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  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    Model-based systems engineering: Revolution or evolution?

    This whitepaper traces the evolution of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), a structured and visual approach for collaborative systems design and development which facilitates early validation of requirements, architectural trade off analysis and mitigation of project risks.

    Provided By IBM

  • Case Studies // Mar 2014

    Cisco Annual Security Report 2014

    You have to know the threats to stop them. It's not a question of if – but when and how – Internet criminals will get into your network. The Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report highlights the most current security concerns, such as shifts in malware, trends in vulnerabilities, and the...

    Provided By Sourcefire, Inc.

  • White Papers // Feb 2013

    From Encoded EDIFACT Messages to Business Concepts Using Semantic Annotations

    Standardized business documents are a prerequisite for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). One predominant standards family are the Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport (EDIFACT) formats created and maintained by the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business. However, EDIFACT formats are currently specified in a textual...

    Provided By Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers

  • eBooks // Dec 2013

    Agile Portfolio Management eBook

    In order to compete in the 21st century, your company needs to move, pivot and innovate faster than your competitors. Think of the companies, the software and the brands that you admire. They innovate. They design and produce the most coveted new things. They invest in the idea that innovation...

    Provided By Rally Software

  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    Dell Whitepaper: Critical Factors to Endpoint Security

    The modern threatscape of today is very different from the one that existed even five years ago in that organized crime and government operatives are aggressively funding, organizing and building significant offensive capabilities all focused on generating revenue or gaining a competitive advantage in the global economy. “Crimeware” can be...

    Provided By Dell and Intel®

  • White Papers // Sep 2014

    Forrester: Why Customer-Focused Organizations Must Take a Strategic Approach to Identity Relationship Management

    Customer-focused companies strive to make their content available to an ever-growing number of connected users and devices on a much larger scale than ever before. Forrester finds that to achieve this securely, companies need identity and access management (IAM) platforms that are adaptable, scalable, responsive, and high velocity. Fortunately, a...

    Provided By ForgeRock

  • White Papers // Apr 2010

    Introduction to SAS Risk Management for Banking

    This paper introduces a new solution from SAS, SAS Risk Management for Banking. This solution has been designed as a comprehensive and integrated suite of quantitative risk management applications that cover market risk, credit risk, asset and liability management, and firmwide risks in one solution. The solution leverages the underlying...

    Provided By SAS Institute

  • Downloads // Sep 2002

    IT chart of accounts

    Tech leaders are familiar with the common cost categories such as salary, benefits, rent, and travel, but they may be unaware of all the available cost categories. Download this sample to help define and document your organization's chart of accounts.

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Case Studies // Jun 2009

    Ariba Implementation and Rollout at a Global Pharmaceutical Company

    The customer is a global pharmaceutical company and was beset by several procurement inefficiencies brought on by non-standard and cumbersome processes that required significant manual intervention. The problems included complex procurement scenarios, such as after-the-fact purchase orders, "no invoice" payments, subsystem requisitions and stock reservations. Financial and procurement approval workflows...

    Provided By Satyam Computer Services

  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    All the Benefits of SAP Business One OnDemand

    Discover how SAP Business One delivered huge benefits for both operations and customer service in many organisations. Download this whitepaper and learn on how SAP helped organisations increase business insights while reducing the total cost of ownership.

    Provided By SAP

  • Book chapters // Jan 2006

    Use these risk-assessment methodologies to protect your IT infrastructure

    No matter what methodology or approach is used, it is important that the organization address how asset management and proper inventorying of the organizations IT assets are to be handled.This sample chapter, taken from Inside Network Security Assessment: Guarding Your IT Infrastructure, discusses different methodologies and approaches for conducting a...

    Provided By Sams Publishing

  • White Papers // Dec 2007

    Develop and Execute a Channel Strategy

    Channels are the means by which one sells products to the customers. Channel strategy helps identify those sales channels and processes that yield the highest return for one's company. Channel strategy includes recommendations for both identifying and managing channel partners. Channel marketing is a dynamic and complex arena where mistakes...

    Provided By Microsoft Tips

  • White Papers // Jul 2014

    Pinpoint Security Risks with 100% Better Insights

    Security breaches can happen anywhere in an organization, and having the ability to analyze any form of data can give you the edge against fraud, theft, and infiltration by pinpointing abnormal behavior patterns. Understanding your security vulnerabilities requires rapid, deep analytics against business data, machine data, and unstructured human information....

    Provided By HP US

  • Presentations // May 2014

    Meg Whitman presents Unlocking IT with Big Data

    Today, the industry is at an inflection point – driven by a triple storm of Big Data, cloud, and mobility; and in this new environment, security is paramount. The New Style of IT is about how businesses and IT leverage this rapid change for enterprise growth. During this Web Event...

