What's worse than getting hit with a security breach? Getting hit with an easily preventable one.

  • White Papers // Oct 2006

    A Java Based Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

    The number of hacking and intrusion incidents is increasing alarmingly each year as new technology rolls out. Unfortunately in today's digitally connected world, there is no place to hide. DNS, NSlookup, Newsgroups, web site trawling, e-mail properties etc. are just some of the many ways in which one can be...

    Provided By Andhra University

  • White Papers // May 2011

    Authentication Schemes for Session Passwords Using Color and Images

    Textual passwords are the most common method used for authentication. But textual passwords are vulnerable to eves dropping, dictionary attacks, social engineering and shoulder surfing. Graphical passwords are introduced as alternative techniques to textual passwords. Most of the graphical schemes are vulnerable to shoulder surfing. To address this problem, text...

    Provided By Andhra University

  • White Papers // Jul 2013

    Essential IPAM Vol 1: TCP/IP Networking

    This article examines TCP/IP networking with an emphasis on protocol layers and the interactions of these layers. Specifically this paper will provide an overview of: Networking Models IP Addressing IP Packets and IP Routing The Transport Layer, UDP and TCP

    Provided By SolarWinds

  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    2013 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: Global Report

    In all countries, business disruptions and information loss or theft are the most significant consequence of a cyber attack. Organizations need to be more vigilant in protecting their most sensitive and confidential information. This report by the Ponemon Institute is based on a representative sample of 234 organizations in the...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Apr 2014

    Forrester report: Measuring Mobile Apps

    A new Forrester report says developers need to improve their mobile measurement savvy. Get a fresh perspective on the importance of metrics and monitoring. Read the report and discover the value of applications performance measurement.

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // May 2014

    HP whitepaper: Know the Big Three

    This white paper discusses the top three mobile application security threats facing businesses today. Read this report and learn some insights on how to mitigate the risks from security vulnerabilities.

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Jun 2010

    Online Banking: Threats and Countermeasures

    Use of online banking is rapidly increasing as 370 million users' banks online across the globe. However, the increased use of online banking is accompanied by rapidly growing fraud incidents. For example, in 2008 England suffered online banking fraud losses that amounted to ?53 million, and the U.S. had hundreds...

    Provided By AhnLab

  • White Papers // Aug 2007

    PCI DSS and HIPAA: The Security Standards Share Common Ground

    One of the greatest challenges that the electronic transactions industry faces today is the issue of security requirements under various rules and regulations. For most people in the industry, the issue is focused on the specifics of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), but the issue may...

    Provided By CSRSI

  • Downloads // Aug 2011

    Android security test app

    It's estimated that more than half of all Android phones are operating with a security flaw that allow applications to enable GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth without the user's permission. This app will test your phone to see if it's one of them.

    Provided By Michael Kassner

  • White Papers // Jan 2014

    The 2014 Firewall Buyers Guide

    Make an informed decision on the right firewall for your business with The Firewall Buyers Guide. This guide gives you: The fundamentals of modern firewall technology The ten critical business requirements your next firewall needs to address Information on how to create a vendor request...

    Provided By Palo Alto Networks

  • eBooks // Jul 2014

    Cybersecurity for Dummies eBook

    APTs (advanced persistent threats) have changed the world of enterprise security and how networks and organizations are attacked. These threats, and the cyber-criminals behind them, are experts at remaining hidden from traditional security while exhibiting an intelligence, resiliency, and patience that has never been seen before. Controlling these threats...

    Provided By Palo Alto Networks

  • White Papers // Mar 2011

    Fingerprint Recognition With Embedded Cameras on Mobile Phones

    Mobile phones with a camera function are capable of capturing image and processing tasks. Fingerprint recognition has been used in many different applications where high security is required. A first step towards a novel biometric authentication approach applying cell phone cameras capturing fingerprint images as biometric traits is proposed. The...

    Provided By Gjøvik University College

  • White Papers // Sep 2012

    Image Encryption Using Chaos Theory

    Image encryption is not a very developed field yet plays a role in a number of vital industries. Most Image based encryptions use Block Algorithms like DES, which are suitable for Text Encryption. These algorithms if implemented for image are vulnerable to statistical attacks. In this paper, the authors introduce...

