Software-as-a-service offers cost savings, scalability and mobile accessibility -- if you correctly manage the resulting SLAs, APIs and data structures.

  • White Papers // Apr 2003

    Using Site Stats to Measure Your Success

    One thing all successful businesses have in common is that they test everything and assume nothing. This is especially true for online businesses. But in order to test, one have to be able to measure results. The good news is, for e-businesses, tracking results is a snap. But there's a...

    Provided By Entrepreneur Media

  • White Papers // Jan 2001

    Carpe Exhibitum : A Trade Show Primer

    New York LegalTech in January/February tends to set the tone for legal trade shows for the year. It's the biggest, best attended and glitziest that we've got in the legal market. This article explains how to avoid having your booth and your message get lost in this mini-Comdex for lawyers...

    Provided By MARKETINGtoLayers

  • White Papers // Apr 2003

    Desert Contemporary Style: Form Follows Funtion

    Before The Architect includes among its clients a couple who bought land in Rancho Mirage, CA (cheek by jowl to Palm Springs). These new landowners commissioned us to help them design their residence. Its style is to be in keeping with the neighborhood; namely, it is Desert Contemporary. Topographically, Rancho...

    Provided By Before The Architect

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    The ABCs of Exhibitor Education

    The article is about helping exhibitors master the basics source. By focusing more of the efforts on helping the exhibitors have the proper perspective on who they can see and what they can accomplish, they'll have a much better attitude toward learning how to exhibit correctly. The actual plan of...

    Provided By Tradeshow Advisors

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Brainstorming Your Way to a Winning Case Strategy

    Complexity obstructs effective thinking. They involve dozens of witnesses and organizations, hundreds of critical facts, and hundreds, if not thousands, of documents. Brainstorming sessions can help one deal with case complexity problems. Early in case preparation, brainstorming helps one flesh out the critical factual disputes and set goals for discovery....

    Provided By Reed Elsevier

  • White Papers // Nov 2002

    Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers

    Companies can no longer afford to keep workforce management and CRM in separate silos. HR executives and CRM strategists are rarely bedfellows. Yet getting the most out of customer contacts so patiently requires competent personnel management that the disconnect is hard to justify. Tools for workforce management, call center management,...

    Provided By Information Today

  • White Papers // Apr 2003

    Pandora's Box: The Post-Hire Follow-up Call - I

    The message of the tale of Pandora and her fateful curiosity is to be sure one really want to know what a person seek to learn before he act. Or more to the point, one has to be sure to know in advance what one plan to do with the...

    Provided By Electronic Recruiting Exchange

  • White Papers // Sep 2001

    Automated Testing: A Silver Bullet?

    This white paper debunks the myths around automation and helps readers to understand the difference between implementing automated testing and attaining the Holy Grail. Most often, this means explaining what automated testing actually is, and what automated testing tools and solutions can actually do. The paper succeeds in clearly explaining...

    Provided By IBM

  • White Papers // Nov 2002

    Debt Capital Markets--A New World Order

    The soft underbelly of the credit markets has been on display recently. With the bond market in retreat for most of the summer, banks did not pick up their historical role as lenders of last resort. The result has been a credit crunch for a wide swath of small and...

    Provided By Bank of America Business Capital

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Valuation in Emerging Markets

    This article gives an overview of research and practice issues in the valuation of assets in emerging markets. It introduces a special edition in Emerging Markets Review devoted to the topic. This volume emerged from a conference sponsored by The Batten Institute at the Darden Graduate Business School of University...

    Provided By Social Science Electronic Publishing

  • White Papers // Sep 2001

    Working And Managing Under Unusually Stressful Conditions

    This paper is based on the work debriefing groups and individuals in the wake of the disastrous events of September 11, 2001. It has summarized some essential points that have been helpful to organizations; these include peoples? changed relationship to their work, types of management reactions, and defining a period...

    Provided By Seyfarth Shaw

  • White Papers // Jun 2001

    Earthquake Awareness: Not Just a California Thing Anymore

    Residents in Oregon and Washington would probably be surprised to know that more than 1,000 earthquakes per year are recorded in the two states by the seismology lab at the University of Washington. The biggest reason for that surprise would be that only one to two dozen of those quakes...

    Provided By Wells Publishing

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Toxic Waste Poses Hidden Menace to Homeowners

    The article is about the properties that are located near toxic waste site. It explains the responsibilities of real estate agent who deals with properties surrounded by toxic area. It focuses on the property?s environmental problem that should be handled properly because of its hazardous impact. Experts says that guidelines...