    Provided By HP US

  • Downloads // Jun 2007

    Price comparison: Zimbra vs. Exchange

    Get a detailed look at how the cost of implementing Zimbra compares to the cost of using Exchange. This worksheet looks at base OS cost, base application cost, total user cost, total upfront cost, and additional yearly cost -- as well as total cost for one through five years.See "Introducing...

    Provided By Justin James

  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    A New Model for User Engagement

    The workforce has changed dramatically. Companies today must embrace technology and innovation to attract the younger set—yet remain traditional enough to retain their more experienced employees. How can you provide new systems and features to engage all types of users? This white paper from Workday looks at how the growing...

    Provided By Workday

  • eBooks // Jul 2014

    Cybersecurity for Dummies eBook

    APTs (advanced persistent threats) have changed the world of enterprise security and how networks and organizations are attacked. These threats, and the cyber-criminals behind them, are experts at remaining hidden from traditional security while exhibiting an intelligence, resiliency, and patience that has never been seen before. Controlling these threats...

    Provided By Palo Alto Networks

  • eBooks // Jul 2013

    [eBook] The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing

    Potential customers are readily turning to their personal networks and publicly available information - increasingly via digital and social media channels - to self-diagnose their problems and form opinions about solutions. To understand the scope of this issue in the B2B context, the CEB Marketing Leadership Council surveyed more than...

    Provided By Google

  • White Papers // Mar 2013

    Changing the Experience and Economics of IT

    Competitive enterprises are always looking for ways to reduce complexity so more resources can be devoted to innovation. From the standpoint of IT, the challenge in reducing complexity is to free up time and money previously dedicated to back-end tasks—and shift those resources to drive more front-end, customer-facing value into...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Dec 2005

    Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Product Information Management

    This report is a must-read if you're an IT strategist who's currently evaluating product information management (PIM) technologies. It explains why the as-yet-immature PIM market is evolving quickly and presents Gartner's Magic Quadrant for this emerging tech sector. There are a variety of differences that separate the companies Gartner classifies...

    Provided By IBM

  • Case Studies // Oct 2014

    Shaspa - Enabling the Internet of Things for Smarter Environments

    Shaspa is a leading vendor of next-generation, smart home and commercial building solutions with the Shaspa Service Framework. Shaspa has partnered with IBM to leverage Informix for an end-to-end solution and service delivery platform for a range of market sectors, starting with a residential gateway platform.

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Jan 2011

    Competitive Comparison Between Microsoft® and VMware Cloud Computing Solutions.

    As organizations evaluate how cloud computing can help them improve business agility, reduce management complexity and control costs, they are faced with numerous choices. However, simply moving towards a service-oriented cloud computing model will not automatically deliver benefits. When compared to the VMware cloud solution, the Microsoft solution is seen...

    Provided By Microsoft

  • White Papers // May 2014

    Chartis - The Risk Enabled Enterprise - Global Survey Results and Two-year Research Agenda

    This two year research initiative in collaboration with IBM focuses on key trends, best practices, challenges, and priorities in enterprise risk management and covers topics as diverse as culture, organizational structure, data, systems, and processes.

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    Cost/Benefit Case for IBM PureData System for Analytics: Comparing Costs and Time to Value with Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance - ITG

    In a world of big data and real-time information, organizations must deal with fast growing data volumes, demands for more sophisticated interpretations of data, and more rapid delivery of results. Check out the new ITG TCO comparison and see how IBM and Oracle stack up.

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    The Seven Essential Practices For Effective Business Continuity Management

    Making changes to your business strategy can often create new risks. If your business continuity management (BCM) plan is not part of an organization-wide, integrated program, it may not evolve to address these new risks. The key to successfully protecting your organization’s business operations and reputation is to take a...

    Provided By IBM

  • eBooks // Jul 2014

    Analytics and Big Data for the Midmarket (eBook)

    With so much emphasis in the business world being placed on big data and analytics, it can be easy for midsize businesses to feel like they’re being left behind. These organizations often recognize the benefits offered by big data and analytics, but have a hard time pursuing those benefits with...

    Provided By IBM

  • Training // Aug 2009

    Demo: Maximo Transportation Demo

    IBM Maximo for Transportation helps you take a strategic role in how you manage the performance of your transportation assets. In this demo you'll see how routine tasks like maintenance, inspections and warranty recovery can be automatically scheduled to improve the life and performance of your assets. Be more proactive....

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Sep 2013

    Anti-Evasion: Why It's a Critical Component of Intrusion Prevention Systems

    As the number and severity of cyber-crimes continues to grow, it’s important to understand the steps cyber-criminals take to attack your network, the types of malware they use, and the tools you need to stop them.

