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  • Podcasts // Sep 2011

    How You Can Be More Green With Your Computing Podcast

    This podcast discusses the recent trends in green computing; why some computers are more eco-friendly than others and how technologies such as centralized faxing have allowed organizations to reduce their carbon footprint.

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  • Podcasts // Mar 2012

    Tommy Hilfiger Customer Video

    Discover how this premium lifestyle brand is using a new iPad app to present its upcoming collections to retailers. Tommy Hilfiger is keeping its sensitive data theft-proof, and is able to remotely wipe a stolen device in seconds - with our mobile device management and security software.

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  • Podcasts // Jul 2011

    Tiering Storage Primer: Data Classification, Archiving Key

    Tiering storage can be a challenge. Data must be classified into the right storage tiers, and it's not always clear what data should go where. IT managers must also comb through several different types of storage tiering, such as automated storage tiering, dynamic storage tiering and sub-LUN tiering. Although, tools...

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  • Podcasts // Jun 2011

    5-Minute Data Migration Solution Demo

    Data migration projects are renowned for running over time and over budget. But data migration no longer has to be a high-risk proposition - if you have the right methodology, tools, and people in place. View this 5-minute demo to witness our new data migration solution in action, and learn...

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  • Podcasts // Jun 2011

    Ed Boyajian and Robin Schumacher on PostgreSQL

    In this podcast, the speakers talk about this popular open source database. The speakers also tells about the database engaged community, then how it differs from MySQL, and where it fits in the world of big data.

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  • Podcasts // Jan 2011

    Andrew Binstock on Open Source Software

    In this podcast, the speakers discuss about the open source business model, including licensing and code hosting options, and talks to the perfect storm that must occur for an open source project to become widely used (and actually make one money).

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  • Podcasts // Jan 2014

    Android AddJavaScript Exploit

    In this podcast, the speaker demonstrates the vulnerability that can be exploited due to a cross site scripting in web views JavaScript bridges. This vulnerability allows an attacker to run system commands using Java's reflection mechanism. The vulnerability lies in the fact that JavaScript can access Java objects using the...

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  • Podcasts // Jan 2011

    A Look at \"Bring Your Own\" Devices in the Enterprise

    In this podcast, the speaker explains about how empowered workers are driving the desktop revolution and how new, alternative devices are accelerating the need for BYO deployments. Learn how desktop virtualization plays a critical role in enabling BYO and gain insight into considerations and best practices for successfully implementing a...

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