    Provided By EuroJournals

  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    Data Privacy - the High Cost of Unprotected Sensitive Data

    The collection and use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is exploding. With this expansion, there is increasing pressure from individuals, industry regulators, and lawmakers for organizations to protect sensitive data from hacker attacks and insider abuse or theft. The six steps outlined in this paper illustrate the challenges around the...

    Provided By Imperva

  • White Papers // Mar 2013

    Home Automation and Security System Using Android ADK

    Home automation is automation of the home, housework or household activity. Home automation may include centralized control of lighting, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), appliances, and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. The concept of home automation has been around for a long time...

    Provided By Creative Commons

  • White Papers // Nov 2012

    Improving Mobile Device Security and Management with Active Directory

    As more and more workers bring personal devices to work for increased productivity and mobile access organizations must quickly respond to the security and compliance risks posed by largely unmanaged access to corporate information. Enterprises can expect to see tablet sales alone increase by 250% in 2012, primarily iPads, which...

    Provided By Centrify

  • White Papers // Mar 2012

    On Optimal Artificial-Noise Assisted Secure Beamforming for the Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Fading Eavesdropper Channel

    In a wiretap channel, a source node wishes to transmit confidential messages securely to a legitimate receiver and to keep the eavesdropper as ignorant of the message as possible. As a special case of the broadcast channels with confidential messages, Wyner characterized the secrecy capacity of the discrete memoryless wiretap...

    Provided By National Taiwan University

  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    Protect Against Advanced Evasion Techniques

    The network security paradigm is currently shifting toward a new reality as advanced hacking methods become more prevalent and harder to detect. An example of such a method is advanced evasion techniques (AETs). The risk of network security systems being compromised by AETs continues to grow as more and more...

    Provided By McAfee

  • Downloads // Jul 2010

    Welcome to the CDW Security Assessment

    Network security is critical to organizations of all sizes and across all industries. The CDW Security Assessment can help you: Measure your network security against that of your peers Understand how various security threats can affect your organization Identify your potential vulnerabilities and learn how to address them

    Provided By CDW

  • Podcasts // Oct 2013

    Companies Grow More with Oracle Sales Cloud

    Animated Video: Oracle Sales Cloud is Smarter SFA that helps Companies Grow More. Maximize revenue and optimize sales performance. Know what to sell your customers. And get more help from your marketers and partners.

    Provided By Oracle

  • White Papers // May 2014

    Tyco Integrated Security: National Crime Infographic

    This helpful and valuable infographics shows the crime trends across the United States and how Tyco Integrated Security helps real world companies achieve their security and business goals. This demonstrates how safe is your business really is by illustrating crime trends and statistics from across the United States that business...

    Provided By Tyco

  • White Papers // Apr 2014

    FlexPod Infrastructure Guide for 2014

    This informative paper explores how one company easily and affordably implemented a data storage operating system that provides nondisruptive operations, proven efficiency, seamless scalability and much more. Read on to learn more.

    Provided By NetApp

  • White Papers // Sep 2008

    Deploying and Managing Thin Clients

    This white paper has reviewed some of the considerations for a large-scale thin client deployment program and discussed how to design and manage a thin client computing infrastructure with Wyse Device Manager, (WDM). This has shown that while thin client management may appear straightforward at the outset, a sophisticated management...

    Provided By Wyse Technology

  • White Papers // Sep 2008

    The Relationship Between ISO 27002 and the EU Data Protection Directive

    The regulatory landscape for Information Security in Europe has grown ever more complex in recent years. As organisations, both public and private, recognise the inherent value of their information, and as the safety and reliability of electronic communications become ever more central to the ways in which it interacts with...

    Provided By RSA Security

  • White Papers // Oct 2008

    Formal Analysis of SAML 2.0 Web Browser Single Sign-On: Breaking the SAML-Based Single Sign-on for Google Apps

    Single-Sign-On (SSO) protocols enable companies to establish a federated environment in which clients sign in the system once and yet are able to access to services offered by different companies. The OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 Web Browser SSO Profile is the emerging standard in this context. This...

    Provided By Association for Computing Machinery

  • White Papers // Mar 2009

    Dynamic Routing With Security Considerations

    Security has become one of the major issues for data communication over wired and wireless networks. Different from the past work on the designs of cryptography algorithms and system infrastructures, the paper will propose a dynamic routing algorithm that could randomize delivery paths for data transmission. The algorithm is easy...

