There's no shortage of ways to design infrastructure to solve a specific problem. Look at server choices and ways to maintain them.

  • Case Studies // Jan 2009

    USB for Blade Servers

    Using Blade Servers can considerably save money on hardware but here some problems arise. One of them is that it is completely impossible to work with USB devices. Blade computers can share networking, storage, power, cooling but not the USB. Blade Server manufacturers did not provide any solution to share...

    Provided By FabulaTech

  • White Papers // Jan 2009

    USB for Virtual Environment

    USB for Virtual Environment offers powerful opportunities to deliver and manage local USB devices in a virtual session. With its exceptional simplicity it will rapidly configure and deploy any USB device. Designed for Windows and Linux OS and ensuring broad device compatibility, USB for Virtual Environment is VMware, VMware ESX,...

    Provided By FabulaTech

  • White Papers // Aug 2009

    Tales From the Frontlines: SecureZIP and IBM System z Integrated Cryptographic Services Facility

    PKWARE's SecureZIP leverages the System z hardware and software facilities, regardless of the hardware features enabled in a specific installation. Secured archives (ZIP files) can be used not only on the platform they were created on, but also any platform that SecureZIP runs on. In addition, SecureZIP maximizes the investment...

    Provided By Pkware

  • White Papers // Mar 2009

    Reduce Costs While Improving Reliability, Uptime, and Security

    Web hosting has never been more affordable- or more complicated. Rich media, social networking, sophisticated eCommerce platforms are all making the Internet experience incredibly dynamic and profitable. Managed hosting services as a concept promises a coordinated, comprehensive solution to address many of the time-consuming tasks facing Small- and Medium-sized Businesses...

    Provided By Aplus.Net

  • White Papers // May 2011

    Affine Pairings on ARM

    Pairings on elliptic curves are being used in an increasing number of cryptographic applications on many different devices and platforms, but few performance numbers for cryptographic pairings have been reported on embedded and mobile devices. In this paper, the authors give performance numbers for affine and projective pairings on a...

    Provided By Microsoft Research

  • White Papers // Dec 2009

    Parallel Processing in PowerMILL 10

    Pipeline Studio provides the easiest method for integrating tailored applications that requires a true pipeline simulator by supporting the use of the open data formats available with the products guidelines. Pipeline Studio integrates the art hydraulic simulation tools that constantly and completely performing gauges from steady functions to momentary analyses...

    Provided By Delcam

  • White Papers // Sep 2012

    Fine-grained Parallel Ant Colony System for Shared-Memory Architectures

    Although Ant Colony Systems (ACS) have gained much attention in last two decades but slow execution and convergence speed are still two challenges for these meta-heuristic algorithms. Many parallel implementations have been proposed for faster execution. However, most of available implementations use coarse-grained synchronization mechanisms that are not efficient and...

    Provided By Tarazed

  • Resource Center // Feb 2011

    Save 20% When You Upgrade Your Skills to Windows Server 2008 R2

    Windows Server 2008 has upgraded. Have you? Learn what's new in Windows Server 2008 R2 and get a 20% savings on course 10159: Updating Your Windows Server 2008 Technology Skills to Windows Server 2008 R2. Course 10159: Updating Your Windows Server 2008 Technology Skills to Windows Server 2008 R2...

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  • Resource Center // Mar 2011

    Save 20% When You Upgrade Your Skills on Microsoft Server Virtualization

    If you've been waiting to update your skills on the latest Microsoft technologies, now is the time to get started. New Horizons is casting a spotlight on a new Microsoft technology each month and giving you a 20% savings. The month of March highlights Server Virtualization. Get 20% off when...

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  • Downloads // Apr 2008

    How do I... Install and configure a DHCP server in Windows Server 2008?

    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is an invaluable service when you have a network larger than a handful of computers. It's also a standard component of enterprise networks and sub networks. Microsoft Windows Server 2008's built-in DHCP server allows Windows machines (and any other TCP/IP-based machines and devices) to obtain...

    Provided By Steven Warren

  • Downloads // Sep 2008

    How do I... Configure Windows Home Server for remote access?

    Microsoft Windows Home Server brings many of the server-side applications available to enterprises and small businesses to the home. One of the more useful features of the WHS is the ability to securely connect to your home network remotely. Steven Warren shows you how to set up a remote connection...

    Provided By Steven Warren

  • Downloads // Apr 2008

    How do I... Publish a custom application performance counter in C#?

    One important aspect of enterprise level application development is the need to monitor processes and determine if those processes are working as intended. This can be solved many different ways -- from logging transactions to a database to sending e-mail alerts. One often overlooked solution to this problem is to...

