Small-to-medium businesses are driving innovation and rewriting tech buying rules.

  • Securing the Small Business Network

    Ebooks // Aug 2014 // provided by Dell Software

    This ebook examines eight network security challenges that small businesses face today, and offers easy and effective solutions. Dell SonicWALL offers the comprehensive protection your small business needs, priced within your budget.

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  • IBM PureData System E-Guide

    Ebooks // May 2014 // provided by IBM

    Every business would like to spend more time focused on improving productivity and less on routine maintenance tasks that keep the status quo. Unfortunately, most IT departments spend the bulk of their time and budget on doing just that – keeping the lights on and fighting fires. That is ...

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  • UC to Go: Connect Your Teams With Unified Communications

    Ebooks // Mar 2014 // provided by Windstream Communications

    With unified communications (UC), it’s easier for mobile workers to stay connected and stay productive. The challenge is finding the best UC solution to support their work styles. Of businesses that have implemented UC, 82% report ROI met or exceeded expectations, and 70% report that the biggest benefit is “improved ...

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  • A Quick Peek at How Salesforce Does Customer Service

    Ebooks // Mar 2014 // provided by

    Help is here with salesforce service cloud. Transform your customer experience and connect with customers in whole new ways with the #1 customer service application. From the contact center to self-service communities, social media and beyond, service cloud is changing the game in customer service. To get started, download today!

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  • 6 Secrets to Offering Exceptional Customer Service

    Ebooks // Mar 2014 // provided by

    The vast majority of people are not experiencing great service. Nearly a third of consumers believe that businesses are now paying less attention to providing good customer service. On top of that, just 7% of those polled say that customer service experiences they have with companies typically exceed their ...

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  • 20 Customer Service Practices

    Ebooks // Mar 2014 // provided by

    It can be easy for customer service departments to continue doing what they’ve always been doing. Csat scores and overall cost are the same, so why change? This mindset neglects the fact that today’s consumer has options around how they want to contact a company for support. We are ...

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  • Executive's guide to IT innovation in small businesses

    Ebooks // Jun 2013 // provided by TechRepublic

    This guide offers a look at some of the ways small businesses are embracing best practices, new tech, and transformative opportunities to achieve unprecedented growth and success.

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  • Oracle Exadata and Netezza TwinFin™ Compared

    Ebooks // Aug 2011 // provided by IBM

    This eBook will explain the fundamental differences between the Netezza TwinFin and Oracle Exadata solutions. You will learn which solutions best meet your business needs and how to achieve optimal results from your data.

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