovation is about in any market, and it acutely applies to the backup and recovery space. Learn how Arcserve UDP is the next ...

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  • Case Study: San Mateo Credit Union

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by Arcserve AU

    This case studies shows how San Mateo Credit Union reduced their back-up footprint for 74 machines by 82 percent with the help of ArcServe Unified Data Protection Appliance. Download to learn more today.

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  • Live Webcast - Customer Identity and Access Management Trends

    Webcasts // Apr 2016 // provided by JanRain, Inc.

    Now more than ever, customer loyalty and business revenue rely on hyper-personalized engagement. For marketers to deliver, they need IT’s help. But employee Identity and Access Management platforms aren’t up to the task: They’re not built to handle the scale, flexibility, expectations, and privacy concerns of customers, nor the compliance ...

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  • M-Trends 2016

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by FireEye

    The M-Trends 2016 report provides trends, statistics and case studies to illustrate how advanced threat actors have evolved over the past year. The 2016 report includes details of: How cyber attackers are holding data for ransom, stealing personally identifiable information and destroying critical systems Why enterprise networking devices, such ...

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  • Meeting the Challenges of Delivering Microservice Applications in the Enterprise

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by XebiaLabs

    Microservices offer a number of potential advantages including ability to scale, agility and speed. The attraction of more flexibility is also alluring. However, adopting microservices also introduces new and fundamental challenges. This XebiaLabs whitepaper addresses three practical challenges that microservices architecture introduces, including: How to handle changing deployment ...

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