SDN, NFV, and a host of other cutting-edge technologies are hitting your network faster than you can say Ethernet Fabric. But which are truly critical?

  • White Papers // Oct 2009

    QAM Overview and Troubleshooting Basics for Recently Digital Cable Operators

    Digital Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) signals are a complex challenge for the average cable technician. This paper will examine QAM and will cover the basics for understanding QAM technology) they will also discuss the kinds of failures that cause digital problems and explain what to look for when testing. Then...

    Provided By JDS Uniphase

  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    Cable Modem Vs. Traditional (Telephone) Modem

    In the 1960s, modems (Modulator-Demodulators) were developed to permit the transmission of digital signals over telephone lines. The modulator of a modem converts bits into sounds in the frequency range transmitted by the telephone lines, and the demodulator converts such sounds back into bits. Until recently, the only way to...

    Provided By University of Rhode Island

  • Product Specs // May 2009

    Avaya One-X Deskphone 9650 IP Telephone

    The Avaya one-X Deskphone solution family features an intuitive user interface which helps to make users proficient and confident in performing common telephone tasks such as setting up a conference call or completing a transfer. With brilliant audio quality, it's much easier to hear and understand other people which speeds...

    Provided By Avaya

  • Product Specs // Jan 2010

    Avaya G450 Media Gateway

    The Avaya G450 Media Gateway provides a secure, reliable, and scalable platform for the delivery of Avaya Communication Manager-based IP telephony applications. It is targeted to mid to large sized branch offices, medium sized standalone businesses or small campus environments. Like other Avaya GX50 series Media Gateways, it can be...

    Provided By Avaya

  • White Papers // Feb 2011

    Tellabs Network Integration Services

    Rapid and effective integration of management systems and network elements into a cohesive system is essential to generating revenue from their equipment investments. Whether people are integrating a single new element or a completely new, multi-vendor network, they need a partner with the experience and expertise to deliver quickly and...

    Provided By Tellabs

  • White Papers // May 2010

    SOABench: Performance Evaluation of Service-Oriented Middleware Made Easy

    SOABench is a framework for the automatic generation, execution and analysis of testbeds for evaluating the performance of service-oriented middleware. Testbeds can be characterized in terms of the composite services to execute, the workload to generate, the deployment configuration to use, the performance metrics to gather, the data analyses to...

    Provided By Association for Computing Machinery

  • Downloads // Sep 2006

    Use this template to create your own ready-to-use Cisco 851W or 871W configuration (DHCP or cable modem Internet connections)

    This template goes hand in hand with the second installment in our Cisco tutorial series, "Configuring the Cisco 851W or 871W: Standard IOS." The template makes it easy to document and create CLI configuration files. You just plug in the appropriate values for a list of variables and click...

    Provided By George Ou and Justin James

  • Downloads // Oct 2006

    Use this workbook to rapidly configure IPSec tunnels on Cisco IOS devices

    As we discuss in the companion article, "Configuring IPSec VPN on Cisco IOS," site-to-site VPN tunnels offer a cheaper and often faster alternative to frame relay or even MPLS WAN connections. This Excel workbook is designed to make it easy for you to generate an IPSec configuration that you...

    Provided By George Ou

  • Downloads // Nov 2006

    Use this template to configure a Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch

    While configuring a new Cisco Catalyst switch isn't necessary difficult, it can be time-consuming. Why not automate the process with an Excel template? As a companion download to David Davis' article, "Configure a Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch with this template," this Excel workbook will generate the appropriate configuration...

    Provided By David Davis

  • Downloads // Jan 2007

    Use this template to configure a Cisco PIX Firewall

    Configuring a new Cisco PIX Firewall can be challenging and time-consuming. Why not automate the process with an Excel template? As a companion download to David Davis' article, "Configure a Cisco PIX Firewall with this template," this Excel workbook will generate the appropriate configuration for the firewall. All...

    Provided By David Davis

  • Downloads // Jan 2007

    TechRepublic's ultimate guide to enterprise wireless LAN security

    Enterprise wireless LAN security is a persistent concern for every system administrator and CIO. Threats from both within and without the enterprise threaten your data each and every day. This download gives you the basic foundation you need to secure your enterprise wireless connections by detailing security protocols such...

    Provided By George Ou

  • Downloads // Oct 2005

    10 things you should know about the NETSH tool

    NETSH is a lesser-known command-line tool that can help you cut to the chase when you need to perform various networking tasks. These pointers will help you use it to streamline your configuration, administration, and documentation chores. Despite its power and versatility, NETSH is often passed over in favor...

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Downloads // Mar 2003

    Hardware check-out/check-in forms

    Use these simple yet effective hardware check-out/check-in forms to track your organization's loaner equipment. These forms also ensure that the borrower knows what happens if the hardware is lost, stolen, or damaged.

