• Singtel: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

    White Papers // Jul 2016 // provided by Singtel

    As cyber threats are continually on the rise, it’s increasingly challenging for enterprises to protect their infrastructure.Security Information and Event Management provides round-the-clock monitoring and analysis with prioritised alert notifications. Find out SIEM can help protect your business and address a wide range of security issues that organisations are ...

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  • Unlocking IT shackles to increase business productivity

    White Papers // Jul 2016 // provided by Heat Software

    IT teams today are struggling. They are struggling to keep costs down, manage ever greater complexity and support a business more demanding than it has ever been before. The IT department is being forced ever closer to the business as a strategic partner to help drive ...

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  • Heat: Do not be a Prisoner to Legacy

    White Papers // Jul 2016 // provided by Heat Software

    The role of IT is changing from being an administrator of infrastructure to becoming a strategic business partner, however driving forward business innovation, productivity and growth is proving challenging for many IT Directors and CIOs. Many organisations are saddled with underperforming IT legacy ...

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  • Fax To Email Solutions For Small & Medium Sized Businesses

    Videos // Jul 2016 // provided by EFax

    Growing businesses like yours often rely on traditional paper-based faxing to get business done. With the costs of fax machines, analogue fax lines, maintenance, paper, toner and other supplies, faxing can be a significant cost to your organisation.If you need multiple fax numbers, eFax Corporate ...

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  • Integrating Multifunction Printers with Cloud Faxing

    White Papers // Jul 2016 // provided by EFax

    Many businesses don't utilise their Multifunction Printers to their full potential - such as sending a fax directly from the MFP itself or setting up automated confirmation receipts. However, by taking a few simple steps to integrate with a cloud-fax service, your business can find new value ...

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  • 8 Criteria To Consider When Bringing Ediscovery In-House

    White Papers // Jul 2016 // provided by ZyLAB

    This white paper is looking at the 8 criterias to consider when bringing ediscovery in house.

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  • The State of Salesforce 2016

    White Papers // Jul 2016 // provided by Bluewolf

    Bluewolf’s fourth annual The State of Salesforce Report uncovers how the best companies use Salesforce. Based on data collected from over 1,500 Salesforce customers, this year’s award-winning report shows how you can get the most out of Salesforce now.

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  • Extending Analytics to the Edges of Financial Services

    Webcasts // Jul 2016 // provided by QlikTech

    Financial services firms across banking, capital markets and insurance are using data analytics to better understand customer needs, predict future behaviour, develop products, and generate sales.But there’s a problem. Many organizations struggle with unravelling the complexity of this information and enabling self-service access to front line employees, ...

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  • Forrester - Top 10 Technology Trends to Watch 2016-2018

    White Papers // Jul 2016 // provided by NetSuite AU

    Forrester’s top 10 technology trends demonstrates why a shift is underway from cyclical, intention-led spending on point solutions, to investments targeting customer-driven, end-to-end value. Whilst this opens up huge opportunities, they also pose challenges in terms of the organisation’s infrastructure, culture, and maturity – particularly as companies expand and grow. ...

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  • IBM API Connect

    White Papers // Jul 2016 // provided by IBM

    Today’s leading enterprises are undergoing a digital transformation. They are diving into the API economy, in which businesses provide services—and the services of partners—when and where customers want them. They are connecting existing enterprise applications, data and services to new channels of personalized customer engagement.

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