Infosec lapses, malware, phishing, and other targeted attacks can ruin your day. Beef up your cybersecurity arsenal with strong authentication, encryption, and real-time monitoring.

  • Foolproof Employee Security Checklist

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Kaspersky Lab

    With the proper training and knowledge, your employees can act as your most important line of defense. How internal threats affect companies Why employee education is well worth the investment of your time and resources What other layers of defense you should have in place to account for human error

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  • Status Quo Creates Security Risk: The State of Incident Response

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by ServiceNow

    In late 2015 and early 2016, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) conducted a research survey of 184 IT and cybersecurity professionals with knowledge of, responsibility for, or day-to-day operational oversight of incident response processes and technologies at their organizations. This whitepaper analyses the results of that survey.

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  • Real IoT: Success Factors and Best Practices

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Cisco Jasper

    As it happens with any wave of new, potentially disruptive technology, hype can overshadow the real value that is being generated. The hype with the Internet of Things (IoT) is no different; with proclamations of trillion-dollar economic value adding from billions of connections. While there are always slivers of ...

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  • IoT Security Checklist

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Cisco Jasper

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad concept, encompassing many technologies dispersed horizontally across all sectors. At the core, IoT applications are employed in a variety of monitoring and control functions, providing valuable metrics for both consumers and businesses: tracking, measuring, collecting, analyzing, detecting, alerting, disseminating, locating, ...

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  • IoT Strategy: the 8 Key Questions to Ask

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Cisco Jasper

    IoT is changing how enterprises think about business transformation for two important reasons. First, when products are connected, customer relationships can become real-time and immediate – and even proactive. Second, the data collected from connected products and services enables not only building new and better products, but also allows ...

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  • Human-Factor 2017 Infographic

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Proofpoint, Inc.

    Malicious emails exploit people, not code. Dramatic shifts in the threat landscape that started in 2015 continued throughout 2016 and into 2017. While exploit kits continue to drop as a percentage of malicious URL messages, over 90% of these links now lead to other sites, such as credential ...

  • Proofpoint: The Human-Factor 2017

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Proofpoint, Inc.

    The headline story of 2016 threat landscape was the explosive growth of ransomware and the massive email campaigns that delivered it to organisations of all sizes around the world. These attacks added up to billions of dollars in direct financial losses. Cyber criminals relied less on automated ...

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  • Threat–Centric Vulnerability Management: Smarter Prioritization and Remediation

    Videos // Jun 2017 // provided by Skybox Security

    Focus action on the right vulnerabilities — those being actively exploited in the wild and sitting exposed in your network. Combine attack surface visibility, real-time threat intelligence and attack vector analytics to get immediate insight to your biggest threats. Identify vulnerabilities in your network used in distributed cybercrime tools like ...

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  • Complying with EU's General Data Protection Regulation

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Skybox Security

    The enforcement deadline for EU GDPR is less than a year away, and it has the potential to affect companies around the world — and slam them with steep fines for compliance violations. Learn the steps you can take now to achieve and demonstrate adherence with the new regulations and ...

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  • Infographic: Threat–Centric Vulnerability Management

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Skybox Security

    Old school methods can’t keep up with today’s threats of ransomware, malware, exploit kits and targeted attacks. Learn how the new threat–centric vulnerability management approach helps you focus remediation on truly critical vulnerabilities — those being exploited in the wild or exposed in your network. See the benefits of analyzing ...

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