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Which software will your business choose to improve customer relationship management (CRM), ERP systems and other business and office functions?

  • Related Offers // May 2004

    Erh?hte Reaktionsf?higkeit durch verbessertes Informationsmanagement

    Unternehmen, wie sie auf sicherem Weg Informationen bereitstellen, verwalten und gemeinsam nutzen k?nnen. Oft sind diese wichtigen Informationen schwer zu lokalisieren oder f?r die Personen, die sie ben?tigen, nicht zug?nglich. Nach Einsch?tzung von Marktforschungsunternehmen verbringen Wissensarbeiter derzeit bis zu ein Drittel ihrer Arbeitszeit mit der Suche nach Informationen. Dieser ineffi...

    Provided By IBM

  • Related Offers // Nov 2004

    Optimisez la gestion de l?information pour rendre votre entreprise plusr?active.

    Quel que soit leur secteur d activit?, les entreprises recherchent activement des solutions pour distribuer, g?rer et partager l?information en toute s?curit?. Ces donn?es essentielles sont souvent difficiles ? localiser ou inaccessibles par ceux qui en ont besoin. Certains cabinets d??tude estiment que les travailleurs du savoir peuvent passer jusqu??...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Jul 2004

    The 6 Steps to a Successful Enterprise System Implementation

    The process of implementing a new enterprise solution is incredibly complex. This process sends your organization down a long road of beneficial, although sometimes painful, change. Because of the sometimes overwhelming volumes of minute detail to be addressed during this process, it is all too easy to lose sight of...

    Provided By Relevant Business Systems

  • Related Offers // Aug 2005

    IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Deployment Workshop

    IT administrators preparing to deploy IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager won't want to miss this important training event. IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Accelerated Deployment Workshop is a 5-day course that combines classroom training and expert mentoring to help ensure that your enterprise's deployment of IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager...

    Provided By IBM

  • Research // Nov 2005

    IT Strategy Maps: A Tool For Strategic Alignment

    Aligning IT and business strategy remains the No. 1 or No. 2 business IT issue year after year. But no matter how much focus and attention this subject receives, little progress seems to be made. Forrester recommends that 1) firms start measuring strategic alignment as part of the "you can't...

    Provided By Forrester Research

  • White Papers // Apr 2004

    Project Management in Agile Development Environments

    The fundamentals of good project management remain the same whatever methodology and approach is being used to develop a software product: communicating, building effective teams, planning and monitoring progress. There are however some aspects of the "Agile Mindset" which are important when using Agile methods to deliver the product. Agile...

    Provided By Software Education Associates

  • Downloads // Sep 2005

    10 things you should do to effectively implement change management

    Good change management acts like a traffic light that regulates the smooth flow of changes. Set up a well-deployed process to ensure that changes don't adversely affect your system performance. Many people mistakenly view change management as more IT red tape, failing to realize how much disruption can occur...

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Downloads // Oct 2000

    TechRepublic's asset-tracking spreadsheet

    Download our asset-tracking spreadsheet to keep your company's IT equipment and property information in a central, accessible repository.

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Downloads // Jul 2005

    90+ Keyboard shortcuts to move faster in Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 for Windows

    This handy, four-page table lists more than 90 keyboard shortcuts and their corresponding functions for Adobe Acrobat Professional 7. Download and print this time-saving document and post it near your keyboard for at-a-glance help when you need to quickly open PDF documents, navigate pages, toggle between views, activate...

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Downloads // Sep 2006

    Software-as-a-Service; A Comprehensive Look at the Total Cost of Ownership of Software Applications

    Gartner estimates that the annual cost to own and manage traditional "on-premise" software applications can be up to four times the initial purchase price. This is due to a company's need to acquire and maintain the resources needed to support a large scale in-house software deployment; including: hardware, software upgrades...

    Provided By Business Objects

  • Downloads // Mar 2009

    10 management techniques we'd love to see

    If you've ever been the victim of a trendy, totally ineffective management style, you know how silly and arbitrary those techniques can be. Justin James has seen his share of goofy management philosophies -- so he decided to invent a few of his own.This download is also available as

    Provided By Justin James

  • Webcasts // Feb 2009

    What's New in EMC Documentum XDB - A Technical Overview

    As XML moves closer to becoming the de facto data format for integrating enterprise information, demand for XML solutions continues to escalate. As a result, organizations need more effective ways to manage large volumes of XML data. The latest release of EMC Documentum xDB meets this demand with key improvements...

    Provided By EMC

  • Webcasts // Aug 2008

    EMC Documentum Media WorkSpace: Next-Generation Digital Asset Management

    Is the organization making effective use of its rich-media digital assets? Maybe the management system is too hard to use. Or creative personnel can't be sure they're using the "Latest and greatest" content for brand and message consistency. Perhaps it takes too long to bring rich-media collateral to market. EMC...

