Software-as-a-service offers cost savings, scalability and mobile accessibility -- if you correctly manage the resulting SLAs, APIs and data structures.

  • White Papers // Sep 2003

    Hedging Swaps

    Dealers at commercial banks do most of the market making that is done in the interest rate swap and currency swap markets. In addition to making markets to their customers, these traders will also make prices to other financial institutions in the wholesale or interbank market, often in transactions facilitated...

    Provided By The Financial Pipeline

  • White Papers // Nov 2001

    Investment Of Credit Funds

    No credit union chartered by the State of Georgia shall invest its funds which are not used in loans in any bank, building and loan association, savings and loan association, or credit union in an amount exceeding five percent of the total deposits of the bank, building and loan association,...

    Provided By Ganet.Org

  • White Papers // Nov 2001

    Investment Of Credit Funds II

    No credit union chartered by the State of Georgia shall invest its funds which are not used in loans in any bank, building and loan association, savings and loan association, or credit union in an amount exceeding five percent of the total deposits of the bank, building and loan association,...

    Provided By Ganet.Org

  • White Papers // Jan 2000

    e-Branding: Moving Your Customer Promise To The Web

    In the article it is mentioned that New Economy was all about being first to market, generating volume and creating new, revolutionary business models. Yet despite all the web sites launched, money spent, and lessons learned, many brick and mortar companies still seem uncertain about, and divided over, how to...


  • White Papers // Sep 2002

    Frozen futures

    Cold comfort for the aging: researcher Ralph Merkle defends the controversial science of cryonics, saying that putting your body on ice gives medical innovation a chance to catch up. worm ? and its potential to make a mid-life crisis the problem of 90-year-olds ? puts Cynthia Kenyon on the cutting-edge...

    Provided By Red Herring

  • White Papers // Mar 2003

    Sarbanes-Oxley And Revised Listing Standards: Implications For Private Equity Funds (Update) - Corporate Governance Alert

    Private equity funds often seek board representation in connection with their investments in order to play a more active role in the portfolio company?s management, strategic development and direction. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the proposed listing standards of the NYSE and Nasdaq will affect the composition of the boards of...

    Provided By Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld

  • White Papers // Oct 2000

    Window Restoration

    Although restoring older windows entails a lot of work, the end result can be worth the time and effort. The aging windows can have their drawbacks ? their paint may be peeling; they may be loose or may stick; they may be drafty ? it is often viable to retain...

    Provided By FacilitiesNet

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    What's Your Game Plan

    Article insights on why someone buys investment Real Estate. It suggests that looking at a potential investment property, one should consider where it might fit into the "A", "B", or ultimately "C" type categories and overall investment goals. Article explains that it is prudent to ask what is the game...

    Provided By

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Creating Marketable Notes

    The advent and acceptance of what often is referred to as a "simultaneous closing" where a property is sold and the private seller financed note is also simultaneously sold to coincide with the sale of the property has become an integral way that many note deals get done these days....

    Provided By

  • White Papers // Sep 2003

    High Tech?s Global Migration

    Article discusses that a rather grim climate for U.S. high tech has driven some companies overseas, while others stay and ride the success of the few locations that are thriving. Selecting a new location for a technology-based company requires a thorough analysis of both financial and non-financial considerations. Areas with...

    Provided By Halcyon Business Publications

  • White Papers // Dec 2001

    Getting Windows Right

    The article is about the construction of building and focus on importance of windows. Maximizing the positive aspects of windows while minimizing the potential negatives requires a careful balance of criteria. The ?corner office? is a popular metaphor for success, perhaps because natural light and expansive views, guaranteed in the...

    Provided By Trade Press Publishing

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Diners' Club : Investors Wanted to Talk Cash Over Calamari

    Article is about angel financing startups that explains an angel investing networks, one part of that network is something known as the "dinner club" concept. At these dinner club meetings, groups of rich individuals pool their money together, hear pitches over dinner from hungry entrepreneurs and decide to invest in...

    Provided By American City Business Journals

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    national channels

    The article asserts that today more than ever, crises abound, the nation faces a challenge like none other and many companies are facing similar trials?those that breed fear into the very fabric of the people and threaten to undermine a once-strong bottom line. President Bush, in his September 20, 2001,...

