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  • Building the New Workplace - Google for Work

    White Papers // Mar 2015 // provided by Google

    Sometime in the last decade, we crossed into a fresh phase of the digital era. A new generation of companies born in the cloud—like Airbnb (lodging), Snapchat (messaging), Uber (transportation) and Zillow (real estate)—are using entirely new business models to disrupt the status quo. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt calls this ...

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  • The Art and Science of Delighting Customers - A Google for Work Collection

    White Papers // Mar 2015 // provided by Google, Inc.

    Cloud-based tools are helping organizations with both strategic business challenges and daily operations. They spur growth, innovate culture, engage the workforce and help put customers at the forefront of all business decisions. In this Google for Work Collection, we’ll share how technology is driving leadership, and how innovative companies are ...

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  • CommScope Report: Category 8 Cabling Standards Update

    White Papers // Mar 2015 // provided by Anixter

    CommScope’s Standards Advisor provides updates on TIA specifications—under development and completed—covering the following technologies: Power over Ethernet, telecommunications physical network security, distributed antenna system (DAS) cabling, high performance structured cabling (HPSC), mode conversion, and fibre-optic test procedures. It also provides brief updates from standards activities within INCITS T11 (Fibre Channel); ...

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  • CommScope Report: NGBASE-T Cabling Requirements

    White Papers // Mar 2015 // provided by Anixter

    A recent technical report from CommScope provides an in-depth update on the latest IEEE developments for NGBASE-T and associated cabling specifications in the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), and in the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)/International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) in support of this application.

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  • Firewall Buyers Guide

    White Papers // Mar 2015 // provided by Sophos

    Five key areas to consider when choosing your next firewall Checklist of the security capabilities you need Questions to ask vendors to make sure they meet your requirements Comparisons of Sophos, Fortinet, Dell SonicWALL and WatchGuard

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  • Time Optimization for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Using Meta-heuristic Approach

    White Papers // Mar 2015 // provided by Creative Commons

    In this paper, the authors present a method to minimize the duration of the project using a structured method by defining and evaluating multiple constraints such as precedence constraints, resource constraints and deadline constraints. Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (RCPSP) considers resources of limited availability and activities of known durations and ...

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  • Break out of Silos for a future-ready Identity Infrastructure

    White Papers // Feb 2015 // provided by IBM

    This white paper discusses the evolution of directories from a static repository to an active contributor to identity-related interactions, examines how integration can improve directory and data access functionality, and presents IBM solutions for directory management.

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  • Stepping up the Battle Against Advanced Threats WP

    White Papers // Feb 2015 // provided by IBM

    The primary approaches used to fight advanced threats over the past several years simply aren’t effective. Traditional methods such as user education, vulnerability patching, and malware detection have failed to protect enterprises against the current threat landscape. Attackers continuously develop sophisticated tactics and evasion techniques to bypass the latest protection ...

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  • Insights for the New Chief Data Officer

    Ebooks // Feb 2015 // provided by IBM

    How should a chief data officer start formulating and deploying a strategy to put data at the center of the business? This ebook provides insights and recommendations for the CDO in three areas: strategic alignment with the business, data strategy and project prioritization.

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  • Financial Risk Management in IT Industry

    White Papers // Feb 2015 // provided by Blue Ocean Publication

    In recent years, the growth in technology has increased technological innovation; this has influenced the information and technology sector in a positive way. There have been many mega projects in existence, which need care for them to complete well. In this sense, many issues have to be put into justified, ...

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