Data Management

Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics help unearth valuable patterns in business information. But without proper management, backup, archiving, and protection, you're taking an unacceptable risk.

  • VMware vCloud Air for Higher Education

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    Higher education is in the midst of fundamental changes that are reshaping the future of both the mission and the business. As technology helps campuses better reach beyond their traditional physical borders, decision-makers expect IT to offer the solutions and leadership needed to deliver better services ...

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  • Tech Tips: Top 5 Tips for Getting Started with VMware vCloud Air

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    Straight from our experts at VMware®, follow these technical tips to learn what you need to know to get started with VMware vCloud® Air™. From choosing the right service offering to migrating your workloads and administering resources,you’ll want to reference these tips as you extend your ...

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  • Journey to the Hybrid Cloud - IDC Analyst Whitepaper

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    Cloud computing adoption continues to expand as the overall benefits of cloud (cost efficiency, self-service, and IT standardization) are becoming more broadly recognized. While private cloud is the primary type of cloud infrastructure that is in use today, organizations are finding that cloud can no longer ...

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  • Modernize Your VMware Data Center with the Public Cloud

    Ebooks // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    This guide will help you leverage opportunities in the public cloud in ways that make sense no matter where you are on the cloud adoption spectrum. If you are running a VMware vSphere®-powered Data Center, it may be time to modernize your infrastructure with VMware vCloud® ...

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  • Always Available Dell Storage SC Series

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by DELL EMC

    IT managers are struggling to keep up with the “always available” demands of the business. Data growth and the nearly ubiquitous adoption of server virtualization among mid-market and enterprise organizations are increasing the cost and complexity of storage and data availability needs. This report documents ESG Lab testing of ...

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  • Enterprise Management Association アプリケーションとネットワークの可視化機能の統合。相乗的な機能

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by Riverbed

    "EMAの調査ではアプリケーション関連の障害を月に数回経験している企業が50%に上ることがわかっています。このような状況を受けて、企業のIT部門が使用するモニタリングツールに新たな要件が加わりました。今回の調査の結果によると、約 4 割の 企業がネットワーク管理ツールとアプリケーションパフォーマンス管理ツールを統合する必要性を感じているようです。さらに、クラウドやアジャイル開発によりアプリケーションやサービスの迅速な導入が可能となった結果、アプリケーションとインフラストラクチャの相互の依存関係を詳しく把握する必要性も高まっています。本書では、ネットワークとアプリケーションの管理の統合、アプリケーションを検出して依存関係をマッピングするツール(ADDMツール)をインフラストラクチャに適用し、さらにそのツールをパフォーマンス管理ツールと統合すれば、パフォーマンスと可用性が大幅に向上する方法論に関して記述します。"

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  • Top 10 Must-Ask Questions when Evaluating Solid-State Storage Arrays

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by NetApp

    Flash success demands that critical questions be asked when choosing the right solution. Simplify your purchase cycle, lower costs and reduce the risk of technology acquisition. Download the Gartner report today.

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  • SolidFire Helps 1&1 Deliver A First-Class Cloud Experience

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by Solidfire

    As one of the worlds leading cloud and hosting service providers, serving consumer, business, and developer users, 1&1 award-winning products range from web hosting and domains to the provisioning of dedicated, virtual private and cloud servers, email, and e-commerce packages. 1&1 sought out a new ...

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  • How To: Motivate Channel Partners & Maximize Performance

    White Papers // Jul 2016 // provided by Relayware

    What is partner motivation? Where channel engagement addresses what action you want to incentivize, channel motivation focuses on why partners are compelled to act. The more difficult question, however, is “What motivates?” This question is among the most challenging facing channel professionals, and there is no single answer. The key ...

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  • eBook: How to Motivate Channel Partners & Maximize Performance

    Ebooks // Jul 2016 // provided by Relayware

    Ultimately, maximizing partner motivation in all of its complexity comes down to one simple question - what do partners want? Research clearly shows that they require: Better Training More Personal Interaction Better Systems More Incentive Programs This challenges all channel professionals to re-think and broaden their view of ...

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