    Provided By Sales & Marketing Executives-International

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Make to Order Kanban

    Article asserts that most managers of non-repetitive shops look with envy on the ease of scheduling the repetitive shop with Kanbans. The benefits of Kanban pull systems in the repetitive shop have been significant and well-documented. The article describes the development of MTO KANBAN for a product and process Development...

    Provided By Synchronous Management

  • White Papers // May 2003

    AIMR Trade Management (Best Execution) Guidelines

    This alert summarizes the final Guidelines as well as the significant changes that were made to the proposed Guidelines as a result of the comments received.

    Provided By Reed Elsevier

  • White Papers // Aug 2003

    "Minor" Brain Injuries - The "Soft Tissue" Injury

    One of your truck drivers is involved in an accident with another vehicle. Fortunately, the accident is not serious and the driver of the other vehicle, although a little groggy immediately following the accident, appears to be just "shaken up." Your driver gives a brief statement to the investigating police...

    Provided By Organization Development Network

  • White Papers // Nov 2002

    Debt Capital Markets--A New World Order

    The soft underbelly of the credit markets has been on display recently. With the bond market in retreat for most of the summer, banks did not pick up their historical role as lenders of last resort. The result has been a credit crunch for a wide swath of small and...

    Provided By Bank of America Business Capital

  • White Papers // Mar 2000

    U.S. Narrow Markets: An mpirical Investigation

    This paper has documented the recent narrow markets phenomenon in the United States from various perspectives. Over the period 1995?98, large-cap stocks outperformed small-cap stocks by a wide margin in a reversal of the pattern that persisted since the early 1980s. Even though small-cap stocks appeared to be attractive using...

    Provided By Financial Planning Association

  • White Papers // May 2003

    Thy Neighbor?s Portfolio: Word-of-Mouth Effects in the Holdings And Trades of Money Managers

    A mutual-fund manager is more likely to hold a particular stock in any quarter if other managers in the same city are holding that same stock. This pattern shows up even when controlling for the distance between the fund manager and the stock in question, so it is distinct from...

    Provided By Harvard Knowledgebase

  • White Papers // Mar 2003

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: Corporate Governance Principles

    This corporate governance of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. provides information on primary duties, director independence, composition of the board, director eligibility, board and management communication, board orientation and evaluation, director compensation, board practices and procedures, board committees and periodic review of the company. The Board, which is elected annually...

    Provided By John Wiley & Sons

  • White Papers // Nov 2002

    Understanding and Working with the Media

    The media are a primary means for communicating with the public. Forming positive relationships with journalists is crucial to the communications success. As a matter of ethics, journalists will not allow ?news? to be defined for them. The advantage of this is clear: neither government, nor business, nor anyone can...

    Provided By U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

  • White Papers // Apr 2003

    Corporate Governance Guidelines - Stage Stores Inc.

    The Corporate Governance guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Directors (the "Board") of Stage Stores, Inc. (the "Company") to assist the Board in the exercise of its corporate governance responsibilities. The purpose of the Guidelines is to provide a structure within which directors and the Company?s management can...

    Provided By Stage Stores

  • White Papers // Oct 2000

    When It Comes To Corporate Minutes, Saying Less Is Often Better

    Saying less is often better when it comes to corporate minutes. Minutes have two purposes: to inform and to protect. The purpose of this article is to give some guidelines for accomplishing both. When preparing minutes, consider the following three questions : "Who is the intended audience for these minutes?",...

    Provided By

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Public Relations : A Veteran's Tips For Surviving the Media

    If you want the bottom line on how to save your skin with the press, talk to someone who has been in the trenches. Richard "Rick" Barentine - the former CEO of the International Home Furnishing Marketing Association - jousted successfully with media for 22 years. This endlessly interviewed executive...

    Provided By Richard D. Amme

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Successful Estate Planning: What Works and What Doesn't

    This paper provides the accountant with a "snapshot" overview of a necessarily more comprehensive approach to succession planning that should enhance but not guarantee the chances that a family in the wine business may successfully employ transition to the next generation. Paper reviews a few of the more important aspects...

    Provided By Ambrecht & Associates

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Online Business Myths That Can Hurt You

    There's a lot of wrong stuff out there about how one should do business online and what makes a great business web site. Great looking web sites are not necessarily great business web sites. Since designers have a vested interest in doing things to make one's site look good, and...

