Stay one step ahead of the hackers with strong security management, authentication, encryption and risk strategies.

  • Downloads // Nov 2005

    Presentation: Raise user awareness about password security

    Employees don't always realize the importance of creating and safeguarding strong passwords. This presentation will give you a chance to explain best practices and walk users through your corporate password policy. User education is often cited as one of the most effective ways to help boost information security and...

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  • Downloads // Oct 2005

    Target the best security vendors with this list of products and services

    This list of major security vendors and product descriptions will help you get started on your search for the security solution your organization needs. The offerings range from basic virus protection to companies who will manage it all. The need for secure systems to support e-commerce and other business-critical...

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  • Downloads // Jun 2005

    Educate your users about e-mail safety with this PowerPoint presentation

    While e-mail has become a mission-critical business application, it has also become a vehicle for scams and viruses. One of the most important aspects of e-mail security is user education. This PowerPoint presentation by Joshua Hoskins entitled "Practice e-mail safety" provides IT professionals with a slide show that they can...

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  • Downloads // Apr 2005

    IT Security Policy Checklist

    By David M Davis, CCIE, MCSEAn IT Security Policy should be a place to standardize and document company-wide security practices. This checklist provides a comprehensive list of issues that should be covered and recommends a variety of security policy best practices.Join the discussion for this download to add...

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  • Downloads // Mar 2005

    Cisco PIX Firewall: Lock it down in 10 steps

    Cisco's PIX Firewall has long been one of the most popular enterprise firewalls in use around the world. While it is known for its tight security and strong performance, the PIX Firewall is not completely hardened in its default settings. Here are 10 steps that you can take to further...

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  • Downloads // Jan 2004

    McAfee Desktop Firewall 8.0

    McAfee Desktop Firewall 8.0 proactively defends and controls clients to prevent new threats that anti-virus alone cannot. By providing comprehensive network and application firewall capabilities combined with intrusion detection technology, Desktop Firewall prevents clients from sending or receiving hostile threats from unauthorized network traffic or applications. It also prevents authorized...

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  • Downloads // Feb 2003

    A firewall checklist

    Use this checklist to make sure that firewall needs and security policy requirements cover all the vital aspects of a multilayer security approach.

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  • Downloads // May 2013

    Enhance IT Security with SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager

    What will you do when the security systems implemented to secure your IT environment are not secure anymore? Do you know what’s lurking in your network to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise IT security? SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) provides real-time insight and awareness into all your security, operational...

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  • Downloads // Aug 2013

    Download a Free AppAssure 5 Trial

    Designed for virtual, physical and cloud environments, Dell AppAssure 5 provides continual data and application backups and flexible recovery options for unparalleled data protection. Download a Free Trial!

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  • Downloads // May 2013

    Security Explorer Trial

    Take Security Explorer for a test drive, and see how it can deliver a unified solution for complete access control and security management across your entire Windows network. It’s a powerful, yet intuitive solution that takes the complexity out of security management. Your free trial is a Web-based, self-contained virtual...

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  • Downloads // Sep 2013

    Free 20-day Trial: Netwrix Auditor Change Auditing for Your Active Directory

    Uncontrolled changes in Active Directory can lead to unauthorized additions to groups, modifications to objects and permissions, or even worse, deletions of your OUs. Netwrix Auditor provides complete visibility over changes to Active Directory configurations, automatically auditing management of every object, giving answers to the questions around when changes...

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  • Downloads // Nov 2013

    IBM Security AppScan

    IBM® Security AppScan® enables organizations to assess the security of their applications and achieve regulatory compliance by identifying vulnerabilities and generating reports with intelligent fix recommendations to ease remediation.

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  • Downloads // Feb 2014

    AppAssure 5 Trial

    Download your trial of AppAssure™ - an advanced data protection tool that unifies backup, replication and recovery in one software solution. It offers a variety of flexible recovery options so you can retrieve your data quickly, whether it resides on physical or virtual servers, or in the cloud.

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  • Downloads // Apr 2014

    Business Essential: Complimentary Vulnerability Scan

    This complimentary security scanner searches for endpoint vulnerabilities, including misconfigurations, missing patches, open services and backdoors. Run the scan to receive a detailed report so you can address security vulnerabilities before they become a problem. Find out if your endpoints are secure. Try this FREE vulnerability scanner now.

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