    Provided By EMC

  • Webcasts // Oct 2008

    Easy and Affordable Document Management for Microsoft Office 2007

    Many organizations believe that document management is not only too expensive, but also difficult to understand and use. As a result, document management implementations have often been limited to single departments. A document management solution from EMC enables to collect, organizes, manage, and deliver valuable business information directly from any...

    Provided By EMC

  • White Papers // Dec 2007

    Develop and Execute a Channel Strategy

    Channels are the means by which one sells products to the customers. Channel strategy helps identify those sales channels and processes that yield the highest return for one's company. Channel strategy includes recommendations for both identifying and managing channel partners. Channel marketing is a dynamic and complex arena where mistakes...

    Provided By Microsoft Tips

  • Downloads // Mar 2008

    Download Crystal Reports 2008

    Try out a fully functional copy of the industry-leading software, Crystal Reports 2008, for 30 days! Or, try a 60-day trial of Crystal Reports Server 2008. Just click here! Crystal Reports 2008 provides advanced functionality to help reduce report proliferation and maintenance-increasing visualization flexibility and saving time...

    Provided By Business Objects

  • White Papers // May 2006

    Customer Experience Management: The Value of "Moments of Truth"

    To manage customer experiences, one must first understand what "Customer experience" means. It's almost as difficult to pin down as "Customer relationship." Customer experiences include every point in which the customer interacts with the business, product or service. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy to acquire, grow and...

    Provided By CustomerThink

  • White Papers // Jan 2007

    Why "IT" Does Matter in BPO: Information Technology's Key Role in the Success of Business Process Outsourcing

    Large organizations moving to outsource any of their business processes have scores of issues and questions they must confront before taking that step. Two considerations that are too often underemphasized are the role of the Information Technology (IT) department and the role of IT itself in the business process outsourcing...

    Provided By EquaTerra

  • Downloads // May 2007

    SolutionBase: RADIUS deployment scenarios

    There are many different ways that RADIUS servers can be deployed, both in ISP and in corporate environments. Here are some of the less common types of RADIUS deployments.

    Provided By Brien Posey

  • Webcasts // Apr 2008

    An Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

    View Microsoft's Webcast to see how you can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and learn about the importance of CRM from Martha Rogers, globally recognized leader in customer strategy and relationship marketing, and founding partner of The Peppers & Rogers Group, part of The Carlson Marketing Group. This Webcast also...

    Provided By Microsoft

  • Downloads // Aug 2008

    One-time scheduling of tasks with At

    Scheduling services with cron and similar tools is great for repetitive tasks but inconvenient for one-time tasks. Vincent Danen introduces the flexible At command for tasks that only need to be accomplished once.

    Provided By Vincent Danen

  • White Papers // Aug 2008

    Software Development's Cone of Uncertainty

    Software's Cone of Uncertainty is a model for understanding estimation uncertainty in software projects. Early in a project, specific details of the nature of the software to be built, details of specific requirements, details of the solution, project plan, staffing, and other project variables are unclear. Estimates inherently contain high...

    Provided By Construx Software Builders

  • Webcasts // Sep 2009

    Reduce TCO by Integrating Fax Servers with Existing Business Applications

    Mission critical business applications such as ERP, Document Management and Workflow applications can be integrated with fax servers to automate end-to-end business processes for improved productivity and reduced TCO. In addition, your organization can meet compliance regulations such as HIPPA and Graham Leach Bliley Act by automating the flow of...

    Provided By Instant InfoSystems

  • White Papers // Aug 2009

    ECM: The Practitioner's Stepping Stone to Electronic Medical Records

    The first step in revamping the healthcare system is getting rid of paper files and manual processes and moving toward full-blown EMRs. Digital accessibility to information is critical to providing continuity of care and top-quality patient services. Federal mandates for adoption are approaching, and significant financial incentives for timely adoption...

    Provided By Optical Image Technology

  • Webcasts // Sep 2009

    Save Money With Cloud Computing and Google Apps

    On demand version of this webinar. Google Apps offers simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools for enterprises of any size in business, education, or government - all hosted by Google to streamline setup.

    Provided By Google

  • White Papers // Sep 2009

    Persona-Based BPM: Filling in the Missing Links in Process Management

    BMP can be transformational but far too often it is not because there are missing links in the common approach to process that limits results for the majority of initiatives. This whitepaper shows how to fill in the missing links by addressing the personal perspectives of the people involved in...

    Provided By Global 360

  • White Papers // Sep 2008

    Testing Guidance for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

    This paper outlines some basic testing guidance provided by the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 internal development team in support of Independent Software Vendors (ISV) building product extensions for the product. Much of this guidance also applies to Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation partners and customers who are customizing the application. Ensuring...

