Servers, switches, and storage are still the foundation of your enterprise, and next-gen high-performance equipment is key for 21st century business. You can find expert guidance and thought leadership here.

  • The Road to Convergence

    White Papers // Nov 2015 // provided by Dell and Intel

    IT organisations that move toward this kind of converged infrastructure can achieve a variety of critically important advantages, including: • More agile response to the business. • Significantly improved efficiency. • Increased operational resiliency. • Greater ability to innovate. • Faster, easier assimilation of future technologies. Read this report to ...

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  • Ten Cooling Solutions to Support High-density Server Deployment

    White Papers // Oct 2014 // provided by Schneider Electric

    High-density servers offer a significant performance per watt benefit. However, depending on the deployment, they can present a significant cooling challenge. Vendors are now designing servers that can demand over 40 kW of cooling per rack. With most data centers designed to cool an average of no more than 2 ...

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  • PC Lifecycle Management Interactive eGuide

    White Papers // Aug 2017 // provided by Dell

    Dell’s approach to PC Lifecycle management is designed to help customers make the change from IT maintenance to innovation all while controlling their PC infrastructure costs. With this eGuide IT professionals will learn how to deploy, secure, and support PCs with unparalleled efficiency leveraging Dell’s industry-leading hardware, services, and security ...

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  • Latest Research Underscores Need for PC Lifecycle Refresh

    White Papers // Aug 2017 // provided by Dell

    Productivity has become synonymous with revenue for many organizations. And yet data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the productivity level in the United States is actually fairly low. This research suggests that IT now plays a more critical part than ever in developing strategies to increase productivity ...

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  • Creating the Data Center of the Future with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    White Papers // Aug 2017 // provided by HPEnterprise

    As business requirements mount, IT must continue to evolve its infrastructure to meet business goals and drive productivity. To meet these needs, data centers of the future will be fully software-defined, allowing for cloud-like benefits with the security and control of an on-premises data center. Hyperconverged infrastructures are ...

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  • Hardware decommissioning policy

    Tools & Templates // Jul 2017 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    When decommissioning hardware, standard and well-documented practices are critical. The steps outlined in this policy will guide your staff methodically through the process. Assets won’t be unnecessarily wasted or placed in the wrong hands, data stored on this hardware will be preserved as needed (or securely purged), and all ancillary ...

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  • Why Services is the Big IoT Opportunity for Hardware Manufacturers

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by TSIA

    As traditional products become more commoditized, the data that can be collected from hardware can potentially deliver more business value than the physical component. For businesses that sell hardware, the future is in leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to capture data that can be used to improve customer operations ...

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  • Workstation or PC: How To Decide What Type of System Is Right For You

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Dell and Intel  

    From Computer Aided Design (CAD) to number-crunching to video editing, compared to a desktop PC an entry-level workstation will provide intelligent performance for many applications. Still, not everyone needs a workstation. A typical office worker running standard office applications such as word processing, e-mail, ...

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  • Dell: Trade up for fast ROI

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Dell and Intel  

    If your rely on 2D or 3D CAD to design or animate, then you know how demanding professional applications can be on your computer. Perhaps you've considered a workstation but couldn't justify the additional cost. Now, you can afford a true productivity boost without ...

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  • Top Reasons to Refresh

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Dell Intel Core

    Most companies are not refreshing their laptops and desktops often enough, and it can make all the difference. Whether you're unsure of the advantages new devices will get you, or need to validate ROI over other priorities, here are some reasons why you should make upgrading your ...

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