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  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    Empowering Your Mobile Workers White Paper

    A modern mobile IT strategy is no longer an option, it is an absolute business necessity. Today’s most productive employees are not tied to a desk, an office, or a location. They are mobile. And your company’s IT strategy has to be ready to support them with easy, reliable,...

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  • Tools & Templates // Feb 2010

    Server Deployment/Migration Checklist

    One configuration error or overlooked step can send your server deployment off a cliff. This simple checklist will help you complete the process efficiently and avoid costly mistakes.Visit our Network Administrator blog for more networking resources.

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  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    The role of the network in cloud computing

    For a network that better supports your cloud and brings the most value possible to your business, its design has to be considered in the early stages of cloud planning. Read the white paper "Networking for cloud computing" to discover specific networking considerations for public, private and hybrid clouds.

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  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    Private cloud services from IBM. Flexible end-to-end solutions for transforming the enterprise

    Private clouds can drive operational efficiencies and transformative business model change, but maximizing these benefits requires a carefully planned strategy and flexible, scalable services. IBM’s holistic approach and integrated portfolio of end-to-end services provides multiple pathways to private cloud. Success hinges on ensuring the infrastructure is cloud-ready, developing an actionable...

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  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    Cisco Publishes Industry’s First and Best VMware View Planner Benchmark Result

    Cisco has the distinction of being the first in the industry to announce top VMware View Planner benchmark results. Highlights The Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) can deliver scalable, uncompromised desktop virtualization performance for extremely rigorous workloads. Cisco’s dedication to ultra-simplified, high-performance, and cost effective virtual desktops infrastructure...

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  • White Papers // Nov 2013

    An Introduction to Building Intelligent Systems

    Consumers are now demanding and expecting more from technology. Building intelligence into our devices is a promising way to satisfy this demand by providing more personalized experiences. In Building Intelligent Systems, the authors investigate how computer vision, machine learning, and data mining can be used together to build smarter devices...

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  • White Papers // Dec 2013

    Whitepaper: Security and Speed

    The problem of security implications for performance is growing as the number of devices or procedures deployed between the user and applications continues to grow. Download this whitepaper to learn more about how the right security mechanisms and approaches can minimize performance degradation.

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  • Downloads // May 2002

    Network Administrator skills assessment test

    This series of tests can help IT managers gauge how a job candidate for a net admin position will handle typical IT situations. The tests can also help you determine the skills sets each applicant brings to the table.

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  • Case Studies // Jan 2010

    Toyota: Fujitsu Drives Outsourcing for Toyota

    Toyota Motor Corporation is the third largest automaker in the world and produces a full range of model offerings - from mini-vehicles to large trucks. As a medium size organisation, Toyota Australia is not justified to invest so much on manpower to support the major IT activity. By outsourcing, it...

    Provided By Fujitsu

  • White Papers // Oct 2013

    Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

    Threats to online security have grown and evolved considerably. From the threats of cyberespionage and industrial espionage to the widespread, chronic problems of malware and phishing, we have seen constant innovation from malware authors. We have also seen an expansion of traditional threats into new forums. In particular, social media...

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  • White Papers // Aug 2013

    Discover 10 Steps to Securing Active Directory

    Active Directory user accounts are crucial to security because they are the basis for authentication and initial access to the network, systems, and applications. And maintaining AD in a clean, organized, and secure state is a challenge for organizations. But what if you could reduce costs while improving AD security...

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  • White Papers // Sep 2013

    Transaction-Centric vs. Infrastructure-Centric APM

    Should your organization take a transaction-centric or infrastructure-centric approach to application performance management? Download this report from TRAC Research to examine the major differences between the two approaches, the pros and cons of both in difference use cases, and finally which technology better fits your organization.

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  • Webcasts // Sep 2013

    Live webcast - Anticipate and act: how analytics enhances the supply chain

    Data is constantly being created as a byproduct of customer interactions and business activities. That data can have tremendous value because it can be used help you take the pulse of all the factors related to your business processes and customer needs. Today’s analytics systems can be easily used and...

    Provided By SAP

  • White Papers // Oct 2011

    Sysinternals: Free Windows Server 2008 Utilities You Should Know About

    Several years ago, Microsoft bought Sysinternals and, well, "internalized" it. The good news is that many of the old tools, as well as some updates and new tools, are still available. If you don't already know about Sysinternals, this paper will introduce you to a few of the utilities that...

