As cloud computing grows, how will it impact the network and communications technologies and management?

  • White Papers // Dec 2013

    The Benefits of an Integrated Approach to Security in the Cloud

    In this paper, Hurwitz & Associates interviewed customers in a variety of industries to assess how they are approaching security for their cloud deployments leveraging IBM’s Security Intelligence Platform and suggests approaches to implementing cloud security.

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  • White Papers // Feb 2015

    Get On Your Way to a Secure Mobile Enterprise

    This infographic shows the key points on the path to a secure mobile enterprise, and how holistic protection from IBM can help organizations move beyond device security and extend protection to sensitive content, applications and transactions.

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  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM MQ: High Reliability And Cost Efficiencies Deliver Compelling Benefits In High Throughput Environments

    IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying IBM MQ (previously named IBM WebSphereMQ). The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    Forrester report: The Total Economic Impact of WebSphere Application Server

    In April, 2012, IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying WebSphere Application Server. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of the WebSphere Application Server...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    White paper: Application Server TCO comparison: WebSphere vs JBoss

    The JEE Application Server markets continue to expand and adapt to multiple market factors including increased demands for uptime, lower total cost of ownership, ease of administration, enhancements and innovations within the Java runtimes, and stronger competition between commercial and open source vendors. These factors are all playing their part...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    White paper: WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile compared to Tomcat

    The goal of this document is to assist you in making an informed decision when choosing between IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Version 8.5 - Liberty Profile and Apache Tomcat 7 as an application serving environment. While both servers provide a specification-compliant servlet container, there are also significant differences that this...

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  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM

    IBM Security QRadar has been positioned again in the Leaders quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM. In addition to providing a technology that is a good match to current customer requirements, Leaders also show evidence of superior vision and execution for anticipated requirements. Gartner reveals that customers' greatest...

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  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    The Total Ecocomic Impact of IBM PureApplication System

    IBM PureApplication System converges computer, storage, networking components, and software into a preconfigured and pretested system. This Forrester Whitepaper will help you to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with the IBM PureApplication System.

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  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    Ten Commandments of Bring Your Own Device

    End users are demanding their own devices in the workplace, making IT the shepherds of a potentially unruly flock.
The good news is IT can embrace BYOD with security and confidence given the right preparation and technology.

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  • White Papers // Apr 2015

    Mobile Device Management for Healthcare

    With Mobile Device Management (MDM) healthcare can rest easy that staff, doctors and nurses are equipped to deal with all emergencies.

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  • Downloads // May 2015

    A Network Performance Monitor Tool for You

    Monitoring your network with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) will not only help you improve the performance of your network, but it can also have a direct impact on your organisation’s bottom line. NPM will assist in: Simplifying detection, diagnosis, & resolution of network issues before outages occur Tracking response...

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  • Downloads // Feb 2015

    Check VM Health in Minutes. It's FREE!

    It's time for your FREE VMware & Hyper-V Healthcheck with Virtualization Manager. So much change occurs in your VM environment, it can be hard to stay ahead of potential problems like: Storage I/O bottlenecks Memory & CPU over-utilization VM sprawl wasting resources Capacity shortfalls Over & undersized VMs And on...

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  • Downloads // May 2015

    Managing Virtualised Environments? Check VM Health in Minutes

    Reduce downtime up to 53%* and time spent troubleshooting by 59%* by proactively analysing and alerting on VM performance. See relationships of active and pending alerts that identify hypervisor specific issues on VMs, hosts, datastores, & clusters. Proactively alert on VMware & Hyper-V performance with SolarWinds Virtualization Manager. Download a...

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  • Downloads // Aug 2014

    Reliable & Secure File Transfer with Serv-U MFT Server

    Serv-U® Managed File Transfer (MFT) Server is a secure alternative to cloud-based and free FTP services. Deployed within your own data center, Serv-U gives you full control of file transfer security and administration. Serv-U allows you to upload and download files from anywhere via Web and mobile clients. Whether it...