    Provided By Zach Smith

  • White Papers // Jul 2009

    Solution Guide Parallels Virtualization for Linux

    Linux was designed to be UNIX-compatible software that was composed entirely of open source or free software components. Linux derives much of its design principles from those established in the 1970's by UNIX. These principles include a single kernel that handles process control, file system access, networking and peripheral device...

    Provided By Parallels

  • Case Studies // Jul 2013

    Aiming High - A major European financial institution strives to become the best IT-enabled bank

    As a senior IT executive, imagine if you could readily control and prioritise projects, understand IT contribution across your entire business and demonstrate its measurable business value. Download this case study to learn how a major European bank deployed a solution based on HP IT Performance Suite to improve transparency,...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Jul 2013

    Virtualization management in HP Server Automation 10.0

    Complete visibility and lifecycle management of all physical and virtual machine environments from a single tool HP Server Automation software (HP SA) version 10.0 introduces new virtualization management features, which help customers achieve full visibility and complete lifecycle management of their physical and virtual machine environments from a single...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Aug 2013

    Squeeze more power from virtualization

    Like most promising new technologies, virtualization has its dark side. Production environments are far more complex - and herein lies the challenge for IT organizations traveling down the virtualization road. The typical IT infrastructure for a production environment involves a staggering amount of relationships and dependencies among IT elements that...

    Provided By HP US

  • Videos // Aug 2013

    Video: Taming Virtualization sprawl with HP Server Automation

    Joe DeBlaquiere, HP Server Automation Product Manager, and Andy Mackay, HP Server Automation Product Marketing, take you through how customers can achieve full visibility and complete lifecycle management of their physical and virtual machine environments from a single tool using HP Server Automation.

    Provided By HP US

  • Videos // Aug 2013

    Video: HP Cloud Automation - Deliver end to end automated infrastructure to application services

    The cloud beckons a wide array of IT services delivered quickly and painlessly. Hybrid service delivery is not just a project it is a process that requires automation as a prerequisite.

    Provided By HP US

  • Videos // Aug 2013

    Webcast: 4 Keys to Managing Performance in Virtualized and Cloud Environments

    Ensuring the performance of business services has become more critical, as a growing percentage of applications and workloads are moved to virtualized infrastructure, cloud services and hybrid environments. This webinar provides virtualization, cloud and systems administrators as well as systems engineers with practical tips for detecting, isolating and diagnosing performance...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Feb 2014

    Building a Better Network Security Strategy

    In today's global, always-on world, network security is crucial. Enterprises need to ensure that employees accessing their networks are secure at all times. To accomplish this, a comprehensive network security strategy must address a number of factors including how to increase network reliability, efficiently administer security, and guard against evolving...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Mar 2014

    Research Report: 2013 Cost of Cyber Crime Study

    A Ponemon Institute research study sponsored by HP is based on a representative sample of 60 organisations in various industry sectors. Read this report now to learn how this benchmark research quantifies the economic impact of cyber attacks and observe cost trends over time.

    Provided By HP US

  • Videos // Mar 2014

    Fortify On Demand - Application Security- Pronq by HP

    A video that will give you insights on how HP Fortify helps detect vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle. Watch this short video now to see how HP helps organisations improve their service qualities and efficiency.

    Provided By HP US

  • Videos // Apr 2014

    Fresh insight is good for you

    HP Application Performance Management gives you the insight you need to maximize the performance of your mobile apps. Watch a demonstration by a senior HP executive.

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Jun 2014

    HP Moonshot: a new style of IT for specialised scale-out workloads

    With billions of devices that track, gather, and process information, the need for innovative solutions at unprecedented scale, speed, and efficiencies has never been greater. Make no mistake—general-purpose x86 servers will continue to run enterprise applications that support traditional business demands. What HP Moonshot represents is the world’s first software-defined...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Oct 2013

    Capitalize on the Next Phase of Virtualization

    Organizations today are moving beyond traditional server virtualization and advancing their virtualization strategies into all aspects of the IT. Learn more about how virtualization is expanding into storage, networking and management along with the value a converged system can offer your organization in reaching your virtualization potential. Read on to...

    Provided By HP US

  • Case Studies // Nov 2013

    IDC Customer Spotlight: HP ArcSight ESM Solution Helps Finansbank to Combat Fraud and Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Read about how the performance, scalability, and flexibility of HP ArcSight ESM enabled Finansbank to develop a custom fraud management platform more quickly than integrating commercial fraud management platforms. This has vastly increased visibility into transaction activity across an expanded range of channels, and at the same time dramatically reducing...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Dec 2013

    Mind the Virtual Gap - Convergence of Everything

    In the last 7 years, virtualization has profoundly changed the IT world. In 2013, even though the latest buzz may have shifted towards cloud computing, big data and mobility, virtualization remains the foundation for all of the above With wide ranging benefits that include reduced capital and operational costs, greater...