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  • White Papers // Jan 2013

    Simplify Your Route to the Internet: Three Advantages of Using LISP

    The Location ID separation protocol (LISP) simplifies the process of connecting multi-homed sites, and also presents distinct advantages for networks. These advantages include simplicity over BGP, load balancing, and mobility.

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  • White Papers // Jan 2013

    The Evolution of Cisco Switching

    A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of routing and switching dynamics is not only necessary but expected by network professionals today. While the various processes may run almost invisibly on a properly configured device in a healthy network, inevitable issues will nearly always require the ability to examine problems at...

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  • White Papers // Jun 2013

    Foundational Focus: Basics of Ethernet

    A local area network (LAN) provides a path of communication, allowing the delivery of packets of data, voice, or video originating from the sender (logical source address) to the receiver (logical destination address). Ethernet is the most common LAN used. As you start to learn about networking, remember that communication...

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  • White Papers // Oct 2012

    802.1X Explained

    BYOD (Bring your own Device) is the term we have tried to put in the furthest, darkest place in our mind. Why do we react this way? The answer is that change scares us. Today, we are going to embark on a journey through several areas of this technology. We...

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  • White Papers // Oct 2012

    IP Version 6 Address Types

    In 1998, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) released RFC 2460, outlining the technical specifications of IPv6, which addressed the shortcomings of the aging IPv4 protocol. As with any evolution of technology, new elements exist in the protocol that may seem strange and unfamiliar. This certainly includes address representation, space,...

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  • White Papers // Sep 2013

    Whitepaper: Reinventing Anti-virus

    This whitepaper describes how new threats have stretched the capabilities of "fat client" security architectures to the limit, making it impractical to keep endpoints updated with signatures for all the new viruses. It discusses how a revolutionary approach is making traditional antivirus obsolete by replacing bloated clients and large signature...

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  • White Papers // Nov 2005

    Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication Over GPRS Networks

    Wireless Packet Data networks, such as GPRS, hold great promise for applications that rely on machine to machine (M2M) communication. Widespread availability and low price per Kilobyte are two key benefits of GPRS networks that make it an attractive technology to replace existing equipment or to deploy new wireless solutions....

    Provided By Setrix

  • White Papers // May 2012

    A Cross-Layer Design for QoS Support in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks for Smart Grid Applications

    In this paper, the authors propose a cross-layer design to meet the QoS requirements for smart grids employing the cognitive radio sensor networks for their control and monitoring operations. Existing routing protocols pertaining to QoS support are not able to simultaneously handle traffic of different characteristics present in smart grids....

    Provided By Bahcesehir University

  • White Papers // Sep 2012

    Design and Implementation of a WiFi Based Home Automation System

    This paper presents a design and prototype implementation of new home automation system that uses Wi-Fi technology as a network infrastructure connecting its parts. The proposed system consists of two main components; the first part is the server (web server), which presents system core that manages, controls, and monitors users'...

    Provided By World Academic Union

  • White Papers // Mar 2010

    NCTUns 6.0: A Simulator for Advanced Wireless Vehicular Network Research

    NCTUns is a novel network simulator/emulator that has many unique features over traditional network simulators/ emulators. By adopting an innovative kernel re-entering simulation methodology, NCTUns provides many unique and important advantages over traditional network simulators and emulators. For example, NCTUns directly uses the real-life TCP/IP protocol stack in the Linux...

    Provided By Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers

  • Webcasts // Nov 2013

    On-demand Webcast- Machine-to-Machine Security: How to Stay Secure While Building an Internet of Things

    Much of what we now refer to as the Internet of Things (IoT) has existed for decades but the Internet and cloud computing have further enabled automation, data, and security problems. As powerful and as valuable as IoT is, it's important to remember the security risks involved. Connected devices can...

    Provided By Wind River

  • White Papers // Apr 2013

    Mobile Content, Collaboration & IDC's 3rd IT Platform: The Next Frontier for the Mobile Enterprise

    IDC focuses this article on talks about the new IT platform. This 3rd IT Platform will be the new wave for the about the next 25 years, so they urge all current companies to embrace it themselves. They also talk about how mobile is a huge part of this...

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  • Downloads // Dec 2010

    10 PowerShell commands every Windows admin should know

    PowerShell combines the speed of the command line with the flexibility of a scripting language, making it a valuable Windows administration tool. Here are a few basic commands you'll want to master. This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Thing blog.