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  • White Papers // May 2015

    Achieve More with Video Collaboration - Cisco CMR

    As the workforce becomes more mobile and distributed, leaders recognise that video is an essential component of effective business collaboration. Video conferencing is becoming more pervasive, as it delivers a range of proven benefits to teams and orqanisations. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) ...

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  • White Papers // May 2015

    How to Build an Always-On Infrastructure

    Real-time customer expectations are driving the need for an always-on business environment. To keep pace with these demands, organisations need to deploy innovative, mobile solutions and manage explosive data growth, while also reducing risk and costs. To gain a competitive advantage, organisations need an always-on infrastructure that is future...

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  • Downloads // Apr 2014

    Stadiums race to digitize (PDF download)

    Younger fans are leaving stadiums when they can't get connected, so sports teams are finally embracing technology as a way to improve the fan experience and increase the team’s bottom line. Download the full feature article from TechRepublic's Teena Hammond in magazine format as a free PDF that you can...

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  • Downloads // Nov 2006

    Use this template to configure QoS on your Cisco router

    Using quality of service (QoS) on Cisco network devices helps provide both bandwidth and priority to certain types of network traffic. Configuring QoS on your Cisco router can be tricky, but this template can help. As a companion download to David Davis' article, "Configure QoS on your Cisco...

    Provided By David Davis

  • Tools & Templates // Feb 2010

    Server Deployment/Migration Checklist

    One configuration error or overlooked step can send your server deployment off a cliff. This simple checklist will help you complete the process efficiently and avoid costly mistakes.Visit our Network Administrator blog for more networking resources.

    Provided By Erik Eckel

  • Research // Dec 2014

    Conferencing Loud & Clear

    We spend hours in phone conferences with colleagues, clients, and customers every day, but poor sound quality can turn a productive collaboration into a time-wasting drag. Next-generation conference phones deliver whole-room coverage and crystal-clear audio that keeps participants engaged. Have you ever dialed into a conference call, only to...

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  • Downloads // Sep 2002

    Network outage report template

    This Microsoft Word template will help you report a network or Web site outage, document the steps taken to resolve the issue, and indicate who was notified of the problem.

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  • Downloads // Oct 2007

    How do I... Use C# to upload and download files from an FTP server?

    Many third party components exist that enable developers to implement upload and download capabilities in their applications. With C# and the .NET Framework Microsoft has given developers this capability without the need to use third party components. Zach Smith demonstrates how to upload and download files from a FTP server...

    Provided By Zach Smith

  • Downloads // Dec 2010

    10 PowerShell commands every Windows admin should know

    PowerShell combines the speed of the command line with the flexibility of a scripting language, making it a valuable Windows administration tool. Here are a few basic commands you'll want to master. This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Thing blog.

    Provided By Brien Posey

  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    What to Look For When Evaluating NGFW

    This white paper summarizes the results of three independent tests that can help you select a next-generation firewall, as well as links to public research that you can examine yourself.

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  • White Papers // Nov 2014

    Preparing for Future Attacks: Implementing the Right Security Strategy Now

    Recent malware incidents have shown how costly and damaging cyber attacks can be. Such attacks may not necessarily be successful, but when attackers do find their way inside an organisation’s systems, a swift, well-prepared response can quickly minimise damage and restore systems before significant harm can be caused. In order...

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  • White Papers // Jan 2015

    Migrating Linux applications from x86 to IBM Power Systems: A discussion of best practices

    PowerVM is a complete virtualization solution that is integrated and packaged with Power Systems. This is a very robust implementation of virtualization developed by IBM, based on best practices learned over the course of four decades of experience with the IBM mainframe. Read More..

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Mar 2015

    Collaboration Unchained: Tapping the Potential of Unified Communications

    Emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings remain fundamental to how many large organizations communicate—internally and externally. However, the emergence of collaborative technologies is enabling customers, competitors and employees to innovate, disrupt and challenge the ways in which work gets done and value is created. This report produced with WSJ. Custom...