    Provided By HP US

  • eBooks // Apr 2013

    The Blade Is Mightier than the Rack Server

    With the typical data center rack, every time you add a new server, you have to add more cables, more interconnects, more switches, more power, and on and on. It's almost impossible to make changes without having meeting after meeting, and then, eventually, someone is going to have to go...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Apr 2013

    Too Many Racks? Simplify with Bladesystem, HP's Advanced Blade Infrastructure

    In the data center, many rack-mount servers perform well enough, but are reaching the point where they're proving difficult to maintain. The design of the rack is increasing the complexity of the data center, increasing the time it takes to get anything done, and reducing the overall efficiency of not...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Feb 2012

    The Cost of Retaining Aging IT Infrastructure

    This paper demonstrates that a buy-and-hold strategy can actually add costs to the data centre, for a number of reasons, as systems age in place: - Hardware maintenance costs rise over time, and performance lags behind more current server offerings. - Energy efficiency is not as advanced in...

    Provided By HP US

  • White Papers // Sep 2012

    Find the right platform for your server needs

    There are mounting business pressures to support more applications and users, store growing amounts of data, and manage an increasingly complex IT environment. Servers that fundamentally redefine the expectations and economics of the data center by creating systems so intelligent they virtually take care of themselves are the goal.

    Provided By HP US

  • Podcasts // Jun 2009

    Application and Multi-Server Management With SQL Server 2008 R2

    Is any one thinking about consolidating this year? Attend this webcast to learn how the application and multi-server management capabilities shipping with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 will help expose consolidation opportunities.

    Provided By Microsoft Corporation

  • Podcasts // Jun 2009

    Building Lightweight Processes Using BizTalk Server 2009 and ESB 2.0 Toolkit

    In this podcast, the speaker demonstrate how one can take advantage of itineraries to build agile and dynamic business processes using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Guidance 2.0 Toolkit.

    Provided By Microsoft Corporation

  • White Papers // Oct 2010

    High Availability for Parallel Computers

    Fault tolerance has become an important issue for parallel applications in the last few years. The parallel systems' users want them to be reliable considering two main dimensions, availability and data consistency. Availability can be provided with solutions such as RADIC, a fault tolerant architecture with different protection levels, offering...

    Provided By Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

  • White Papers // Jul 2012

    Botnet-Based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks on Web Servers: Classification and Art

    Botnets are prevailing mechanisms for the facilitation of the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on computer networks or applications. Currently, Botnet-based DDoS attacks on the application layer are latest and most problematic trends in network security threats. Botnet-based DDoS attacks on the application layer limits resources, curtails revenue, and...

    Provided By University of Puerto Rico

  • White Papers // Dec 2008

    What Determines Your Report Response Time and Performance?

    What determines a reporting system's speed and performance? The first things that always come to mind are hardware (memory and processor), bandwidth and number of users. While these factors undoubtedly play a rule in system performance, they are typically outside of the report developers' control. However, there are other factors...

    Provided By LogiXML

  • Related Offers // Jan 2009


    The NTToolkit is a set of small and useful utilities designed to help network administrators with their daily administrative tasks. The NTToolkit is freeware and constantly expanded. It currently contains the following tools: IPMon, ADSList, NTPClient, IsAdmin, CheckDB, CheckURL, Event Message Browser, Password Assistant, NetSend, Hardlink Shell Extension, ServiceSecure, TaskSecure,...

    Provided By Netikus.Net

  • Downloads // Oct 2012

    Server Backups and Configuration Management at Light Speed

    Don't allow simple tasks to delay your business processes and cost you money. Find out how to backup, transfer and secure your files with no effort at all. The need to automate new configurations and configuration backups has never been more important. As organizations expand internationally and more and...

    Provided By SolarWinds

  • Downloads // Feb 2010

    10 things you should know about DirectAccess

    DirectAccess is promising to take remote access to a new level. Here's a look at what it offers and how it works.This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

    Provided By Deb Shinder

  • White Papers // Nov 2008

    Checkpoint Storage System for Large Supercomputers

    The PSC has developed a prototype distributed file system infrastructure that vastly accelerates aggregated write bandwidth on large compute platforms. Write bandwidth, more than read bandwidth, is the dominant bottleneck in HPC I/O scenarios due to writing checkpoint data, visualization data and post-processing (multi-stage) data. The authors have prototyped a...

    Provided By Pittsburgh Steelers