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  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    Strategy guide: Planning a Cloud Investment

    Making the decision to move to the cloud is a largely inevitable but potentially complex step in today's business evolution. It is likely that you have already virtualised all or part of your IT estate to reduce the cost and management overhead associated with running workloads on physical infrastructure. Moving...

    Provided By Adapt

  • White Papers // Aug 2013

    Mobile-First Enterprise: Easing The IT Burden

    10 Requirements for Optimizing Your Network for Mobility The age of the mobile-first enterprise is upon us. The challenges that face IT can be daunting and decisions made about access to enterprise resources today will affect how efficient and effective the IT organization is for years to come. ...

    Provided By Aerohive Networks

  • White Papers // Mar 2012

    PAPR and ICI Reduction in OFDM Systems Using Modified Raised Cosine Power Pulse Shape

    Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a frequency division multiplexing scheme utilized as a digital multi carrier modulation method for high speed broadband communication systems. The disadvantages of OFDM system is its high sensitivity to carrier frequency offset which distorts the orthogonality between subcarriers resulting in Inter Carrier Interference (ICI)...

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  • White Papers // Aug 2011

    Maximum Flow Based Load Balanced Routing Protocol for WDM Networks

    In optical WDM networks, maximum flow represents the maximum amount of light-paths that can be set up for a given source-destination node pair. When maximum flow algorithms are used for the Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA) problem, it optimizes the network resource usage. The existing routing methods rarely consider the...

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  • White Papers // Dec 2013

    Whitepaper: UC and Collaboration Adoption by Business Leads to Real Benefits

    Most businesses are thinking about deploying a wide array of collaboration features - from VoIP to collaboration platforms and even WebRTC clients - and better than 80% of those companies are realizing real business benefit. To better understand the adoption of the latest collaboration technology, Forrester Consulting has surveyed buyers...

    Provided By Cisco

  • White Papers // Mar 2010

    Stacking xMax Against WiMax IEEE 802.16e

    To address the burgeoning market opportunity for low-cost mobile voice and broadband data services, xG Technology, Inc. has developed an innovative wireless communication system (aka "xMax") that is capable of delivering mobile Voice over IP (VoIP) and broadband data services in the 902-928 MHz unlicensed band. From a business model...

    Provided By xG Technology

  • White Papers // Sep 2013

    Exploring Software-Defined Networking with Brocade

    In this paper you will learn about the range of SDN technologies that are currently evolving and how they can be applied to a series of cloud-related challenges. In addition, this paper will illustrate how Brocade is implementing SDN both vertically -- in data, control, and management planes -- and...

    Provided By Brocade

  • White Papers // Nov 2013

    Overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    AWS is a comprehensive cloud services platform that offers compute power, storage, content delivery, and other functionality that organizations can use to deploy applications and services cost-effectively with flexibility, scalability, and reliability. AWS self-service means that you can pro-actively address your internal plans and react to external demands when you...

    Provided By Amazon Web Services

  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    Avoiding the Stall: Riding the Momentum of the Next Levels of Datacentre Virtualisation

    IT executives at organizations large and small have successfully virtualised a large portion of their server infrastructure over the past five years. Today, over 50% of all applications run as virtual machines (VMs) on a virtualised server, and in many large organizations, levels of virtualisation often exceed 80%. This...

    Provided By HP

  • White Papers // Mar 2014

    The Changing Face of Unified Communications

    In business environments, few variables are as important as communication. Although this is a simple consideration, it has far-reaching effects. After all, companies that are not able to effectively communicate and collaborate with external partners, clients and customers may soon find themselves facing diminishing returns and decreased profit margins. Internal...

    Provided By ShoreTel

  • White Papers // Sep 2013

    IBM WP: Why Flex System is Best Blade Solution on Market

    IBM Flex System is quite simply the best blade offering on the market. The rest of this document explains briefly how and why IBM Flex System outperforms mere blade systems IBM Flex. It illustrates the combination of capabilities that Flex System solutions offer and blade systems from HP, Dell, Cisco...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Nov 2013

    Security and Speed

    Competitive organizations require a solution that cuts the security overhead dramatically while optimizing application delivery to mitigate any remaining reductions in performance. Download this white paper to learn how you can both maintain performance and raise the overall security posture of the organization.

    Provided By F5 Networks

  • Podcasts // Nov 2013

    Why care about managed services? Transformational benefits, that's why

    This mini paper and podcast features Lynn Koch discussing the benefits of managed services.

    Provided By IBM