    Provided By Wally Bock

  • White Papers // Sep 2001

    Calculate Your Own Lease Payment

    In order to get the best deal when one lease a car, he/she should begin by getting a rough idea of what a lease payment will be for the vehicle in question. For many consumers, this seems like an overwhelming task. But it doesn't have to be. There are lease...

    Provided By

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Telemarketing Fraud

    The article tells that most telephone sales calls are made by legitimate businesses offering legitimate products or services. There is no way to positively determine whether a sales call is on the up and up simply by talking with someone on the phone. Phone swindlers are likely to know more...

    Provided By My ParenTime

  • White Papers // Sep 2002

    A Renaissance Instrument to Support Nonprofits

    Catholic churches in Renaissance Florence supported themselves overwhelmingly from the contributions of wealthy citizens. The sale of private chapels within churches to individuals was a significant source of church funds, and facilitated a church construction boom. Chapel sales offered three benefits to churches: prices were usually far above cost; donor/purchasers...

    Provided By Social Science Electronic Publishing

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Shopping Behavior of Consumers

    The article takes a close look at the shopping behavior of consumers to determine what makes shoppers choose one place over another and how retail managers can drive traffic to their stores. Research on retailing typically attributes the success of a store to its location.

    Provided By Knowledge@Wharton

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    How To Use Price Perception to Sell More

    "Buy low, sell high" is the formula for success in the stock market and the business world. Fortunes have been made on all sorts of odd items by following that dictum, from tulips to domain names. Of course, the trick is like the old joke about how you make rabbit...

    Provided By Marketing Psychology Group

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    PDM Pricing Strategies

    The process of acquiring a Product Data Management (PDM) solution is an arduous task. It begins with the establishment of the short, medium and long term requirements; followed by the time consuming evaluation of which PDM product will best meet these needs; then comes the detailed planning, planning and more...

    Provided By The Product Data Management Information Center

  • White Papers // Jun 2003

    Use Cases: Best Practices

    This white paper?s goal is to provide practical advice to both novice and experienced use case modelers. This paper helps the user who is new to use cases and want to know the bottom line best practices for getting started. The paper gives a practical advice for increasing project?s success...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Aug 2003

    Using the IBM Rational Unified Process for Small Projects: Expanding Upon eXtreme Programming

    The Rational Unified Process or RUP is a complete software development process framework that comes with several out-of-the-box instances. This white paper describes how to apply RUP in a lightweight manner to small projects. We describe how to effectively apply eXtreme Programming (XP) techniques within the broader context of a...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Aug 2003

    A Comparison of the IBM Rational Unified Process and eXtreme Programming

    This white paper compares the Rational Unified Process (RUP), a process framework, refined over the years by IBM Rational. The RUP is widely used on a variety of software projects, from small to large, with Extreme Programming (XP), a software development approach gaining increasing recognition as an effective method for...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Aug 2003

    Planning a Project with the IBM Rational Unified Process

    This white paper, written for project managers and software development managers who are about to embark on the process of planning for a software development project, describes a practical approach to project planning based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP) project management discipline. It discusses how to create a coarse-grained...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // May 2002

    Rational Unified Process for Systems Engineering RUP SE1.1

    This paper introduces a variant of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) that addresses the problem of system specification, analysis, design, and development. As a derivative of RUP, RUP SE consists of new artifacts as well as modifications of RUP the creation of those artifacts. This paper provides an overview of...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Nov 2002

    Live, at Wharton, Music Man Ron Delsener

    The article presents some fact that kids with a few extra bucks and time on their hands could enjoy a bit of entertainment. Providing quality talent at cheap ticket prices attract thousands who wait in line for hours. Entrepreneurs credit their parents for allowing them to live at home while...

    Provided By Knowledge@Wharton

  • White Papers // Jul 2002

    Advertising Property, Goods or Services by Fax Machine May Place Your Company at Risk

    "For those businesses that have been relying on facsimile advertisements to sell property, goods or services, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (?TCPA?) presents a costly potential liability. The TCPA prohibits the sending of an unsolicited advertisement to any business or individual?s telephone facsimile machine. The TCPA and its potential for...

    Provided By Reed Smith

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    An Overview of United States Copyright Law

    A copyright is the legal right to control specific uses of art, books, music, motion pictures, and many other kinds of creative material. Copyright is granted by law in most countries and in the United States by a federal statute called The Copyright Act of 1976. This statute governs who...

    Provided By Holme Roberts & Owen