Data Management

Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics help unearth valuable patterns in business information. But without proper management, backup, archiving, and protection, you're taking an unacceptable risk.

  • Oracle Leverages Its Database Expertise to Deliver a Truly Purpose-built Recovery Appliance

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Oracle

    By introducing the Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (Recovery Appliance)—a turnkey data protection appliance integrated into the Oracle ecosystem—Oracle has shed light on database-centric backup/recovery problems and helped database administrators (DBAs) solve them. The Recovery Appliance delivers Oracle data protection-as-a-service (DPaaS) throughout an enterprise or as a public cloud ...

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  • Oracle Backup and Recovery Strategies: Moving to Data-Protection-as-a-Service

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Oracle

    Backup in many Oracle shops specifically, as with many organizations generally, is viewed as a necessary evil with a process that is bolted on as an afterthought. Many IT organizations either under-fund backup or (in some cases) over-engineer backup where rigorous procedures may not be required. Wikibon surveys show that ...

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  • Interconnection First: Building Your Digital Transformation Strategy on Platform Equinix

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Equinix

    IDC believes that Digital Transformation requires a more flexible approach to the organization and physical location of IT and application resources. Learn how to implement a new interconnection-first platform for digital business that integrates strategically located datacenters; ecosystems of networks, clouds, and business partners; and revolutionize your enterprise's own IT ...

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  • IDC Report: Rethinking Datacenter and Traditional Edge IT

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Equinix

    A major barrier that many businesses face as they engage in digital transformation is the realization that their modest, edge facilities (server closets/rooms) and inward-focused datacenters cannot accommodate new requirements. This whitepaper explores how a digital business must leverage a broader ecosystem of partners, combining strengths, sharing data, and interweaving ...

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  • IDC Report: 3rd Platform-Enabled Digital Transformation

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Equinix

    In the 3rd Platform era of technology-driven business innovation, enterprises must leverage cloud, mobility, big data/analytics, and social networking to enable new ways of maintaining and extending their own business relevance. Learn how Digital Transformation creates value, growth, and competitive advantage through new offerings, new business models, and new ...

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  • Data-Driven Manufacturing

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Cloudera

    Manufacturing as an industry has always been at the forefront of squeezing value from data. Instrumentation, highly connected systems, and automation have been part and parcel of manufacturing organisations for decades. Constrained by the state of technology more than cost, process optimisation was always achieved by making clever ...

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  • Find the root cause of SQL database performance bottlenecks in four clicks or less.

    Downloads // Apr 2017 // provided by Solarwinds APAC

    Eliminate performance bottlenecks, improve application service and reduce overall cost of database operations with SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)-- a comprehensive SQL performance monitoring and analysis solution for DBAs, IT managers, and application developers. DPA monitors SQL Server®, Oracle®, SAP® ASE, & DB2 across your entire environment including physical servers, ...

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016

    White Papers // Apr 2017 // provided by Microsoft

    Improve data center efficiency with virtualization, software-defined storage, and networking Deliver application innovation with improved security, new modernization capabilities, and cloud-native app development. Enable existing apps to run in a more secure way, support the use of containers with existing apps and enable the creation of new hybrid or cloud ...

  • Workforce Transformation Strategy: A Spotlight on Australia and New Zealand Video

    Videos // Apr 2017 // provided by Dell

    In this video, Forrester investigates why investing in workforce technology is a wise investment for business. Discover the correlation between workforce technology, workforce productivity and customer experience. Learn how better workforce technology can help your workforce to win, serve and retain your prized customers.

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  • Workforce Transformation Strategy: A Spotlight on Australia and New Zealand

    White Papers // Mar 2017 // provided by Dell

    In this report, Forrester investigates workforce transformation focusing on the components of workforce experience, workforce security and workforce enablement maturity. This paper delivers insights on the trends, drivers, and challenges of delivering winning workforce transformation. Learn more about the three key findings on the workforce transformation trends among 61 IT ...