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Downloads // Apr 2006

    Install and configure Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) 2.13.2

    In this download, we will configure MRTG to run as a daemon in the background, perform simple monitoring of a network device, configure the output to produce an index.html file, and finally, to have that index generated automatically. In the previous download, we learned how to create...

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Book chapters // Dec 2005

    Create an efficient IP plan with variable-length subnet masking (VLSM)

    This sample chapter, taken from CCNA Portable Command Guide, teaches you the power of variable-length subnet masking (VLSM). Variable-length subnet masking (VLSM) is the more realistic way of subnetting a network to make for the most efficient use of all of the bits.This sample chapter, taken from CCNA Portable...

    Provided By Cisco Press

  • Downloads // Jan 2006

    Gather Windows system details with this VBscript

    This handy VBscript gathers information on Windows machines and writes the information to a CSV file. Use the handy VBscript to gather a variety of system information on and Windows machines in your domain. When run, this script gathers a computer machine name, number of processors, total RAM, manufacturer,...

    Provided By TechRepublic

  • Downloads // Feb 2007

    Meet VoIP bandwidth requirements without crippling your network performance

    Failure to account for VoIP bandwidth requirements will severely limit the reliability of a VoIP system and place a huge burden on your WAN infrastructure. George Ou explains how to deal with the various audio compression algorithms and WAN topologies so that you can calculate your bandwidth needs. Once you've...

    Provided By George Ou

  • Book chapters // Aug 2006

    CCNA 1 Labs and Study Guide: Networking Basics

    Boost your understanding of networking basics and prepare for CCNA 1 course assessments with this chapter from Networking Basics CCNA 1 Labs and Study Guide, the revised and only authorized labs and study guide for the Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA 1 curriculum. In the study guide section, test...

    Provided By Cisco Press

  • White Papers // Apr 2005

    "TCP/IP Over Satellite: Optimization Vs. Acceleration"

    Both acceleration and optimization technologies help overcome satellite latency to varying degrees. Due to the nature of TCP transmissions, any performance increases achieved by the various acceleration methods are offset by serious compromises in data security. Fundamental incompatibilities arise when one attempts to operate conventional VPN devices over satellite links,...

    Provided By End II End Communications

  • White Papers // Sep 2007

    Five Steps To Effective Resource Management

    Effective Resource Management not only impacts profitability by optimizing utilization and minimizing bench time, but when done well, can generate goodwill and loyalty that translate to competitive advantages in recruiting and retaining the best talent. The problem is that with all of the inefficiencies created by the systems we have...

    Provided By QuickArrow

  • Downloads // May 2008

    Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition v12

    WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition provides a powerful, cost-effective network and application management and monitoring solution for single-site networks of all sizes that installs, discovers and maps network connected assets in minutes. Leveraging SNMP v1-3 and WMI, WhatsUp enables predictive monitoring in combination with powerful alerting and notification capabilities to keep...

    Provided By Ipswitch

  • White Papers // Sep 2006

    The Business Case for Disaster Recovery Planning: Calculating the Cost of Downtime

    IT leaders recognize that a disaster can be any event that prevents a business from accessing the data and systems it needs to operate. This could encompass everything from regional power outages, to virus outbreaks, to employee sabotage, to external data fraud, to devastating terrorist attacks. Virtually every company faces...

    Provided By Iron Mountain

  • White Papers // Aug 2003

    SAP Enterprise Portal: Portal Infrastructure

    SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) unifies enterprise applications, information, and services from SAP and non-SAP sources into one system to support business processes, both within and across company boundaries. SAP Enterprise Portal is a building block of SAP NetWeaver - a total integration and application platform designed to unify and...

    Provided By SAP

  • White Papers // Jul 2004

    IP Multimedia Subsystem: IMS - Overview and Applications

    This white paper presents an overview of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), provides examples of various services that this new environment can offer to end users, and outlines the benefits of IMS as a service delivery environment. The goal is to explain why operators should purchase and deploy such a...

    Provided By 3G Americas

  • White Papers // Dec 2007

    Total Cost Comparison: NetApp vs. EMC Solutions for Windows File Services Consolidation

    Once companies have made the decision to consolidate their Windows file services environments, a key consideration for many is which storage platform will provide the lowest total cost. This independent research by Mercer Management Consulting reviews the cost of acquiring, deploying, operating, and managing EMC Celerra and NetApp FAS environments....

    Provided By NetApp

  • White Papers // Aug 2008

    Enterprise IP PBX Buyers Guide - Features and Services That Matter

    This Buyer's Guide covers the main features, services and requirements for enterprise class PBX systems and how to understand the differences between them. Outgrown your old phone system -- in terms of size, functionality and technology? The typical reasons for upgrading to an IP PBX system for any enterprise...