    Provided By The Real Estate Library

  • White Papers // Jul 2002

    Focus on Corporate Governance Requires a New Selling Approach

    Today, if one sells his products or services that are critical to his prospect?s success or for that matter, their very survival, the proposal will likely be elevated to the board of directors level for final approval. Government, shareholder and press focus on corporate governance has put boards on notice...

    Provided By The Stein Advantage

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Transaction Systems Architects, Inc: Corporate Governance Policy

    This article explains composition of the board that includes size of the board, board membership criteria, selection of directors etc. The Board (and Board committees to the extent so provided in the applicable committee charters or otherwise authorized by the Board) may use reasonable amounts of time of the Company's...

    Provided By Transaction Systems Architects

  • White Papers // Aug 2003

    The End of the Halo Effect

    This article is about trade show attendance, which is declining. Exhibitions have been held in the United States for around 100 years, but there were no purpose-built exhibition centers in the United States until the 1960s. The exhibition industry benefited from the development of the interstate highway system and the...

    Provided By The Center for Association Leadership

  • White Papers // Mar 2003

    Giving Your Attendees What They Deserve

    This article is about association meeting planners, who have a tough job designing an annual event that gives attendees what they want. It shows that association meeting planners are masters of their trade when it comes to logistical areas. This is where they satisfy attendees beyond their expectations. Where the...

    Provided By The Center for Association Leadership

  • White Papers // Apr 2003

    Corporate Governance Guidelines: Terex Corporation

    Corporate Governance Guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Directors of Terex Corporation to assist the Board in the exercise of its duties and responsibilities and to serve the best interests of the Company. These Guidelines reflect the Board.s commitment to monitor the effectiveness of policy and decision making...

    Provided By Terex

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Corporate Governance Guideline: Texas Instruments Incorporated

    TI's board of directors has a long-standing interest in and commitment to good corporate governance. It first adopted written governance guidelines in 1973. Its policies and practices have evolved over time, adapting to meet the needs of the company and its shareholders. This evolution continued during 2002, as the board...

    Provided By Texas Instruments

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Permit Your Prices To Fluctuate Freely With Supply And Demand

    This article is basically a case study which discusses about the power of dynamic pricing. It was observed that as dozens of governments around the world started loosening their iron grip on state-run telephone monopolies, it would trigger vast changes in the going rates for international telephone calls and data...

    Provided By IDG (International Data Group)

  • White Papers // Apr 2000

    2000 Buy-Recycled Series Paper Products

    The article expresses that through the CPG, EPA designates items that must contain recycled content when purchased by federal, state, and local agencies, or by government contractors, using appropriated federal funds. EPA also issues nonregulatory companion guidance?the Recovered Materials Advisory Notice (RMAN)?that recommends levels of recycled content for these items....

    Provided By United States Environmental Protection Agency

  • White Papers // Apr 2003

    NYSE And NASDAQ Revised Listing Standards For Director Independence

    In March 2003, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ Stock Market, submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed listing standards related to board composition and director independence. The proposed listing standards will affect the composition of the boards of directors and audit committees of listed companies and...

    Provided By Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld

  • White Papers // Mar 2003

    Sarbanes-Oxley And Revised Listing Standards:Implications For Private Equity Funds (Update)

    To keep one apprised of recent developments in corporate governance legislation, this article contains revised information regarding the impact on private equity funds and their sponsors of some of the key provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It has also proposed changes to the listing standards of the New York Stock...

    Provided By Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld

  • White Papers // Dec 2003

    Business & Securities Litigator: Vol. 14 No. 13

    This issue consits of article on recent decisions narrowly construing the application of the new statute of limitations provision of Sarbanes-Oxley, director independence standards - the new SEC, NYSE and NASD rules and court of appeals holds that membership interest in limited liability company is not a ?security? is included...

    Provided By Weil, Gotshal & Manges

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Index Arbitrage and Stock Price Volatility

    This paper examines a particular type of financial derivative -- stock index futures contracts. Specifically, it discusses how these contracts are used to trade between the spot and futures markets for stocks and the claim that the prices of stock shares (the instruments underlying this derivative) have become more volatile...

    Provided By Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings

  • White Papers // Dec 2003

    Safety Measures

    In 2004, information security will require a splash of the old, a dash of the new and a healthy dose of brainpower. The article discusses that numerous companies have lined up to create tools that automatically identify and patch operating systems and applications. However, current tools are often less than...

    Provided By IDG (International Data Group)

  • White Papers // Jul 2003

    Business & Securities Litigator: Vol. 14 No. 7

    In this issue, three articles have been covered. These are: More director liability warnings from Delaware: in this court upholds compensation challenge based upon alleged lack of good faith by disinterested and independent directors. The second article is: Neither a purchaser nor a seller be: where the justices of the...