    Provided By Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • White Papers // Sep 2010

    Enabling Public Auditability and Data Dynamics for Storage Security in Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing has been envisioned as the next-generation architecture of IT Enterprise. It moves the application software and databases to the centralized large data centers, where the management of the data and services may not be fully trustworthy. This unique paradigm brings about many new security challenges, which have not...

    Provided By Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • Presentations // Jun 2014

    WebEx Viewpoints: Collaboration in the Workplace

    Find out how companies are using WebEx to achieve outstanding results. Millions of users across the globe use WebEx to make stronger connections, complete projects faster, and reach more prospects, customers, and employees.

    Provided By Cisco Systems

  • Training // Jun 2014

    WebEx Viewpoints: Training

    WebEx allows companies to train employees effectively, anytime and anywhere. Find out how companies are using WebEx to achieve outstanding results. Millions of users across the globe use WebEx to make stronger connections, complete projects faster, and reach more prospects, customers, and employees.

    Provided By Cisco Systems

  • White Papers // Apr 2013

    Algorithmics and IBM Platform Computing solution for financial markets

    This paper describes best practices on how to spread the computational demands of advanced risk analytics across a dynamic grid computing environment. With a more advanced and capable computing infrastructure, banks can move from reactively measuring risk to actively managing risk based on timely insights drawn from rigorous analysis, all...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    Model-based systems engineering: Revolution or evolution?

    This whitepaper traces the evolution of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), a structured and visual approach for collaborative systems design and development which facilitates early validation of requirements, architectural trade off analysis and mitigation of project risks.

    Provided By IBM

  • eBooks // Feb 2014

    eGuide to Data Movement and Governance

    The purpose of this eGuide is to help you grasp the measures that can keep your organization on track to meet objectives and in line with regulations. What’s more, it’s your chance to become more effective in your job and build the confidence to bring valuable suggestions to your security...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    FTP Risk Advisor Tool

    By answering 12 questions, this online tool will provide you with a customized report with recommendations to remediate your FTP risk.

    Provided By IBM

  • eBooks // May 2014

    Software Defined Storage for Dummies

    This book examines data storage and management challenges and explains software-defined storage, an innovative solution for high-performance, cost-effective storage using the IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS).

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Mar 2013

    Businesses are ready for a new approach to IT

    With IBM PureSystems, you can consolidate workloads to reduce the total cost of ownership for your IT infrastructure. Simplify your IT infrastructure and reduce data center complexity. Deliver new services more rapidly and add capacity cost-effectively.

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Sep 2013

    Which Mobile Device Is the Most Secure?

    Gone is the day of the corporate-issued BlackBerry device. With its finely ingrained policies, BlackBerry was once the go-to mobile device for security-savvy enterprises. Research from IDC shows that iPhone and Android now hold over 80% of market share, with Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry completing for the third spot....

    Provided By Sophos

  • White Papers // Apr 2014

    Protect Against Targeted Attacks with Security Intelligence

    Targeted attacks are the new frontier for security professionals and show the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals. They are multilayered attacks that require structured research by cyber criminals about their potential victims. This white paper analyses the evolving threat landscape and how the use of security intelligence services can...

    Provided By Symantec

  • Case Studies // Jan 2010

    Teaching Hospital Embraces Cutting-Edge Technology

    A large academic medical center in California wanted to implement a Web-based image distribution system to improve access to radiological information for its patients across the entire medical center. At the time, it was making use of film-based radiology system along with Picture Archive Communication System (PACS), which were presenting...

    Provided By Deloitte LLP

  • White Papers // Jan 2011

    High Speed Pattern Matching for Network IDS/IPS

    The phenomenal growth of the Internet in the last decade and society's increasing dependence on it has brought along with it, a flood of security attacks on the networking and computing infrastructure. Intrusion detection and prevention systems provide security defenses against these attacks by monitoring the headers and payload of...

    Provided By Iowa State University

  • White Papers // Oct 2012

    Mobile Device Security: A Survey on Mobile Device Threats, Vulnerabilities and Their Defensive Mechanism

    Mobile communication has become a serious business tool nowadays. Mobile devices are the major platform for the users to transfer and exchange diverse data for communication. These devices are variably used for applications like banking, personal digital assistance, remote working, m-commerce, internet access, entertainment and medical usage. However people are...

    Provided By International Journal of Computer Applications