    Provided By Microsoft

  • Case Studies // Dec 2008

    ERP Solution Helps Global Distributor Manage Environmental Performance

    A pioneer in socially responsible business practices, Seventh Generation is the leading distributor of home cleaning, personal care, and baby products made from natural, recycled, or renewable materials. The company constantly seeks to minimize its environmental impact. Seventh Generation sought an enterprise resource planning solution to support its supply chain...

    Provided By Microsoft

  • Webcasts // Sep 2009

    Geek Out on The Technical Details of a Google Apps Migration

    On demand version of this webinar. Featured speakers included Googlers Jim Copeland, Dan Kennedy, Marcello Pedersen. Overview: Whether you're actively considering Google Apps as part of your next generation messaging strategy or just learning about cloud computing, this webcast will provide IT professionals with the knowledge you need to answer...

    Provided By Google

  • Webcasts // Sep 2009

    Cost-Effective Archiving for SAP Netweaver ILM

    For enterprises with SAP systems, automated archiving based on retention policies is critical to effective information governance, cost reduction, and compliance. The presenters will discuss about market drivers for SAP archiving, information lifecycle management, and their respective solutions. The attendee will find out how to protect SAP data, meet regulatory...

    Provided By EMC

  • Webcasts // Sep 2009

    Accelerating Web-Based Application Deployment With PixTools

    One needs the right tools to create feature-rich imaging solutions that sell. With EMC Captiva ISIS PixTools Distributed Imaging toolkits, organization can quickly develop and deploy web-enabled, browser-based document capture applications and solutions. The attendee of this webcast will learn how to create competitive solutions that can quickly go to...

    Provided By EMC

  • Webcasts // Aug 2009

    Integrating Asset and Content Management

    Most organizations struggle to ensure that corporate asset documentation is readily available - especially when asset and content management platforms are not linked. One can overcome this challenge with SAIC Max2Docs, an intelligent, real-time, cross-application interface to share content and information between IBM Maximo Asset Management and EMC Documentum. The...

    Provided By EMC

  • White Papers // Mar 2009

    Is Accepting SOD Violations in Security Roles Ever Justified?

    An important policy issue with strong corporate governance implications in SAP-enabled enterprises is whether to permit the design of security roles containing embedded Segregation of Duties (SOD) violations. SAP best practice clearly recommends against it, and most companies prohibit the practice, believing it signals a lack of control. This paper...

    Provided By SECUDE

  • White Papers // Feb 2009

    Comparative Management Cost Survey: Workload Weighting for Mid-Range Storage Array Administrators

    To illustrate the savings that can be found from using the easier to use HP StorageWorks EVA, it applied the weighting factors identified in this study to the results of a previous Edison Group study. The results showed that for a select group of tasks, an organization using HP EVA...

    Provided By Edison Group

  • White Papers // Jun 2009

    Best Practices for Managing Your Assets: Using HP Web Jetadmin 10.2

    HP Web Jetadmin 10.2 is a client/server application that is used for remotely managing HP and non-HP printing and imaging devices. It is a multi-user application meaning that many users can access the software through simultaneous client sessions. HP Web Jetadmin 10.2 implementations should always start with an implementation plan....

    Provided By Hewlett-Packard (HP)

  • White Papers // Jul 2009

    Building the Business Intelligence Competency Center

    This paper outlines how a Business Intelligence Competency Center can help organisations better leverage their investment in technology and improve the effectiveness of knowledge workers, transition analysts from technical data gatherers to solution providers and optimise fact-based business processes. A common philosophical discussion surrounding the BICC concept asks: should a...

    Provided By Hewlett-Packard (HP)

  • White Papers // Aug 2009

    The Process Architect: The Smart Role in Business Process Management

    Today, more organizations that are facing aggressive market challenges share the same opinion: To be more agile in reacting to market changes, companies have to understand their business processes better and in more detail, and also have to be able to change them quicker. Business processes represent the organization's key...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Aug 2009

    Reducing the Costs of Government Compliance With Business Process Automation

    Government compliance regulations have significantly raised the costs of doing business in recent years. The 2008 federal takeover of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has increased pressure for additional regulations that will further drive up costs for public companies. This paper summarizes compliance costs, describes technologies that reduce...

    Provided By EnterpriseWizard

  • White Papers // Oct 2009

    CRM, ERP, BI, and IT Investment - Where Do You Find the Business Benefit?

    Most companies want to use CRM applications as a way to "Supercharge" their sales forces. They want to gain some advantage with customer retention and acquisition, to manage the sales pipeline and to have better market insight. But few companies realize these goals. After going through some of the academic...

    Provided By R3Now.com

  • White Papers // Oct 2009

    Protecting the Security of Education Records

    Academic and administrative computing systems used to be more isolated - either intentionally for security reasons or as a result of limited interconnectivity with other computers - but today it seems that nearly any information that an administrator, teacher, student or parent might need can be obtained through a network...

    Provided By DigiCert