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  • Videos // May 2014

    Video: Workday Time Tracking (Epipheo)

    Time tracking is painful. But it doesn't have to be. You just need a better system. And with Workday Time Tracking, you can have one. Watch the video to learn about this cutting-edge time and attendance application that allows you to process payroll and do workforce analysis in minutes.

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  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    The Right Way to Prove Identity and Establish Trust

    Right now, one of your employees is accessing network resources. Do you know who it is? See how to verify user identities and protect your company’s critical information. Read this technical brief.

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  • White Papers // Jul 2014

    Using Encryption and Access Control for HIPAA Compliance

    Since 1997 Fortrex Technologies, Inc. has been providing IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance advisory services and solutions. In this white paper Fortrex explores how encryption, access control and file access audit logs from Vormetric can Contributes to HIPAA compliance and exempt from notification requirements of HITECH.

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  • White Papers // May 2013

    Top five questions you should ask before purchasing a two-factor authentication solution

    Two-factor authentication is critical for safeguarding your company’s critical information. In this technical brief, discover five things to know before purchasing a two-factor authentication solution, and which solution is the best fit for your business.

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  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    The Use of Ceiling-Ducted Air Containment in Data Centers

    Ducting hot IT-equipment exhaust to a drop ceiling can be an effective air management strategy, improving the reliability and energy efficiency of a data center. Typical approaches include ducting either individual racks or entire hot aisles and may be passive (ducting only) or active (include fans). This paper examines available...

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  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    Selecting Foundational Controls Makes FISMA Compliance Easier

    Compliance isn't a choice – it’s mandatory, and ensuring your business stays in compliance is critical. In this new Dell Software white paper, learn more about IT compliance – straight from an auditor. Then, see how your business can quickly and easily meet FISMA guidelines today and tomorrow. Download your copy.

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  • White Papers // Mar 2014

    Security in the Cloud for SAP HANA

    High-speed data analytics is changing the way companies compete, enabling them to generate real-time insights to support their most important business processes. Cloud computing offers a complementary technology that also provides game-changing capabilities for business computing. Yet many companies have been reluctant to deploy mission-critical applications, such as SAP HANA,...

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  • White Papers // May 2014

    Nightmare on Delegation Street with Native AD Tools

    Delegating Active Directory (AD) permissions – and managing and reporting on those delegations – is a nightmare. If you’re using native tools, that is. With the right tools, the job is easy. Learn how to put your AD delegation nightmares to rest – forever.

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  • White Papers // May 2014

    Are You Spending More than You Realize on AD Management?

    Learn about the six key essential Active Directory (AD) management tasks, estimate the costs a company incurs each year in each category and explore how investing in the right tools can make managing AD easier and more cost-effective.

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  • White Papers // May 2014

    Best-In-Class Steps to Successfully Manage the Buyer's Journey

    Delighting customers is no easy task for today’s organizations. The constant growth of information on numerous products and services empower customers with crucial intelligence that inuences their purchase decisions. Achieving success in keeping in-tune with customers’ rapidly changing needs requires businesses to streamline their customer data management activities to personalize...

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  • White Papers // Aug 2013

    The Wild World of Malware: Keeping your Company Safe Inside

    As the level of cyber-crimes continues to grow, it’s important for IT to understand the latest types of malware and how they work. This is especially true for small- and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the resources to concentrate on network security. Find out how to protect your...

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  • White Papers // Jul 2014

    2014 Insider Threat Report

    The 2014 Vormetric Insider Threat Report - European Edition represents the result of analysis of interviews with 537 IT and Security managers in major European enterprises around the question of insider threats. Insider threats have expanded from the traditional insiders to privileged users of systems and the compromise of internal...

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  • Downloads // Oct 2013

    Intel® Composer XE 2013

    Now it’s simpler to recompile for greater improvements by using pre-optimized, pre-threaded performance libraries. This performance-oriented developer tool includes Intel C++ and Fortran compilers, and threading and math, multimedia, and signal processing performance libraries. It’s compatible with leading development environments and compilers on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X and...