    Provided By Weil, Gotshal & Manges

  • White Papers // Sep 2003

    Disclosure Regarding Nominating Committee Functions And Communications Between Security Holders And Boards Of Directors

    This issue is proposing new disclosure requirements and amendments to existing disclosure requirements to enhance the transparency of the operation of boards of directors. Specifically, we are proposing enhancements to existing disclosure requirements regarding the operation of board nominating committees and a new disclosure requirement concerning the means, if any,...

    Provided By U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

  • White Papers // Jul 2003

    A Good Samaritan is Hard to Find

    In Atcovitz v. Gulph Mills Tennis Club, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed the trial court's grant of summary judgment in favor of the defendant, a tennis club, holding that the club did not owe a duty to carry an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

    Provided By Reed Elsevier

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Sales Maxims For Life

    Article displays 20 maxims for sales. It states that a true salesman is not simply a passive order-taker. If not aggressively interested in making the sale, it won't be there. Motion creates emotion. A motionless salesman creates nothing. All things being equal, people would rather buy from their friends. It...

    Provided By Jacob Wright

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    The Procter & Gamble Company: Corporate Governance Guidelines

    The Board represents and acts on behalf of all shareholders of the company. The Board is responsible for establishing and helping the company achieve business and organizational objectives through oversight, review, and counsel. The Board will be comprised of a majority of independent members (members who are free of any...

    Provided By Procter & Gamble

  • White Papers // Apr 2003

    Dana Corporation: Board Governance Principles

    This board governance principles of Dana Corporation displays details role of board, directors? qualifications and tenure, directors? orientation and education, directors? compensation, board size, board chairman, board meetings, agenda and materials, sessions of outside directors, board committees, outside directors? access to management and the independent accountants, board performance assessment and...

    Provided By Dana

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Corporate Governance Guidelines-PSEG

    The Corporate Governance Principles of Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (?Enterprise? or ?PSEG?) provide guidelines within which directors and management can effectively pursue PSEG's business objectives as a diversified energy services company in the global markets. These principles will be reviewed periodically by the Corporate Governance Committee, which will recommend...

    Provided By Public Service Enterprise Group

  • White Papers // Nov 2002

    Circuits on Who Can Prosecute Estate Avoidance Claims II

    In Cybergenics, the Third Circuit read Hartford Insurance to compel the conclusion that Bankruptcy Code ?544(b) similarly authorizes only a trustee or Chapter 11 debtor-in-possession to act within the parameters of the statute. Acknowledging that ?the facts of Hartford Underwriters did not present the [same] issue,? the Court of Appeals...

    Provided By Jones Day

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Are Financial Instruments Issued by Agricultural Cooperatives Securities? A Framework of Analysis

    The Securities Act of 19332 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 provide the basic framework for regulation of the issuance, distribution, and trading of securities in the United States. The basic function of the Securities Acts is to shine direct light upon financial instruments through full and complete disclosure...

    Provided By Hinshaw & Culbertson

  • White Papers // Jul 2001

    Product Costing And Pricing Under Long Term Capacity Commitment

    This white paper discusses about a model that is developed to analyze optimal product costing and pricing decisions when a firm must make long term commitments to some activity resource capacities. The problem is complex because of interactions between the initial capacity choices and adjustments in product costs and prices...

    Provided By University of Texas

  • White Papers // Jan 2003

    Valuation Effects of Bank Financing in Acquisitions

    In a sample of 115 cash tender offers between 1990 and 1996, banks extend financingin 70% of the tender offers and finance the entire tender offer in half of these takeovers. Bank financing of tender offers is more likely when internal cash reserves are low. Acquisitions that are entirely financed...

    Provided By Reed Elsevier

  • White Papers // Feb 2001

    M&A Policy: A Board Responsibility

    In times of crisis, such as an unsolicited takeover offer, or the pressure of a seemingly attractive property in a short fuse auction situation, it is just too late to develop the policies and controls that should have been enacted earlier. It is the board of directors? responsibility to see...

    Provided By Board Member

  • Case Studies // Jan 2003

    Attracting and Retaining Sales Talent Using the Power of Intranets

    "This article is basically a case about Everett, Wash., office of Keller Williams Realty, who has used an intranet since early 2000 to help its sales agents and office staff keep track of documents, calendars and frequently needed information. The goal was to improve communication and establish a central place...

    Provided By

  • Webcasts // May 2003

    Best Practices For Increasing Your Profits In A Down Economy

    This webcast talks on ?Best Practices for Increasing Your Profits in a Down Economy?. It tries to cover the issues like identifying the hidden profit opportunities with event-driven costing, implementing on profit initiatives, turning data into profits etc. The example of Owens and Minor Distributors are taken to identify the...

    Provided By Penton Media