Data Management

Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics help unearth valuable patterns in business information. But without proper management, backup, archiving, and protection, you're taking an unacceptable risk.

  • DC West – a network-ready Data Centre

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Singtel 

    Discover the benefits of Singtel’s new Tier-3+ data centre, DC West, scheduled to open in the strategic location of Jurong in Q4 2016. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to be resilient, secure and energy-efficient, and has access to high-speed connectivity options to serve your hosting needs and help your business ...

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  • Learn How to Guarantee Application Success in Azure

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Riverbed

    Enterprises have begun to move applications to the cloud infrastructure-as-a-service, like Azure, to increase agility, reduce costs and increase application resiliency. However, adopting a cloud service often comes with trade-offs – lack of visibility and control – that need to be addressed early and carefully, else they risk severely limiting ...

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  • Hybrid Cloud: SoftLayer & VMware

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by IBM

    This paper focuses on how existing VMware customers can gain a strategic advantage by leveraging SoftLayer’s Infrastructure as a Service, while retaining the capabilities of their vSphere infrastructure. It assumes a cursory understanding of the features and functionality of VMware vSphere, as well as basic familiarity with SoftLayer. The goal ...

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  • IDC White paper :Optimize Application Life Cycle with a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by NetApp, Inc.

    Agility has become a mandatory way of life for businesses wanting to maintain or increase their competitive differentiation – and successfully execute on a go-to-market strategy. By implementing an application-lifecycle-centric infrastructure from suppliers like NetApp, line of business owners can successfully execute this strategy. They can better position their organization to maintain or ...

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  • Symantec: Death Of The Password Infographic (Italian)

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Symantec

    Reading this Infographic you will learn how to guarantee more security without using passwords anymore. Read More..

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  • Video: IBM Technical Support Services: Solve your problems before they happen

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by IBM

    New technologies—like cloud, mobile, social media and analytics—can help make your business more flexible, efficient and profitable. But there are risks. You need a business strategy that anticipates that risk and plans for it. IBM Technical Support Services offers comprehensive solutions and services to drive high availability for your mission-critical ...

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  • Three Things you can ONLY do with VM Aware Storage

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Tintri

    There is a disconnect in your data center. You’ve virtualized your applications but your storage is still designed for physical workloads. Only VM-aware storage (VAS) is specifically built for virtualized applications, stripping out the complexity of LUNs and volumes so you can manage only the VMs that ...

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  • Beyond Advanced Threat Protection

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by F5

    Advanced threat protection systems bring a new level of malware protection to the enterprise, overcoming the weaknesses of intrusion detection and prevention solutions by detecting zero-day malware. ATP devices might also introduce bandwidth constraints and intermittent availability, leading to network outages. Proper use of Application Delivery Controllers can mitigate these ...

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  • Tinbapore: Millions of Dollars at Stake

    Research // Mar 2016 // provided by F5

    Detected by F5, the Tinbapore attack put millions of US dollars at risk. An F5 investigation revealed that Tinbapore is actually a variant of the Tinba malware that targeted financial institutions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. The original Tinba malware was written in the assembly programming ...

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  • The Modern Data Warehouse - Agile, Automated, Adaptive

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by IBM

    This research study seeks to understand perceptions of the modern data warehouse and its incorporation of adaptive and automated technologies to make design, development and operations more agile.

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