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  • 5 Essential Techniques for Approaching IT Alert Fatigue

    Webcasts // Oct 2016 // provided by Moogsoft

    By now, large enterprises and service providers have thoroughly instrumented their IT infrastructures with a complex ecosystem of monitoring tools. This tooling provides visibility into their infrastructure to be sure, but it inadvertently generates a pandemonium of near-useless noise. IT Ops has no choice but to turn down the ...

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  • Extending Analytics to the Edges of Financial Services

    Webcasts // Jul 2016 // provided by QlikTech

    Financial services firms across banking, capital markets and insurance are using data analytics to better understand customer needs, predict future behaviour, develop products, and generate sales.But there’s a problem. Many organizations struggle with unravelling the complexity of this information and enabling self-service access to front line employees, ...

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  • 30 Days to Complete Business Process Visibility

    Webcasts // Apr 2016 // provided by QuickBase

    You can't fix what you can't measure.That's why achieving total visibility into your company's processes – both on their own and all together – is the key to business growth. But many process leaders spend hours and hours tracking down status updates and compiling data from myriad sources. Your ...

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  • Low Code, High Impact: How to Achieve 260% ROI With Low-Code Apps

    Webcasts // May 2016 // provided by QuickBase

    Have you heard about low-code app development but wonder what it all means for you and your business? For the first time, Forrester Consulting conducted a detailed study, commissioned by QuickBase, of the cost savings and business benefits of its low-code app tools. And the results are in: a ...

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  • Five technology best practices to boost profitability

    Webcasts // Feb 2016 // provided by Citrix ShareFile

    TOPIC: Five technology best practices to boost profitability DATE: Feb 24, 2016 DURATION: 60 minutes Join columnist, author, business owner and technology expert, Gene Marks, in this free webinar as he reveals his top tips for boosting 2016 profitability. During this session, he’ll discuss how to: ...

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  • Quality Improvement –A DevOps for Middleware Scenario

    Webcasts // Feb 2016 // provided by IBM

    Fingers wagging, eyes squinting –“Why didn’t you find this problem during testing?!”How many times have you been asked that, only to try to defend yourself with things like “we can’t test everything!” and “it’s a corner case”? Everyone knows you can’t improve quality by testing alone, so what can you ...

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  • Transforming William Hill's IT Operations with CA

    Webcasts // Nov 2015 // provided by CA Technologies

    In a perfect world infrastructure wouldn’t fail, because systems are built to last, and customers' demands are predictable. However we don’t live in a perfect world and things break. For betting agency, William Hill, its Australian operations were facing an uphill battle with a limited messy IT operation that ...

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  • Virtual Presence: How to Inspire + Motivate in a Virtual Environment

    Webcasts // Nov 2015 // provided by Citrix Online

    In a virtual environment there are two critical parts to move people to action: emotional engagement +a clear call to action. Learn how to spur your audience to action by using stories and powerful language followed by a clear, compelling request. This webinar will focus on: The difference ...

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  • Russian Cyber Threat Groups - Could they compromise your Twitter Handle?

    Webcasts // Nov 2015 // provided by FireEye

    Cyber threat groups frequently design innovative ways to cover their tracks. In early 2015, a new malware emerged, which the analysts are calling HAMMERTOSS, from an advanced persistent threat (APT) group. The Russian attacker group that FireEye knows as APT29, employs HAMMERTOSS to compromise its targets. Using a variety of ...

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  • New Insights for Driving Cloud Strategy

    Webcasts // Apr 2015 // provided by Hewlett-Packard (HP)

    You don’t know what you don’t know! New insights for driving cloud strategy through analysing existing behavior. You can’t manage what you can’t measure and most of us find it difficult to formulate a strong cloud policy to complement what we’ve been doing in-house because it’s difficult to understand how ...

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