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  • White Papers // May 2014

    Whitepaper: HR in the Cloud

    The human resources function is undergoing a fundamental transformation. The old ways of doing business won't work in the new modern global economy. Read the whitepaper to explore the five business trends driving the rapid adoption of SaaS business solutions and discover why businesses like yours are moving to SaaS.

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  • White Papers // May 2014

    Whitepaper: Workday: A Whole New Approach to the HRMS Marketplace

    Josh Bersin, principal analyst at Bersin and Associates, talked with three of Workday’s customers and is now convinced that there are transformational benefits to adopting its unique and powerful approach to human resource management systems (HRMS). This whitepaper summarizes the discussion and highlights the benefits of Workday for other organizations....

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  • White Papers // Nov 2013

    Consolidation: The Foundation for IT Business Transformation

    This white paper explores how to consolidate legacy, redundant IT services and shows how consolidation can accelerate growth while cutting costs and reducing complexities and enhance competitiveness.

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  • White Papers // Jul 2014

    How Monitoring Systems Reduce Human Error in Distributed Server Rooms & Remote Wiring Closets

    Surprise incidences of downtime in server rooms and remote wiring closets lead to sleepless nights for many IT managers. Most can recount horror stories about how bad luck, human error, or just simple incompetence brought their server rooms down. This paper analyses several of these incidents and makes recommendations...

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  • Tools & Templates // Feb 2010

    Server Deployment/Migration Checklist

    One configuration error or overlooked step can send your server deployment off a cliff. This simple checklist will help you complete the process efficiently and avoid costly mistakes.Visit our Network Administrator blog for more networking resources.

    Provided By Erik Eckel

  • Downloads // Jun 2006

    IP subnetting made easy

    IP subnetting is a fundamental subject that's critical for any IP network engineer to understand, yet students have traditionally had a difficult time grasping it. After years of watching confused students struggle through school and in practice when dealing with subnetting, TechRepublic's George Ou created a simple, graphical approach that...

    Provided By George Ou

  • White Papers // Oct 2013

    Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

    Threats to online security have grown and evolved considerably. From the threats of cyberespionage and industrial espionage to the widespread, chronic problems of malware and phishing, we have seen constant innovation from malware authors. We have also seen an expansion of traditional threats into new forums. In particular, social media...

    Provided By Symantec

  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    The Power to Destroy: How Malware Works

    Nearly a quarter of IT managers simply don’t know how secure their website is. It’s vital for businesses to understand the part their website plays in the distribution of malware to clients, customers and the wider online community. Malware takes many different forms. It can log keystrokes, lead to data...

    Provided By Symantec

  • Downloads // Nov 2006

    Use this template to configure QoS on your Cisco router

    Using quality of service (QoS) on Cisco network devices helps provide both bandwidth and priority to certain types of network traffic. Configuring QoS on your Cisco router can be tricky, but this template can help. As a companion download to David Davis' article, "Configure QoS on your Cisco...

    Provided By David Davis

  • Downloads // May 2002

    Network Administrator skills assessment test

    This series of tests can help IT managers gauge how a job candidate for a net admin position will handle typical IT situations. The tests can also help you determine the skills sets each applicant brings to the table.

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    FTP vs MFT: Why it’s time to make the change

    Get the facts you need to make the case for managed file transfer. Read the report to get head-to-head comparisons of cost, reliability, visibility, security & management and get the information you need to make a compelling case for moving to MFT.

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Jul 2013

    2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM

    IBM Security QRadar has been positioned again in the Leaders quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM. In addition to providing a technology that is a good match to current customer requirements, Leaders also show evidence of superior vision and execution for anticipated requirements. Gartner reveals that customers'...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    Website Security Threat Report 2013

    Threats to online security have grown and evolved considerably. From the threats of cyberespionage and industrial espionage to the widespread, chronic problems of malware and phishing, we have seen constant innovation from malware authors. We have also seen an expansion of traditional threats into new forums. In particular, social media...

    Provided By Symantec

  • Downloads // Sep 2002

    Network outage report template

    This Microsoft Word template will help you report a network or Web site outage, document the steps taken to resolve the issue, and indicate who was notified of the problem.

