Mobile, search, collaboration, and commerce all come together in Google. Check out the latest analysis on Android, Google Docs, Big Data, and other factors too important to ignore.

  • IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME: Understanding the Shared Responsibility of Cloud Security

    White Papers // Sep 2016 // provided by Alert Logic

    Understanding your role versus the role of Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures you will make the best decisions concerning your cloud infrastructure. It also ensures, once implemented, your cybersecurity strategy will efficiently and cost-effectively protect your data from threats. No matter which services you are utilizing, it is important to ...

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  • Architecture Matters

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Palo Alto Networks

    Beyond Layered Security Approaches This white paper looks at how the foundational architecture of a next-gen firewall and security platform “matters” in enabling the business and protecting it against a wide variety of attacks, how it enables unique and specific security scenarios, and how it supports a prevention-oriented approach

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  • Magic Quadrant Report for Enterprise Search

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Lexmark International, Inc.

    Enterprise search technology relates users' queries to many different kinds of information in order to identify relevant, contextualized information and, in the process, perform light analysis. This Magic Quadrant report highlights enterprise search projects inspired by virtual personal assistants like Google Now and Apple's Siri are acquiring natural-language and analytical ...

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  • 6 Steps to Richer Visualizations using Alteryx for Microsoft Power BI:

    White Papers // Jan 2016 // provided by Alteryx

    Alteryx enables users to drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to create the perfect dataset for a Microsoft Power BI visualization. This Cookbook shows you how to quickly blend multiple sources of data together so you can spend more time creating richer visualizations in Power BI. ...

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  • 10 rank-worthy SEO recommendations for 2017

    Ebooks // Feb 2017 // provided by TechRepublic

    The message for SEO in 2017 is loud and clear: Design your website in a fashion that makes mobile users the priority. If you listen closely, you can almost hear Google whisper, "Or be left behind, mwah ha ha..." Now, where you may have been focusing very little (if at ...

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  • Gartner's top 10 tech trends for 2016

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Google Apps for Work

    What’s next in business technology? For Gartner's detailed take on the 2016 top 10 technology trends, Here’s a sneak peek. From wearable devices to virtual personal assistants, Gartner highlights new technology trends that will disrupt the workplace as we know it. Find out how forward-thinking IT leaders can take ...

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  • Building the new workplace

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Google Apps for Work

    We see digital disruption happening across industries. Companies that are thinking ahead are embracing the cloud that allows people to work better together and innovate. Businesses are also looking towards technology tools to stay ahead of disruption, and overcome geographic and economic challenges towards productivity and growth. Find out ...

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  • The Total Economic Impact of Google Apps for Work

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Google Apps for Work

    Businesses around the world are using Google Apps for Work to help teams stay productive from anywhere, share ideas instantly and get more done together. But how is this new way of working affecting their bottom lines? Switching from a traditional on-premises solution to Google Apps lowers IT costs ...

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  • Google Drive for Work Overview

    White Papers // Dec 2015 // provided by Singtel 

    Google Drive for Work is a competitive advantage. It’s a simple-to-use solution that gives users a single place to keep all their work—with no storage limits. Providing a mobile-first experience, Google Drive for work is safe, easy-to-manage, and accessible from anywhere and any device. Fast and fluid, Google Drive for ...

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  • The CFO Super Hero – Battling for the Single Version of the Truth

    White Papers // Dec 2015 // provided by Infor

    The concept of CFOs as super heroes may be less far-fetched than it seems. After all, CFOs lead double lives: they are responsible for both the company’s core financials and its strategic future. Their X-ray vision helps them see through even the densest information. They overcome tremendous odds on a ...

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