Infosec lapses, malware, phishing, and other targeted attacks can ruin your day. Beef up your cybersecurity arsenal with strong authentication, encryption, and real-time monitoring.

  • White Paper: Micro-Segmentation Builds Security Into Your Data Center's DNA

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    Most enterprise IT professionals agree, securing the network only at the perimeter is inadequate for today's data centers. Modern attacks can exploit a perimeter-centric defense. In this paper, we show how VMware NSX enables security that is both ubiquitous and granular by integrating security functions into ...

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  • At-A-Glance: A New Approach to Data Center Security

    Training // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    This handy guide highlights some of the key benefits of securing your data center from within using micro-segmentation. Get started now. Build a fundamentally more agile, efficient and secure application environment with VMware NSX network virtualization featuring Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Ethernet 10GB/40GB Converged Network Adapters.

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  • eBook: Extend Security and Control from the Data Center Edge to the Core

    Ebooks // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    Discover how micro-segmentation, delivered through network virtualization, provides comprehensive data center security, accelerates delivery time, and enhances the agility of your data center. Download the eBook here. Build a fundamentally more agile, efficient and secure application environment with VMware NSX network virtualization featuring Intel® Xeon® ...

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  • Data#3: Intelligent Authentication - Beyond the Password

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by Data#3

    Many still believe that intelligent authentication systems alone are sufficient to both enhance the daily experience of your users, and protect your business against threats. This Discussion Paper explains why such confidence is misplaced. Without a robust policy and a strong framework to support your authentication systems, users will only ...

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  • Understanding Pass-the-Hash Attacks – and Mitigating the Risks

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by Dell Software

    Pass-the-hash attacks continue to pose a serious risk. An attacker can gain access to a privileged domain account via a user’s local administrative hash and use it to access critical servers and data. Privileged Password Manager and Privileged Session Manager can help your organization mitigate these risks. Read this ...

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  • Zoom Security Guide 2016

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by Holistic Communications

    This whitepaper is to provide information on the security features and functions that are available with Zoom. Learn how a growing number of businesses, small and large, use Zoom meeting services everyday for team meetings, sales interactions, marketing events, group meditation, product training, educational environments and customer support.

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  • Forrester Report: The Total Economic Impact Of Gigamon

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by Gigamon

    The Gigamon portfolio provides a security delivery platform, network visibility, and traffic monitoring. The products can be configured to manipulate and route traffic to various tools, including security, application performance, network management, analysis, and compliance tools. To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with a Gigamon implementation, Forrester ...

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  • IDG Tech Dossier: A Security Delivery Platform Benefits the Entire Organisation

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by Gigamon

    It’s not a secret that the cyberthreat landscape has changed dramatically, rendering many traditional approaches to protecting the organization and its information ineffective or inadequate. The problem is not with the individual security solutions, but with the fact that they’re not often deployed and managed with optimal efficiency and effectiveness. ...

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  • NetFlow and Metadata Generation

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by Gigamon

    NetFlow and other network metadata generation methods are a simple, effective way to increase visibility into traffic flows and usage patterns across systems. However the processor and memory load of enabling NetFlow and metadata generation can cause service degradation and affect their ability to pass traffic without introducing latency and ...

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  • Trend Micro Deploys Veeam Across Three Continents for Always-on Business

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by Veeam

    Working in close collaboration with VMware, Trend Micro delivered the first agentless security platform for VMware vSphere-based virtualized machines (VMs) and desktops, as well as vCloud-based cloud servers. The solution, Trend Micro Deep Security, is optimized to preserve VM performance, increase densities and maximize return on investment (ROI). Learn more ...

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