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  • Downloads // May 2002

    Network Administrator skills assessment test

    This series of tests can help IT managers gauge how a job candidate for a net admin position will handle typical IT situations. The tests can also help you determine the skills sets each applicant brings to the table.

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Downloads // Jan 2006

    10 commands you should master when working with the Cisco IOS

    This list contains the 10 commands every Cisco IOS user should know inside and out. As the Cisco IOS is riddled with thousands of commands, configuring it can be challenging. This download will help you master the 10 commands to know, inside and out, when using the Cisco IOS....

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  • Downloads // Aug 2006

    Generate your own ready-to-use Cisco 871W configuration with this handy tool

    The Cisco 871W wireless router is limited in certain ways, but it offers many lessons that apply to a wide range of Cisco devices. We're launching a series of tutorials focusing on this router to help expand your knowledge of Cisco equipment. Along with the first tutorial, "Configuring the...

    Provided By George Ou and Justin James

  • White Papers // Jul 2014

    Mobility is moving fast: Seven Questions that Prepare you for BYOD

    Are you ready for BYOD? For successful BYOD operations, organizations must address issues they may not have considered yet, but that can have significant consequences for business and IT operations. Here are seven questions you should answer as you roll out new mobile capabilities

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  • White Papers // Jan 2015

    Is your platform secure? Really?

    The introduction of the cloud architecture, with its virtualizati on basis, has created new avenues of attack. The challenge of protecting the organizational assets and process, while avoiding adverse impact on service levels, is growing. Although many organizations view security as a simplistic access to assets, the Solitaire Interglobal Ltd....

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  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    How Traditional Firewalls Fail

    Your current firewall may be jeopardizing your security. This white paper explains exactly where traditional firewalls fall short, and how next-generation firewalls can help.

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  • Downloads // Feb 2005

    Create a site for e-commerce with PHP, MySQL, and PayPal

    This how-to article offers step-by-step instructions for adding e-commerce capabilities to your existing Web site using PHP, MySQL, and PayPal. The method outlined here lets you add e-business functionality to your corporate portal without a major allocation of scarce development resources.

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Tools & Templates // Jun 2010

    PowerShell scripts: Quickly find space-hogging files

    A key Windows maintenance chore involves determining what data is consuming resources. Here are a couple of scripts that make it easy to get that critical file information.Check out Rick Vanover's entry in our Network Administrator blog for additional details.

    Provided By Rick Vanover

  • White Papers // Aug 2014

    Secure Mobile Access

    Discover how to enhance mobile productivity among employees by using converged technology that combines the best of management and security capabilities.

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  • eBooks // Aug 2014

    Achieve Deeper Network Security and Application Control

    Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) have emerged to revolutionize network security as we know it. Traditional firewalls that only focus on stateful packet inspection and access control rules are not effective in today’s advanced-threat environment.

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  • White Papers // Mar 2010

    NCTUns 6.0: A Simulator for Advanced Wireless Vehicular Network Research

    NCTUns is a novel network simulator/emulator that has many unique features over traditional network simulators/ emulators. By adopting an innovative kernel re-entering simulation methodology, NCTUns provides many unique and important advantages over traditional network simulators and emulators. For example, NCTUns directly uses the real-life TCP/IP protocol stack in the Linux...

    Provided By Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers

  • White Papers // Aug 2012

    The Importance of Managing Privileged Accounts

    Discover invaluable insights on the benefits of properly managing administrative privileges, developing a policy for managing privileged accounts and enforcing those policies. Could you be managing your privileged accounts better? Download the whitepaper today and find out.

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  • Downloads // Jun 2006

    IP subnetting made easy

    IP subnetting is a fundamental subject that's critical for any IP network engineer to understand, yet students have traditionally had a difficult time grasping it. After years of watching confused students struggle through school and in practice when dealing with subnetting, TechRepublic's George Ou created a simple, graphical approach that...

    Provided By George Ou