    Provided By VoIP-News

  • Case Studies // Jun 2009

    City Enhances Service Delivery With Automated Request Management

    To provide exceptional citizen service, the City of Bellevue, Washington, is committed to innovation and responsive government. In 2005, Bellevue launched its "Service First" initiative to streamline access to public services and information. To support the initiative, the city sought a software solution that could automate, coordinate, and track service...

    Provided By Microsoft

  • Case Studies // Sep 2008

    Microsoft IT Business Case for System Center Configuration Manager 2007 in a Data Center

    This paper will demonstrate the business case that Microsoft IT made to implement System Center Configuration Manager in a data center to reduce costs through optimized IT resources, improve efficiency, and enable the data center to meet its data and computing needs. Additionally, this paper will detail how the implementation...

    Provided By Microsoft

  • Downloads // Aug 2009

    10 cool things you can do with a USB flash drive

    Your USB flash drive can do a whole lot more than just move data around. Greg Shultz introduces a variety of creative ways to put that drive to good use.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Greg Shultz

  • White Papers // Sep 2008

    Best Practices for Migrating to Oracle Exadata Storage Server

    Oracle Exadata Storage Server is a revolutionary advancement in database technology where database intelligence has been implemented at the storage level resulting in significant application performance gains. This paper defines best practices for pie-migration, migration, and post migration from legacy storage to Oracle Exadata Storage Server. The best practices aid...

    Provided By Oracle

  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    How To Become A Network Administrator

    Network administrators, also known as network admins or network engineers, are charged with the responsibility of building, monitoring and performing maintenance on the components that make up computer networks. They configure, deploy, maintain, and monitor computer networks, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Most employers require network engineers or administrators to...

    Provided By

  • White Papers // Jan 2010

    Power Network Management Using Open Source GIS

    Technological advancements, easy access to the Internet and the necessity for map publishing and information sharing have made WebGIS a mandatory tool for many organizations today. Commercial and off the shelf GIS solutions have driven and kept pace with the rapid changes that are happening in the "Web World". Unfortunately...

    Provided By kCube Consultancy Services

  • White Papers // Dec 2008

    Improving Operational Readiness for P25 Systems Through Advanced Network Monitoring

    Digital networks enable increased functionality, as well as expanded coverage, bandwidth and flexibility. However, with advanced technology comes increased complexity. Not only are the features and capabilities of the new digital technology dramatically different, the platforms that support these features have increased in capability as well. This white paper will...

    Provided By Motorola

  • White Papers // Sep 2009

    The Issue with Virtual Data Rooms - Download White Paper

    Data Rooms have evolved over the past decades from physical data rooms to customer-hosted Virtual Data Rooms and to SaaS-based Virtual Data Rooms. Yet still, they are typically very costly, clunky and not adequately secured. The Virtual Data Room segment is ripe for innovation and disruption, as new advances in...

    Provided By Confidela

  • Tools & Templates // Oct 2009

    The PathPing Gadget

    This free Vista/Windows 7 gadget automates the powerful PathPing utility, making it easier for you to isolate the cause of network problems.Visit our Microsoft Windows blog for more Windows information and resources.

    Provided By Greg Shultz

  • Tools & Templates // Oct 2009

    The Route Gadget

    This handy gadget offers the diagnostic benefits of the Route command without the command-line hassles. Visit our Microsoft Windows blog for more Windows information and resources.

    Provided By Greg Shultz

  • White Papers // Jan 2009

    MSP430 and nRF24L01 Based Wireless Sensor Network Design With Adaptive Power Control

    This paper had developed a Low cost and low power Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) Node using MSP430 and Nordic nRF24L01. The architectural and circuit details are presented. This architecture fulfils the requirements of low power, compact size and self-organization with a new feature of adaptive Power Control. For Low power...

    Provided By MAEER's MAE

  • White Papers // Apr 2010

    OTN Interfaces for IP Over DWDM: IP-Optical Integration for Managing Wavelengths in Routers

    Traffic growth across core networks has proven to be a major driver for IP-optical integration. As time-division multiplexing (TDM)-based framing at Layer 2 has been discarded in favor of simpler architectures, there has been an increasing need for a technology to replace the performance monitoring and fault-handling characteristics of SONET....

    Provided By Juniper Networks

  • Downloads // May 2010

    10 things you should know about degunking your Active Directory database

    Sooner or later, you'll need to clean up your Active Directory to remove outdated entries or fix erratic behavior. Here are some tips for handling the chore the right way.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Brien Posey

  • White Papers // Apr 2010

    CA IT Process Automation Manager Best Practices: Recommendations for Process Design and Monitoring

    CA IT Process Automation Manager (CA IT PAM) provides a centralized and structured approach to operations management by enabling one to define, build, orchestrate, manage, and report on automated processes spanning across different teams and roles in the organization. By automating routine administrative tasks, CA IT PAM improves operational efficiency...

    Provided By CA