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • White Papers // May 2014

    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cloud Backup

    IT departments are embracing cloud backup, but there’s a lot you need to know before choosing a service provider. For example, did you know: That encryption doesn’t guarantee privacy? That you could lose data by choosing the wrong cloud? That cloud backup doesn't have to be slow? Learn...

    Provided By Druva

  • White Papers // Jul 2008

    Application Retirement: Road Map for Legacy Applications

    As technology becomes obsolete and organizations deploy new applications, many enterprise applications wind up outliving their usefulness and become known as a "Legacy application". Every organization needs to be actively looking at their IT portfolios for applications, systems, and platforms that cost them more to maintain than the value they...

    Provided By Solix Technologies

  • Downloads // Dec 2010

    10 PowerShell commands every Windows admin should know

    PowerShell combines the speed of the command line with the flexibility of a scripting language, making it a valuable Windows administration tool. Here are a few basic commands you'll want to master. This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Thing blog.

    Provided By Brien Posey

  • Downloads // Jan 2011

    10 fundamental concepts for PowerShell scripting

    PowerShell can save you a lot of time on Windows admin tasks -- but to use it effectively, you need to understand how it works. Here's a crash course in PowerShell basics to get you started. This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Brien Posey

  • Downloads // Sep 2006

    Use this template to create your own ready-to-use Cisco 851W or 871W configuration (DHCP or cable modem Internet connections)

    This template goes hand in hand with the second installment in our Cisco tutorial series, "Configuring the Cisco 851W or 871W: Standard IOS." The template makes it easy to document and create CLI configuration files. You just plug in the appropriate values for a list of variables and click...

    Provided By George Ou and Justin James

  • Downloads // Feb 2005

    Create a site for e-commerce with PHP, MySQL, and PayPal

    This how-to article offers step-by-step instructions for adding e-commerce capabilities to your existing Web site using PHP, MySQL, and PayPal. The method outlined here lets you add e-business functionality to your corporate portal without a major allocation of scarce development resources.

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Downloads // Jan 2006

    10 commands you should master when working with the Cisco IOS

    This list contains the 10 commands every Cisco IOS user should know inside and out. As the Cisco IOS is riddled with thousands of commands, configuring it can be challenging. This download will help you master the 10 commands to know, inside and out, when using the Cisco IOS....

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • White Papers // Oct 2013

    HP ProLiant DL360p & DL380p Gen8 Servers: Power, Flexibility and Serviceability

    Explore the Power, Flexibility and Serviceability HP ProLiant DL360p and DL380p Gen8 Servers The DL360p and DL380p deliver innovative advances in performance, serviceability and lifecycle automation to address the pressing demands of today’s data-intensive and virtualized IT environments. Based on the HP ProActive Insight architecture, these intelligent servers can...

    Provided By HP & Intel® Xeon® Processor

  • White Papers // Jun 2007

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Up SaaS Operations

    Faced with intensifying competition, as well as a desire for more stable revenue streams, software companies are increasingly turning to the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. Software companies are facing the complex issues involved with building the service delivery capabilities necessary to support SaaS offerings. Building an...

    Provided By OpSource

  • Downloads // Aug 2008

    10 quick tips to make Linux networking easier

    Linux makes networking simple and secure -- if you know a few tricks. Jack Wallen shares some pointers to help admins knock out various Linux networking tasks with a minimum of effort.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Jack Wallen

  • Downloads // Mar 2011

    10 more Sysinternals utilities to keep handy

    Derek Schauland is back with additional utilities from the Sysinternals toolkit that can speed routine tasks on Windows systems.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Derek Schauland

  • Downloads // May 2010

    The 10 best cross-platform applications

    In this cross-platform world, you need apps that can handle whatever systems you're supporting. Jack Wallen lists the cross-platform applications he thinks are indispensable. This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Jack Wallen

  • Downloads // May 2012

    Server Update and Patch Management Policy

    A good way to set clients' expectations and reduce confusion about server updates and patch management is for your IT consultancy to use this customizable TechRepublic Server Update and Patch Management Policy.

    Provided By Erik Eckel