    Provided By Dell Software

  • White Papers // Apr 2012

    Total Cost Comparison: VMware vSphere vs. Microsoft Hyper-V

    In Total Cost Comparison: VMware vSphere vs. Microsoft Hyper-V, learn why the total cost of ownership (TCO) is the ultimate measure to compare IT infrastructure platforms. TCO incorporates the purchase and support costs of the platform along with the ongoing operational and management expenses.

    Provided By VMware

  • White Papers // Oct 2012

    CIO Whitepaper - 10 Reasons to Modernize the Desktop

    IT departments need a solution that meets the evolving needs of both the employees and IT-- something not possible with a traditional PC model. This paper illustrates the benefits of moving beyond the physical PC to a modern desktop that is highly flexible, easy to manage, customizable to suit users'...

    Provided By VMware

  • White Papers // Jan 2011

    Principled Techologies - Total Cost Comparison: Vmware vSphere vs. Microsoft Hyper-V

    Total cost of ownership (TCO) is the ultimate measure when comparing IT infrastructure platforms. This Principled Technologies test report compares VMware vSphere® 5 and Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 R2 SP1 Hyper-V™ in several operational scenarios and details what you can expect from both platforms.

    Provided By VMware

  • Case Studies // Sep 2009

    E-Commerce: Tripwire Proves Configuration Control Is a Best Seller With Auditors and IT

    MarketLive business need is to deliver a single PCI compliant solution that serves all clients, improve change control processes and reduce unplanned work caused by inefficient operations. MarketLive chose Tripwire to overcome these challenges. Tripwire Enterprise provides configuration control for file servers and databases that meets the needs of PCI...

    Provided By Tripwire

  • White Papers // Sep 2009

    PCI Requirements Mapping: BorderWare Security Platform Secure Content & Threat Management Platform

    In a business environment where daily media reports of consumer data loss are on the rise and PCI compliance audits are placing increasing pressure on organizations to implement tools and strategies for data loss prevention, businesses can no longer afford to ignore data security. According to The Ponemon Institute, the...

    Provided By WatchGuard Technologies

  • White Papers // Mar 2009

    Addressing Compliance Initiatives With Tripwire and the Center for Internet Security (CIS)

    In this paper, discover what you need to build an effective compliance program by understanding benchmarks, the basic building blocks of compliance initiatives. This whitepaper looks at: What the CIS is and how it develops its benchmarks How to use the benchmarks to address compliance and security Some considerations...

    Provided By Tripwire

  • White Papers // Jul 2009

    Sustaining SOX Compliance: Best Practices to Mitigate Risk, Automate Compliance, and Reduce Costs

    To successfully sustain SOX compliance, organizations must implement best practices to ensure IT systems not only achieve a known and trusted state but they also maintain that state. Management must be more accountable and aware of the need for a continuous and proactive operational risk management environment that recognizes the...

    Provided By Tripwire

  • White Papers // Sep 2009

    Trend Micro Web Gateway Security Web Security: Faster Protection, Greater Flexibility, Lower Total Cost

    As one continues to integrate the Internet into business processes - and as malware becomes more and more web-based - security has become the top priority for defending the web gateway. Relying on URL filtering products alone leaves exposed to today's sophisticated web threats, but deploying more point solutions increases...

    Provided By Trend Micro

  • Webcasts // Jan 2009

    SOX Compliance: Reducing Risk and Cost With Tripwire

    While many businesses have completed at least one Sarbanes-Oxley audit, the challenge is in maintaining compliance while keeping associated costs under control. In a business environment facing new and varied regulatory challenges, getting the right tools, processes and policies in place in order to sustain compliance has never been more...

    Provided By Tripwire

  • eBooks // Feb 2012

    eBook "Real-World Virtualization for Your Business"

    Small and midsize firms virtualize IT infrastructure to meet real-world challenges: simplifying operations to focus on business issues, speeding up application rollouts to get more done, safeguarding data and operations to stay open and productive, and saving money for the bottom line. It's a new way to think about IT...

    Provided By VMware

  • Webcasts // Apr 2009

    New Cost Savings and Business Continuity Solutions for SMBs With VMware VSphere 4

    The attendee of this webcast will learn the compelling new IT solutions from VMware that enable Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) to significantly reduce IT costs and improve business continuity. VMware vSphere 4 delivers Always On IT to SMBs by delivering the high availability, performance and reliability of the VMware...

    Provided By VMware

  • Webcasts // Jul 2009

    VMware Virtualization: The Right Investment for a Tough Economy

    Now more than ever, IT organizations must find a way to cut costs quickly and dramatically. In this tough economic environment, budgets are being squeezed and IT departments are expected to "Do more with less." Analysts and CIOs agree that virtualization is the most strategic IT investment a company can...

    Provided By VMware