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  • Handbook - Learn to Lead Right

    Research // Apr 2015 // provided by Citrix Systems

    What makes a great leader? Don’t wait to become the leader you were born to be. "A leader provides the necessary framework and makes it available to employees so they can perform their tasks independently and efficiently." This handbook reveals the new meaning of leadership, exploring how you can better ...

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  • Overcoming 5 Roadblocks in your Ticketless IT Journey

    Research // Aug 2014 // provided by HP

    Get beyond the obstacles that limit your help desk efficiency and start your journey to ticketless IT.. Take your first step by viewing this eye-opening infographic.

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  • Gartner’s Best Practices for Implementing Automation

    Research // Aug 2014 // provided by HP

    Follow a systematic approach. Opportunistic implementations may backfire, leading to incompatibilities and added expense and risk. Read Gartner’s advice for maximizing the benefits of data center automation.

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  • Process Powered Change Management

    Research // Aug 2014 // provided by HP

    Deliver change with accuracy and speed. This new infographic shows how companies have achieved 50% improvement in speed and accuracy with server change management. Get more facts and insights by downloading the infographic now.

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  • Requirements-driven Quality ROI Calculator

    Research // Jul 2014 // provided by IBM

    IBM Rational requirements-driven quality ROI calculator provides an estimated return on investment from implementing one or more of our quality and requirements definition and management solutions. See how these solutions help you achieve predictability in desired business outcomes, allowing you to: Reduce risk and rework by unifying stakeholders and ...

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  • Lopez Research: Transforming Workflows with Video

    Research // May 2014 // provided by Polycom, Inc.

    Every company, regardless of size, is becoming a technology company. Line of business managers and the executive team recognize that a strong technology foundation is critical for a company’s success. IT and business alignment must become more than an ideal or a vision. Likewise, IT must proactively offer new services ...

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  • Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites

    Research // Mar 2014 // provided by Access Testing

    Software testing is one of the key processes in the delivery of applications. The market has been steadily maturing to deliver improved user success, but technology changes such as agile practices, mobile computing and cloud platforms can disrupt vendor evaluation for testers and test managers, mainly driven by the shift ...

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  • Gartner MQ: Multichannel Campaign Management

    Research // Feb 2014 // provided by IBM

    A top notch marketing management system will help you drive marketing results across multiple environments, including all things digital such as websites, mobile, social, and the more traditional such as direct mail, call centers and email. The level of performance that multichannel campaigns must attain to engage customers continues to ...

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  • 2013-2014 World Quality Report

    Research // Jan 2014 // provided by Hewlett-Packard (HP)

    Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, and Sogeti, its local professional services division, have released the findings of the fifth World Quality Report. The report, published in conjunction with HP, reveals that application Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) now accounts for almost a ...

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  • Support For the New Style of IT : Proactive Care Demo

    Research // Nov 2013 // provided by Hewlett-Packard (HP)

    When technology issues arise, critical business processes can slow down or stop, and the problem snowballs. HP Proactive Care enables you to anticipate problems and correct them before they disrupt workflow. What are your support challenges, now and for your new IT reality? Explore this demonstration to see how industry ...

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